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Thursday, 9 July 2009
11:51:22 AM (GMT)
Just a little update, for all those who still read my diaries. (I've practically
died since the next chapter of TLO is taking such a long time to get to.)

1. Calgary Stampede is going on. (Guess where I live! xD)
You wouldn't believe how many people come to the stampede breakfasts. But honestly,
the stampede makes us looks like hill-billies. (Which we're NOT.)

2. I am SO SOSOSOSOSOSOOOOOO Sorry I'm taking so long to write the next chapter! If
it helps, I'm rewriting the earlier chapters if you haven't noticed, 1 and 2 are
already done, and I'm about to get to 3. Also, if you're bored, I think you should
check our Kirti's newest "Kirti's Mind Theater". I really enjoyed it, and perhaps you
guys would like it too.

3. My life is officially controlled by a piece of paper. (Meaning I now have a
written schedule.)
I just can't work with schedules. I don't mind much if I can't do something when I
want to, but if I have to do something I really hate while something I really want to
do but can't get to is 20 steps away, I just want to scream. And I did yesterday.
Twice. Yes, I know I'm an emotional freak, no need for you to say it.

4. I'm re-addicted to Drawn To Life. And guess who my dude looks like! (If it isn't
obvious, it's Mana.) 
It's sort of strange seeing a part of her fall off every time she get's hit, and when
it's nothing but mannequin, it bugs me a bit. But I ramble.
If you like drawing, BUY THE GAME IF YOU HAVEN'T.

5. Working on some Mana solos, but don't expect them for awhile.
If you guys have any requests for Mana and/or me, just say! I'm running out of songs
here. ._.

Thanks for reading, even if you're bored by it.

‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says:   9 July 2009   527837  
Wow Sam. :D
I Like your update. -.o
Kirti says:   10 July 2009   399658  
Merf! <-- EXCLAIMATION OF CONCERN. *Hands on mouth*

Oh so you... Oh. I mean- I- Oh. I uh... Well that means... Uh... Oh.
... You have made me feel better about something! Well, in a way.

I'm still trying to edit the newest one, and redo the ending since it
got cut off. Waah... Well maybe it's good, since by the time I got to
the end it was very late and I think some of it wasn't my best work.
(But the rest of it was better then the first part because the end is
what promted the whole thing anyway! )

Screaming is supposedly healthy, for girls anyway. So is laughing. And
crying burns calories too. Really, we're just that awesome.

"Drawn to Life"? I think I've heard of that...

Turns out that "Mana" is the name of a Japanese idol. Mana has long
black hair and is a girls fasion icon.

I could never get scheduals to work for me either... If something is
left undone for long enough then it'll start to bug me and I'll just
do it without prompting. But if anyone or anything trys to make me do
it I just get resentful. Which is partly why I have begun my writing
project. It bugs me that I haven't done it yet, so I'm doing it.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   10 July 2009   986621  
Merf? That's new.


Keep working on it, it was good. ^_^

Really? I guess being an emotional freak has it's benefits. :D

Yeah, it's a DS game. They have a sequal coming out for DS and Wii
sometime this year too.

Oh, really? I never knew that. I don't think the name is completely
uncommon though...

Right, exactly. And you spelled 'Schedules' wrong, just so you know.
(Don't feel bad, I could never spell it right until a few days ago.)
callie11 says:   10 July 2009   344893  
LOL, I know how you feel about schedules. The only kind that seems to
work for me are the ones for classes at school. >.<

And I've read the edited chapters! I really like the re-done first
one. :D

And...TAKE YOUR TIME. I'd rather have a good long chapter that took a
while than a short crappy chapter. No pressure, though. xP
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   11 July 2009   133774  
Yeah, I know, school schedules are perfectly fine with me. It's

Right, miner flaw in it though, which I will get to when I can be

Yes, I have a sneaking suspicion that the next chapter will be long.
And with lots of dialog (Sp? Stupid spellcheck).
Kirti says:   12 July 2009   934334  
Well there are some things you mightn't much like about Japan Mana...
Mana is extremly goth for instance. And Mana is also a cross dresser,
so unless he changed his name to proform, Mana might be a boys name/
gender nuetral name.

I'm almost done rewriting!! (haven't even begun editing yet though. I
suspect I mispelled many things.)
Kirti says :   20 July 2009   431734  
Sorry my thing is so long... I was as annoyed as you were. It
wouldn't end! I just couldn't get to the result without at least
doubling the legnth...

How's the schedual going a few weeks later?


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