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TPPE: Chapter FourCategory: (general)
Monday, 20 July 2009
11:01:44 AM (GMT)
Courtney’s POV

“I call the chaiyah!” 

I sped past Yu~ki as we entered back into his room and immediately climbed on to the
bright white chair that was snuggled in the corner. It was one of those egg-shaped
chairs, you know, the reeeaaaally comfy ones that are nice to curl up in with a
fluffy pillow and a warm blanket…Hmm…


…er…What? Huh? Was I saying something?


Oh yeah. The story.

Anyways, I climbed up into the chair and nestled in like a cat, causing Yu~ki to send
me a cute, good-natured smile.

“Are you sure you want to sleep in those clothes?” he said, a sunshine grin upon
his pale face.

“I’m good,” I grinned back. He tossed me a thin sheet (pure white of course; I
would love to see his reaction if someone brought cherry Kool-Aid in here.) and gave
me a quick wink as he flicked off the light switch. Blushed a bit. Covered my face up
with my hair.

I heard him crawl into his bed, sighing; he was obviously just as tired as I felt. 

I curled into a small arc and set my head on the edge of the chair, drifting off,
until I was swamped in dreams of wheat fields and a beautiful grey four-wheeler,
riding into the sunset…




Rachel’s POV

“You won’t sleep in that dress,” Mana said in a dark voice; I jumped a bit. He
actually said a sentence to me! I shot him a good-natured smile, which he returned
with a smirk as if he knew what I was thinking. 

“It’s okay, really,” I said, fluffing up the huge outfit that made me feel like
a fashionistic pufferfish (in a totally good way, mind you). “I’m used to
sleeping in my clothes, although my clothes are a little less…er…”

“Poofy,” he said quietly under his breath. I giggled at the word.

“Exactly!” I answered, pushing the door to Mana’s room open and stepping
inside. I was quite glad that there were no more awkward silences in these
conversations that we had with each other. I hate that kind of quietness most of

I scanned the room for a good corner that I could curl up in, but alas, I found
nothing. So, instead, I grabbed a few pillows off the bed and made a small nook near
the closet that was quite comfy.

“This will do perfect,” I murmured to myself, adjusting them so they looked like
a sort of Gothic teepee. I heard my companion give a small groan.

It was then I hit the floor; caffeine can only give you energy for so long, y’know?
I head-planted into the soft squishy pillow beneath me and let my mind slip away,
into a pure black oblivion that was as comfortable as home.


Frenchie’s POV

“Okay, so can I sleep on the ground this time?” I said sarcastically as we
stepped into the room. The small rope lines on my wrists hadn’t fully faded yet,
and I rubbed them subconsciously as I saw the ropes hanging from the ceiling.

“Of course. You have the bed, I’ll have the floor,” he said gentlemanly, and he
abruptly sat down on the ground and laid back on the carpet, closing his eyes and
immediately falling asleep.


“Ooookay, possibly narcoleptic,” I added onto my list of Kozi’s traits,
“Likes to ‘tap’ people on the head, fetish for weapons, loves the color

Oddly enough, Kozi was the last person I could see randomly passing out. Snoring.
Lying on the floor with nothing underneath him.

I slid onto the small (RED) bed and pulled a thin sheet over myself, shrugging off
that weird feeling you get when sleeping in the same room with someone you don’t
trust all the way.

But either way.

I was tired, and very sore from the whole ‘hanging from the ceiling’ escapade.

“Remind me to slap Katie for this,” I cut through the fourth wall to the
authoress, whom nodded sagely from her keyboard.

I slowly sunk backward into sleep, in which I had a dream that I was in the house
from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, along with a really hot vampire playing video


Kacie’s POV

Not a word was said between Kami and myself since we left the meeting room.

I was angry. Oh, yeah, I was REALLY angry. SUPER ANGRY. HULK ANGRY. 


Mad enough that I forgot to yell at Katie for being such a psychonaut and letting her
fangirl senses control her again.

But heck, no man on this EARTH would ever get away with calling me a wretch. NO MAN

I made sure that my face was fixed in a constant glare as we pushed open the door to
his room. I noticed that he managed to have the same look as well.

Without asking, I ripped a sheet off of his warm-colored bed, nestled down onto the
floor, and closed my eyes, trying to fall asleep as fast as I could so that I could
escape this frickin’ jerk for a couple hours.

I heard him plop onto his own bed. 

Creaking an eyelid open, I glanced to see if he was asleep.

Instead, I was met with his gaze. He smirked.

“Don’t mind me. I’ll just be watching you. All night.”


I turned over, buried my face in my hands, and prayed that I would be able to sleep
at all.


Katie’s POV

We walked slowly back to Gackt’s room, which was situated at the end of a very
long, very dark hallway that seemed to be crumbling around us (but it wasn’t,
actually; Gackt had a way with designing things to look broken). As we reached the
‘blood’ stained door, I grinned at his choice of red-colored paint.

Since Gackt’s room was not thoroughly explained in the previous chapters, then I
shall have the opportunity to describe it…NOW.

When you first walked in, you could see the huge waterfall to the right; but it
spewed not crystalline water, but instead a dark red fluid that tingled my nose when
I smelled it. The bookshelves were a dark black, and stuffed with interesting books
of all shapes and thicknesses.

But the real attraction of the room sat in the far end, where a dozen or so stone
steps led their way up to the beautiful, humongous piece of art that was…

Gackt’s bed.

It was a perfect circle, plus it was big enough to span the entire floor of my old
apartment. A padded cushion wall bordered it, guaranteeing that no one that slept
there would go tumbling off (quite a painful thought; those steps looked pretty

Without saying much, which was odd since we’ve had such great conversation so far,
he walked over to the closet and tossed a couple pillows onto the hard floor. Then he
collapsed onto the cushy bed atop the stairs and propped his head up on his arms,
sighing to the sky and thinking away…


“So today’s been pretty interesting, huh?”

“ACKT!” Gackt screamed as my voice reached him, and he rolled quickly sideways.
When he focused his eyes on me, he found me lounging coolly beside him on top of the
covers, checking my nails for cracks.

“What?” I questioned as innocently as possible, “You didn’t expect me to
sleep on the cold stone floor, now, did you?”

…No response. I’m pretty sure that I had scared all the words right out of him.

“Besides, this bed is heaven!” I swished my feet through the waves of silken

Gackt chuckled. “Or hell.” He winked a sly eye at me.

That brought a definite blush to my cheeks.

“I guess I’ll have to wait and see.”

My comment caused him to blush as well. We were turning into a pair of human
cherries. (okay, not the best adjective to use in this situation, but you get the

“Goodnight,” he said quietly, flicking off the light switch to the chandelier
hanging overhead. And, even though I wanted to stay awake for as long as I possibly

I felt my brain fry and shock itself into sleep, in which I had an extremely vivid
dream that I cannot recount in this tale, as it is probably being read by several
innocent minors.

(End of Chapter Four)

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