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with a stab in the heart (chapter 2)Category: my story :D
Wednesday, 22 April 2009
09:25:51 PM (GMT)
So I got my flag and boarded the bus without hesitantion. Peter dragged me into a
three seater with him, and for some reason I didn't move away. He pulled out his iPod
and put an earpiece in my ear. Now I jump to conclusions and I expected Peter to have
Rock or Indie musicon his iPod, so when showtunes played I was surprised. His music
was from musicals, and I couldn't help but laugh when he started to lip sync and
dance to them. In fact i was laughing so hard my eyes began to water, and my eyeliner
was all down my face, whichI fixed as he continued. It was an hour or two down the
road and his iPod contained music from about every musical I had every heard of.
Though I claimed I didn't like Peter when he slipped his arm around me I couldn't
help but think that it felt right, and its were I should be. I fell asleep in Peter's
arms and when I woke up I was even more surprised at the fact that I was in them.
When we got there I got my flag and got off the bus, I got in my spot for the parade
and we began to march. I knew my work and I must of messed up several times, and if I
thought my colorguard captain hated me before I was sure she did now. It was werid, I
started off perfectly focoused and ready to count but as the parade porgressed Peter
jumped in my head like toast out of a toaster, burnt but pleasing. When we got to the
bus my colorguard dragged me to the side and gave me a lecture about how I was making
are school look like a bunch of failures and that I'm no good. Again I thought about
Peter the whole time so when I was done getting yelled at I put my flag away and ran
to him and told him. 
"Its what makes us human" he simply stated. I sighed and told Brandon who complety
ignored it and asked me "Do you like Peter?"
"NO" i responded continuing with my dilema.
"Well explains why you fell asleep in his arms Charlotte" he said looking at Peter
then back at me.
"I don't know what that was.." I started, but I was interupted by Mr.Watson who told
us to each lunch and be back on the bus before five o'clock. I sat with Peter, Tom,
Brandon and Felicia.
"Would you like me to get you anything girlie?" Peter asked me
"Peter.." he raised my eyebrows, rolled my eyes and said "just a soda please"
"okay, girlie" he laughed as him and the other guys got their food. It was just me
and Felicia at the table, and I wasn't a big fan of her so when she began to give me
dirty looks I asked her what her problem was.
"I just hate the fact that you and Brandon are so close" she replied.
"well when your best friends that happens" I said forcing myself to talk in a clam
"oh" she said, the guys came back with what they got.
"you sure all you want is a soda Charlotte?" Peter asked.
"thats all...thanks Peter." I replied.
"no problem" he said. Brandon shot me a glare and I knew why, Ihardly ever ateand
Brandon knew it so whenever I don't eat infront of him he gets mad and calls me an
anerxic. But he didn't say it outloud this time, which shocked me. Since the parade
was near the beach we decided to go to the beach. We jumped in the water and slapshed
around like we werefive year olds. I stood up for a minute laughing at everyone, my
pants were a little big for me and they fell almost all the way down randomly
everyone was under the water andI thanked God they were. At least I thought everyone
was. I heard giggling behind me and to my surprise it was Peter. I blushed and I
could feel my cheeks burn form embrassment. He hugged me form behind.
"Shhhh." he kissed my cheek, "I won't tell anyone I promise" he whispered. I don't
know why but it was like he was like a magnet and I was suddenly attracted to him
now. We soon began to head over near the buses, we were all soaking wet and Peter
intertwined his hand with mine and we walked up together. Inside I felt creeped out
but happy, I was so confused wether to like his attention or be worried that I had a
stalker. He stopped turned me around and drew a heart in the sand, I giggled, and
blushed. We stopped at some benches to put our shoes on, Peter looked at me smiled
and said "I really want to kiss you" I could feel that I was blushing again and I
didn't respond, I was speechless from confusion. Peter leaned in and kissed me, still
speechless, I smiled and we walked to the bus. I sat with Peter on the way home and I
couldn't help but think about me and him, we weren't an item, but could we be one?

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