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Chapter 2~ Dawn's edgeCategory: (general)
Saturday, 27 June 2009
10:18:03 AM (GMT)
alright, this is chapter two of my newest story "Her heart." PLEASE comment 

I hoped Damien had shot me.
	That would’ve just left a big bloody mess for me to clean up. A bullet wound
wouldn’t kill me…would it?
	No, I could only dream. It took a lot more then just some dinky bullet to kill me. 
	Oh well. It didn’t matter. I had a feeling Damien had somehow figured out how to
kill me without waking me from my conscience. Maybe he dosed me up in a little too
much of our poison, morphine. 
	Maybe I would be better off. Damien would be able to flirt with every girl on the
planet if he wanted. Romeo and Nova could romance all they wanted without having to
deal with Damien or Romeo babysitting my emotions. Cameo, a.k.a
I’m-so-happy-I-could-shit-rainbows, who was more kindly known as my father or
creator, wouldn’t have to worry about me exposing who we really are to the humans.
The entire family would be better off without me. 
	But back to my deadness.
	What would happen to me once I escaped this dark abyss of nothingness? Would I wake
to find the fiery pits of hell, surrounded by dancing mini satins with pitchforks? Or
would death be kind and allow me to wake in a bright place made of big white clouds,
and in front of me would be a big, welcoming golden gate? Maybe I would stay here in
this numb darkness.
	I didn’t want to face the world again.
	But then, my quiet abyss shattered.
	The first thing I felt was the burning of my throat. It was much calmer now then it
was when I took in that deep breath. Speaking of that, I never answered Damien….
	Then came the quiet hushed voices.
	I could hear 4 or 5 very distinct mumbles, the most distinct was that of an old
English accent. It was a very care-free male mono-tone. 
	It was sort of beautiful.
	The voice somehow calmed my nervous fears of what was waiting for me in the
afterlife. The calm sound of his accent wasn’t as rigid and labored as Romeo’s
accent. It flowed as smooth as glass and sounded more beautiful then any music ever
heard by me.
	But somehow this voice was familiar.
	And then suddenly, I seeped out of unconscious and into the real world in which I

	At first I thought I was in heaven. It was very bright and there was a very god-like
face looking down at me with a remarkable smile and a pair of dark, almost black,
violet eyes and his golden hair fit into a bouffant, shaped perfectly to fit a man.
He, like me, had perfect, white skin.
	So maybe I wasn’t dead.
	A sigh blew most of the cursed scent out of my throat. 
	“It’s nice to see you awake. I was starting to think Damien used too much of the
morphine syringe I gave him just in case.” a soft chuckle. It was carefree, despite
the situation I was in. It was so….
	Why was he so unworried about EVERYTHING?
	“Because as a father I shouldn’t have to put stress on your shoulders.”
apparently the little tree hugger had a hold on me. I would have to ask Romeo how to
control that since he knew just about freakin’ everything….
	Another chuckle from Cameo.
	Now it was time to break the ice.
	“Why aren’t you mad at me, Cam?” I asked irritated by the sound of my raspy
voice and the bright smile on Cameo’s face. Damien must’ve got me real good with
that damn morphine. “And you know, when I’m unconscious, your voice kind of
sounds beautiful” I added
	“Well thank you. I guess Damien did use too much morphine.” he joked. “But why
would I be upset with you?” Cameo’s facial expression was dumbfounded and his
perfect accent was a few octaves too high. He wasn’t going to scold me like I
deserved- like I wanted.
	“Well maybe because I almost exposed who I was to the humans.” I sounded much
like a child ‘fessing up to spilled milk. “and I almost fed on human…” I
swallowed hard, hoping the dull burning would cease, “blood.” I finished, choking
on the final word. Cameo looked at me thoughtfully, like he was looking at me for the
first time. He brought his granite smooth hand to the hollow of my throat and the
burning ended.
	“But you didn’t. I’m very proud of you actually!” he chuckled, “You held
your breath and warned Damien and Romeo. You can’t even imagine how proud of you I
am.” his voice was warm and sincere. He then removed his soft palm from my throat
and turned his gaze towards the right, in the direction of the door, seconds before
Damien busted through the wooded door with Nova dancing eagerly behind him and of
course, Romeo slinked in following Nova. 
	“Hey Tay! Are you alright? I’m sorry I pumped you up with so much morphine.
Guess I kinda freaked when my throat started burning cause you sent me that
warning.” he babbled and laughed nervously. I forced a smile and he took the wide
room in 3 bounds, cupping my face in his bear hands. His were just as cold and
soothing as Cameo’s. 
	“Don’t worry D, I’m fine.” I said noticing the crack in my voice. His dirty
blonde eyebrows formed a crease in his forehead making him look years older. He
didn’t believe me of course. 
	Cameo chuckled and Damien’s forehead crease deepened. 
	“Romeo, how am I doing?” I asked moving my questionably colored eyes to him,
removing Damien’s hands from my face. Romeo’s face turned distant for several
seconds, testing my environment, and then when he came back he was much calmer. 
	“You’re quite stable.” he said with a hint of surprise in his voice. Then I
knew what I wanted.
	“Good. Time for school!” I said with mock enthusiasm. “We must’ve only
missed a couple periods but we’ll make ‘em up.” I slipped out of the off white
sheets that covered my long legs, and made 4 or so feline-like bounds to the door. 
	I was guessing they were to awe-struck to follow me because I found myself alone in
the long burgundy hall filled with paintings and rows of graduation caps and folded
gowns. Chained to the white ceiling was a driftwood looking cross that belonged to
Romeo. It was a little nick-knack from his brother that died ages ago. I marveled at
the wooden cross like I usually did, just imagining what Romeo’s bother was like. 
                His name was Marcus and they were twins according to Romeo’s blurry
memories. They had spent a lot of time together as children, but as Marcus got older,
he became more and more religious. Marcus was destined to follow their father’s
footsteps. Romeo had been born with some kind of brain disability, so it made him a
little slower than all the other kids, but I never found anything wrong with his
brain, just his personality. 
               Then I heard a short gasp from Cameo’s white room, and I drifted
away from the burgundy hall and into the mint green hall that followed to Cameo’s
library. I found the elegant golden braid mirror and gazed at myself, careful to mark
every detail of my face. My face SEEMED normal. I still had beautiful, pale,
translucent skin; my eyes were still the in-between stage of just plain violet and
dark, dark violet. I even FELT fine. I let my thin, glossy lips pull back to expose
my perfect teeth. 
                I was fine. No harm done.
              When my fear of Romeo went away, if it ever did, I would hug him. He
must’ve balanced my thirst out between us and Damien to make it easier on me. 
              As soon as all my intimidation was gone, he was getting a bear-hug.
             Then the soft creak of the wooden floor startled me and my head swiveled
in the direction of the sound as I focused into a semi-crouch.
                 “Are you sure you want to go back?” Damien said, stuttering over
every syllable. He was standing wearily two feet away from me. Then I saw something
that should’ve brought tears to my eyes, if I could cry. 
               He had his hands up in the air defensively.
               He feared me.
               The strongest diclinous I know was afraid of me. My eyes
widened in shock.
                 “Damien…?” I whispered. His arms were still in upraised. I
felt trembles running down my spine. Mixed feelings pumped through my veins.
                 I was every emotion imaginable. Not even Romeo could decipher what I
was feeling right now.
            “Tay, calm down.” Damien said, not even moving. Then I noticed Romeo
and Nova at his flanks. Nova’s face was stern, for the first time she looked
unhappy. Romeo looked like himself. And then Cameo came up slowly slipping himself
through the inches of space between Nova and the wall and stood with his hands in his
black police uniform pockets.
                     “What’s wrong with me?” I said desperately. My voice
sounded like I was screaming as someone choked me. The moment my voice registered in
the air around us, Damien’s face twisted in pain. His muscles rolled on both his
huge arms as they fell to his sides. 
                      “Nothing’s wrong with you Tay.” he croaked. 
                Agony ripped though all my other mixed emotions as Damien’s eyes
met mine. In all the years I’ve spent watching Damien dream about the woman he lost
because of his mistakes, I’ve never seen so much pain in his face.
               He lost her because of his job. He became a diclonion because he
                    Damien killed her stalker, a mentally disabled man who saw her as
a goddess. He followed Damien’s fiancée, Trisha, home every night and watched her
every move. He watched her shower, eat, and sleep with Damien-when they were still in
the young couple stage. When Damien had to go off on a quick business trip 3 hours
away, the man broke into their little 1 bedroom house and raped her. 
                And what Damien walked in on at 4 in the morning was the most
horrendous thing I’ve ever seen-even though blurry human memories.
               The stalker had cut her open- from the gut up to her mid chest, took
all her innards out and then cut her limb from limb. All while she was alive.
               Damien had fetched a steak knife from their kitchen and stabbed the
man to death.
               He then ran out to where he proposed to her, a rocky beach where they
cliff dove almost every weekend, and he jumped. 
               Cameo found him just before he died. 
               No amount of his suffering could amount to the expression on his face
right now. 
               “Then why are you afraid of me? Why Damien?” I half screeched, my
agony fine in my voice, and Damien stepped back.
               “I’m not afraid of you Tay, no never afraid. I’m worried.” He
choked out every word labouredly. Romeo closed his eyes with a sigh, and Nova put her
hand on Damien’s shoulder, soothing him. Then I knew everything
               Why Cameo didn’t even seem to be paying attention.
               Why Damien was so hurt.
               Why Romeo was acting weirder then his normal weird.
             “What did you see Cameo?” I growled. His head shot up as soon as I
hissed his name. His face looked drained and more chalky then usual. 
               “I saw you falling in love,” he hesitated as Damien flinched.
“With a human.” every last word was separate from one another, and said
emotionlessly. It was something very unusual for happy-go-lucky Cameo.
                His extra ability was seeing subjective visions of the future. He saw
mostly things that affected us. So it was, one, odd that he saw me since he’s never
seen me since the day he found me, and two, he never saw me with anyone but Damien. 
               So why now? And why a human?
               I leaped toward Cameo and shook his shoulders furiously.
               “Who?” I hissed as the crimson shades returned to my eyes. 
               Then several things happened at once.
               Romeo yanked me away from Cameo with force I could never imagined he
could pull off with arms as skinny as his, Nova rushed to Cameo’s side and
Damien’s soft, chilling lips were at my ear, telling me it would all be ok and
telling me to calm down.

                The speedometer hit eighty with simple ease. Eighty-five, ninety-six,
                Thank god Cameo got Damien a Ferrari. 
                He lightened his speed as we pulled into the uneven school parking
lot- seventy was pretty slow for Damien. His dark blue Ferrari purred into a parking
spot behind the store sized gymnasium. With a turn of his keys and a yank, the
purring sports car silenced. 
                 “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, hesitant to unlock
the doors. 
                  “Yes.” I swallowed hard, remembering the agonized expression I
viewed only an hour ago. My big, tough Damien looked impaired and weak- limp. The
thought shocked through me- making my frame tremble lightly, as if I was shivering
from cold. I couldn’t see Damien impaired. I always viewed him as being ready for
battle-even during his childish slumber. He nodded his head and the doors clicked
open, rising up like those fancy cars you only see in car magazines -or in movies
with Will Smith. We raised ourselves out of the car with inhuman grace and Damien
walked by my side. There was no noise other then the smooth shutting of Damien’s
car doors.           Damien’s struggled posture next to me was like he had heavy
bricks on his shoulders. I wanted to reach out to him- touch him maybe, but I knew he
didn’t want me anymore. Not with what Cameo envisioned. Then I remembered our
conversation before I almost went out of control.
               “I don’t know.” I said aloud, replying to my own thoughts.
Damien looked at me with surprised eyes.
               “What are you talking about?” he asked worried.
               “I don’t know if I want you to love me for real, Damien.” I
spoke in mono-tone. “I don’t know if I’m jealous when other girls are
fluttering around you.” 
              “I thought you called them flying monkeys.” he added sarcastically.
I laughed.
               “I know, but what do you want Damien?” I dashed in front of him
and placed both of my hands on his broad chest. “Do you want me like that?” I
looked into his endless eyes and I suddenly felt the urge to kiss him. It was a very
odd feeling, but I still felt it. He blinked slowly and sighed, lifting my chin with
his fingers.
               “I want you to be happy-always.” he said sorrowfully.
               “Ok but do you love me? More then a sister?” 
               “Yes. I love you more then I ever bargained for. But I love you
enough to let you flirt around with some human boy that risked the whole family
today. If you do turn out to fall in love with him like Deputy Crack-head says, then
fine.”  I nodded and the rest of the way to our second period, he walked behind me
in silence.

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