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urban dictionary... thingy :3Category: quizzes i can't rememeber who i stole them from :
Wednesday, 22 April 2009
03:45:34 PM (GMT)
Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you. 

1.) Your name?
a young, beautiful, sophisticated woman who is confident in all that she does. 
Alice :3

2.) Your age?
The age of sexual consent in CANADA. When you turn 14 you can be fucked
(O.o my god, help me.  i am NOT going to canada)

3.) One of your friends?
Sam means the name of one person who is: 
(didn't need to know that....)

4.) What should you be doing?
Actually means "something," but is used when you don't feel like explaining. 

5.) Favorite color?
Adj. A pejorative term for an effeminate heterosexual male. Lavender does NOT
describe homosexual men; it is solely used to describe straight men who exhibit
female qualities. 

6.) Birthplace?
A place where medical facilities exist, that caters fro the wounded. Staffed by
doctors and nurses, as well as specialist doctors.

7.) Month of your birth?
the birthstone for this month is Opal, but there is also a cheaper Rose Zicron. 

8.) Last person you talked to?
The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before
herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else. 

Just telling her your problems makes you feel better because mom's always know how to
make it all go away. 

Even if you fight, know that she's just looking out for your best interests. 
Where would you be without your mom? 

9.) One of your nicknames?
A Best Friend, someone that you know you can always rely on through anything and
everything. you know that your ali wont ever desert you and will always be there for
you to talk to, you can tell your ali absolutely anything. Your ali should only be
YOUR ali if you can trust them with your life, if you would do anything for them and
if they mean the world to you, a best friend that you couldn't live without and who
you never want to loose.

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