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Unhappy Girl Faraway Part 3 Chapter 2Category: (general)
Wednesday, 8 April 2009
04:19:41 PM (GMT)
When Sophia came home early from school. Courtney was entering the door with twin
boys name Jacob and Joshua. Sophia goes to mommy and hug her. A police women knocked
on the door. Courtney let her in and then she sat down. The Police women said

Police Women: “We are trying to find Isabella but we are not getting any luck we
need someone to go out and look for her and Jacob wanted me to let you guys know that
Emma is getting treatment at the hospital.”

They all nodded and Cory said he will go to the hospital, Courtney gave the twin boys
to Mindy and said she and Sophia will go around the park and the woods and got search
for Isabella. The Police women decided to go to the new center and get Isabella on
the news and do an amber alert.  They all left and Mindy to the the babies room and
rock the babies.

When Cory got to the hospital and ran into Emma’s room and he heard her crying
while the doctor clean her down there. Cory hugged her and hold her hand.

Courtney and Sophia got to the park and started to call Isabella’s name. Friendly
people help them. When they got to the words they continue to call her name. When
they walked by where she was hiding. When they finally got to the end of the woods
they went home. When Courtney got home she turn on the news and she saw on ever
channel had the notice that Isabella was missing and a person came on to talk about
how she disappear. Courtney went upstairs and she went into Isabella’s room and
laid in her bed and curl up and cry.

After Emma was taken care of she was allowed to go home and she rode with Cory and
Jacob follow them home.  When Cory got home he put Emma to bed. He went to the Jacob
and Joshua room and kiss then good night and smile and then left. He went into
Sophia’s room and kiss her goodnight. He went to find Courtney and when he found
her in Isabella’s room. He picked her and he brought her back to their room and put
PJs on her and he tuck her in to bed. He went down stairs and sat on the couch and
watched the news and he put the phone in his lap and then sat there.

Isabella saw how dark it was and she curl tighter. She close her eyes and fell
asleep. The next morning when she woke up she fell gross and he hair was messy. She
laid as she heard people go by calling her name. She cried silently and she felt rain
pour down.

Courtney got up and she took a shower and she got dress. She went to feed the boys
and she brought them downstairs and sat them in their play pin. She let the other two
girls sleep in. She went the Couch and she kiss him and he slap her. She walked out
of the room and she sat on the stairs and cried. Cory got up and he picked the boys
up and he put them in there cradles and then and Mindy came down and said she will
watch them. When Cory went to the stairs and saw that Jacob was hugging her he bend
down to Courtney and he lift her face up, He saw it was red and puffy.

Isabella ran to the out of her hiding spot and ran to the end of the woods she hid in
a ditch and she put her hood on her head. She got her bag and found her blanket. She
took it out and wrap her self in it. She heard boys by the ditch and she heard a gun
shot she scream and begin to run with her stuff. She got to a old fort and she went
into it she laid on the wood floor. It was Empty and cold and dry she fell asleep and
dreamed of home. She heard someone com in and got up and crawl to a corner. The boy
came up to her and hugged her and said

Boy “We need to bring you home.

Courtney put her blanket over her shoulder and she stood up and she pick her bag and
she ran from the fort. The boys ran after her and when they caught up to her and
picked her up. They curl her up with the blanket. She show then where home was
without thinking. She lay her head on his shoulder. The second boy ran away and said
he is going on his own.
The first boy that was around her age said he will never leave her. When they got to
her home he rang the doorbell. Mindy answer and she smile and she let the boy in.
Courtney look up and she got up and she kiss Isabella’s head. She look at he boy
and said

Courtney “For you kindness and seeing my daughter loves you I want you yo stay here
we will get you clothes yo will have your own room and you will go to school.

Boy “Thank you so much"

So a boy is going to leave with them can it lead to a young love? Find out in the
next chapter

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   8 April 2009   488537  
tis is super-awesomness..
‹Emma Bear› says :   8 April 2009   665448  
Thanks you


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