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Rules of the Table as Dictated by MeCategory: Life
Friday, 3 July 2009
03:55:41 AM (GMT)
1. Chew with your mouth closed.

So here I am sitting and watching in disgust as my cousin, and my grandparents are
eating. I look down at my own food. Suddenly, it doesn't seem appetizing.

2. No loud burps.

My grandma lets out a big one. A big disgusting one. I gulp, wondering how I will get
through the rest of dinnertime.

3. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

My grandpa starts coughing. On the food. My grandma pats him on the back, smiles, and
turns to me, and asks if I want some more kimchi.

4. That goes for talking.

My cousin goes into this long speech of something that happened at his school why
still shoving food into his mouth. I can see some food particles flying out.

5. Use your napkin to wipe your mouth.

My cousin looks at me and asks if I want to go to the park with him later on. I nod
silently and watch horrified as he grins.

6. Close your napkin after you're done using it.

I want to hit my head against something now.

7. Don't talk about gory or disgusting things.

My granpa suddenly needs to go to the bathroom. My grandma helps him get inside of it
and he goes. And I mean, go as in poop. With the door open.

8. It's called a spoon, fork, and knife. Or in this case, chopsticks. Use it.

My cousin uses his grubby hands to get some of the kimchi and noodles. I swallow
thickly glancing at his unused chopsticks. 

9. No farting.

My grandma, again, lets out a big one.

10. No sick jokes or comments.

Grandma looks at me. "Is that a bug in your ramen?"

11. Don't smack.

Cousin, grandpa, and grandma are all doing it. SMACK SMACK SMACK

12. Try to eat neatly.

My cousin is eating like a pig (which he is) and soup and noodle parts are flying
everywhere. His spot at the table is already dirtied, and his clothes are

13. No drooling.

Grandpa stares into space as drool falls out of his mouth in a long string and lands
on his rice. Plop.
I don't trust food anymore.

I was raised with good mannerism. I hate to see any of that.
Last edited: 22 November 2009

Kyun_yo says:   3 July 2009   217489  
...I can agree with everything that you said... xD

I have neighbor kids that play with my little sister, and once, when
she brought some of the kids home, I felt obliged to give them food. 

I gave them food. 

They made a mess, not to mention they eat with their dirty hands that
played with dirt and stuff.

I had to clean it up. 

One went into my room and was like: "Can I sleep in your bed?" 

Me: ...e.o get the freaking hell out. 

Yeah, I might be lazy and stuff, but manners is a huge must. e.o;

Grandparents can... uh... be excused? I don't know.

My grandparents make a huge fuss about having good manners at the

Lol. xD


I had a cousin that inhales food. 

‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   3 July 2009   224273  
Grandparents can not be excused cause they should know about freaking


I really am not starting to trust food now. Maybe I should starve
myself. o.o

Your cousin would be best friends with mine. -_-;
Kyun_yo says:   3 July 2009   335935  
...well... -shrugs- They're getting old. xD Might as well eat? (well
your grandparents are... o___O; yea.)

...Ah... ._.; I remember I made a huge fuss about food when my little
sneezed everywhere. I refused to eat it, and they all just excused it
and stuff. -...-

...xD Lol... well my cousin lives out of my state~


He inhaled too much food, and became a round thing. =D;
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   3 July 2009   196217  
Psh, I guess. It's mostly my grandma and cousinn. My grandpa can be
excused 'cause his body is failing him.

Man, I used to be so picky when I was younger. O_O' My parents would
get frustrated over me, haha.

XP And my cousin is all the way in Korea.

My cousin is like that. Example:

"Bird(mynameinkorean), if you want any food, just tell your big
brother!" My older cousin looks at me and smiles. My younger cousin
glances at him.

"I want some food."

Big cousin glares. "Shut up you pig."
Younger cousin drags me away while glaring at older and muttering
under his breath.
Kyun_yo says:   3 July 2009   362886  
...xD ah... true true... 

Oh lol. I just eat whatevers. xD; My sisters labeled me as the
'Trashcan' since I eat unwanted food. ._.; Well... basically I eat
leftovers... (I always hate wasting...)

...oh lol. 

Well, your older cousin sounds nice? xD Yeah, young people can be very
obnoxious. o. o;
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   3 July 2009   447287  
I don't eat a lot. I eat like a bird (irnonically). I pratically just
peck at my food.

Yes they are, however my younger cousin is older than me.
Kyun_yo says:   3 July 2009   327493  
xD Ah lol... I'm never picky with food. D: -shot- 

Ah. o__O; Immature much? xO
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   3 July 2009   976781  
Not immature. He is younger yet older than me, literataly. In Korea,
when a person is born, they are automatically 1 years old.

So in America, my cousin would be 12 but here he's 13 and since I'm 12
in USA I'm 13 in Korea. So, yup.
Kyun_yo says:   3 July 2009   886775, I meant immature as in his personality not really with his
age. xD

But wow, that's an interesting way of seeing ages. o.o Got me confused
a bit there though...xD; I kind of understand lmao.
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says :   3 July 2009   519242  
Lol, you got it right actually. He is immature. XP

I know, right? It makes me confused too, but it's quite simple


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