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Meez. :/Category: Awhell.
Sunday, 31 May 2009
08:28:24 PM (GMT)
I just started Meez a week ago. The site design seemed really great and the items were really pretty and cheap. And he invited me so I didn't say no. :l But as of now, When I start exploring the locations, :/ I realize that it's just like school. Bitchy girls, a desire to speak only to the bitchy girls, And appearance. :/ When I just came I made alot of coinz (The currency) And I didn't want to spend it all up. So my outfit isn't some scene to wangster wannabe with an arab scarf :/ I picked a black t-shirt with a 4 leaf clover on it :/ And a black skirt with white and green snow shoes. Oh, And with a flower headband too :D In my opinion I think I looked pretty decent :/ No two piece, no poser, no long hair even though i know it's short. Just me. I thought I'd meet really good friends and no random cursing or anything :/ I was wrong I got ignored so many times because I didn't go very far with my outfit :/ Or I just didn't enjoy dancing randomly when the song still sucked. Oh, And the girls D: Wtf? They come out of nowhere and start cursing you out just to seem cool. You didn't even speak to them and yet they'd be like, "gtfo u slut" Or some other shit like that :/ Oh god, Those hoes went into my room and sent be two "precious" gifts of hate :/ And for what reason? Okay the only emotion I showed was if they saw it, I was sad :/ I said I was gonna leave because I just did not feel like watching those two have their love fest right infront of me. But I didn't want them to know that :/ Oh and while I was leaving, some other girl came in and started flirting with him too 8D Amazing 4 pieces of shit in one day :/ One question: Does this^ look wain to you? :l I don't recall signing up for this. I don't want to go through being ignored continuously because i'm not "down" with everybody else and having to be cursed out because I just stood there. And I don't want to go through watching girls prance around like the Mary Sue's they want to be. I want to tell him that. And, I think I will.
Last edited: 31 May 2009

Exhilaration says:   31 May 2009   755296  
Those girls sound like they are twelve years old and raised in a
broken home.
Sounds like daddy abused them when they were little. Worthless cunts.
It's sickening to know that people do this in real life, but to pick
on others on a website; on the internet no less, is down right
pathetic. Internet Tough Guys are the worse. Why don't you just
abandon that place? You shouldn't be sticking around in a mud-hole
like that. Hang with people that like you. Your friends.
missmelony writes:   31 May 2009   392915  
‹burblegurm› says:   31 May 2009   148161  
Pfft, if so then they're disgraces to twelve year olds :/ 
Their daddies musn't of even loved them enough so they found the idea
to act like a bitch to other people. 
They are :/ All they need to do is just show some kindness to actually
gain respect.
I want to. :/
And I think I will :/
‹burblegurm› says:   31 May 2009   826384  
Whooo.... :/ 
Exhilaration says:   31 May 2009   382446  
Good. If they have to ask for respect then they haven't earned. 
I hope you do leave. That place gives me bad vibes.
iSpeakMyMind says:   1 June 2009   681961  
I know.
Everyone there is either some gangster or scene wannabe there.
I just look like how I do in real life.
They start fights for no reason.
They start love for no reason.
‹Albert;;;Love Is  Unrecognizable› says:   1 June 2009   887881  
crap... kala
i was on that site... it sucks
just get off it if bothers you, or ill get on my meez and hang with
you so you dont feel sad. your profile is awesome though.
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   1 June 2009   398452  
I don't have a Meez, it looks weird. xD
That is why I didn't make one.
‹burblegurm› says:   1 June 2009   728656  
It's giving me the same thing also now D:

Ikr? D:
It's annoying as hell.
Me too D:
Now everybody there almost looks alike D8
No joke.
I know :<

Thanks Alby(:
I'd like that. c:
I'd like that alot ♥

xD I like the character and world design 
Well you made the right choice D; 
LIKEABOSS says :   1 June 2009   288657  
 I have one too. And I agree. I came in and this girl was like
"ugly bitch" and I'm like "WHUT." And she's all like "yeah u ho go-"
and I left. The drama/slutiness/cyber-ocity was getting to me. And I
wasn't even on there a day.

Yeah. o-o


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