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Monday, 18 May 2009
03:54:25 PM (GMT)
hey all i have wrote a few poems and thought maybe you would like them 

                                    Poetry Book 

				Sound Poem 
                        The wolf walks silently 
		The snow collapses as he walks 
		A silent crunch, crunch, crunch 
		He sees his prey with yellow piercing eyes 
		The target starts to run 
		The wolf starts to chase 
		Crunch, crunch says the snow 
		The wolf even goes faster 
		He jumps and dodges the coming branches 
		Then the prey gets caught 
		It wiggles but still trapped 
		The wolf looks at the kill 
		The wind starts to whistle 
		And his fur blows gently in triumph 

		               Ode to a Rocket 

		It gets built to perfection 
		Then filled up 
		With crew and gas 
		The countdown starts 
		Then it shoots out bright flames 
		It starts to lift 
		The noise is like 5 concerts 
		The metal beast goes 
		It escapes the atmosphere 
		To discover new things of space 
		As it darts through the sky 
		It’s built perfect like a piece of paper 
 		Without it we would not know 
		The big blast leads to new discoveries 
		It is great 
but some times no one cars 

                        2 voice 
	The Lynx and the Rabbit 
                      Lynx                                             Rabbit  
           I was hungry 
          So I went 
          To find food                                   
					   	The winter was cold 
						I was hungry 
						And ate some grass 
           Then I saw it                                        Then I saw it 
           I was so hungry 
           it looked oh so 
                                                                        It looked at
me weird 
						So I started to run 
						I looked and it was 
						Chasing me 
	No                                                       No 
            Why do you run 
	Im so hungry                                       Im so hungry 
	Let me eat                                           let me eat
	                                                            I had no choice 
	He jumped in a bush			I jumped in a bush 
	So I lost 
	But then I saw a                                  Then he saw a 
            Blue jay                                               Blue jay 
                                                                        I was safe 

					Free verse 
				The aftermath of the bomb 

		The rubble laid on the ground 
		Smashed and destroyed 
		From the building 
                        That stood straight 

		Cars upside down 
		On fire 
		Bent fenders and broken glass 
		No tires on the vehicles 

		All gone 
		Not a single to be found 
		As if a tornado took them away 

		Bridges gone from sight 
		A road 
		Where cars travels 
		Covered with broken walls 

		Hard to breathe 
		Nuclear winter 	
		Clash clash 
		The walls fall 

		All for what 
		Did they end the war 
		Or begin a new 

				Rhyme poem 
                                              Chippewa Chippewa 
		Chippewa, Chippewa where have you gone?	
		You’re not by the lake or river or pond 
		We need you now to teach us the way 
		Before the price is too high that we pay 

		Iroquois, Iroquois where are you now 
		You’re not in the fields or by the plow 
		The white man came and forced you away 
		Come back to the game now, we need you to play 

		We need you to come back and show us the way 

		We need you to show us to respect our mother 
		To stop stripping her bare for we have no other 
		She’s taken good care of us through all of the years 
		Now she is sick and sees smog through her tears 

		Cherokee, Cherokee why can’t we see 
		That we are disgusting the powers that be 
		With our greed and our weapons, our big oil money 
		Are killing our trees and our bees 
		That make honey 

		Americans, Russians and all of the rest 
		Go back to beginnings, we can be the best 
		The best life force that ever did live 
		But back to our mother we truly must give 

				Free verse 
			Roses are red 
			Violets are blue 
			You better run now 
			Because I’m stalking you 

				Sound poem 

		Oh why, oh why did that bird crap in my eye 
		If it weren’t so fast I’d kick it’s ass 
		Man wait till I put a laxative in it’s food 
		Then it will know the meaning of the song 
		Colors in the wind 
		I need a pack of red bull

‹juss_simply_katelyn› says:   1 June 2009   428664  
I really like it.
‹wolfkid_hates_war› says :   2 June 2009   658467  
thank you

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