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Friday, 27 March 2009
06:51:36 PM (GMT)
So I'm the writy type. I know how to roleplay (not amazingly but I'll learn as I go
A great writer (I think)
And love to draw (people tell me I should write comic books for a life but I sew and
everything so I have too many choice Dx)

Well the other day I was hanging out with all my friends durring lunch and I am the
skit writer for my group. I design the casual stuff with my sister and so on but I
love to write random orginal never before seen skits(litterally never before seen

So I had a writers block after I finish my second skit in my newly decorated jack
skelltington skit notebook (it's a jacksoellington mini notbook thing and the first
page is raindow decorated with a rainbow radiating skit sign) 
I look up at my friend with a thoughtfull look, rubbing my chin and appearing to be
in deep thought and serious all at once. Suddenly out of knowhere I just say
"guys .... Do me a favor say the most random thing you can think of" so we all
started to babble out everything from the top of our minds.
Everything from "taco's" to "nachos" to food and animals and random words came out of
our myths and out of the blue a thought popped into my head when I randomly said
"babies!!" then screamed
"WAIT!! I have an idea" and gavemy friends the evil fangirl smirk they know and love
so much
They all widdened there eyes and said
"oh no" well my friends as sandy did, she always does.

Soooo I began to write my little heart out onto a piece of paper. In a siries of
rainbow colors I put the title 
"9 FREAKIN' MONTHS!!!" in big letters including the exclamation marks.
It's an akuroku skit where Roxas pretends to have an Mpreg for 9 months and refuses
to give Axel any love at all saying it'll "hurt the baby" but gets found out. In the
end a week later after many times of love to "make up lost time" as Axel says, he
really gets an mpreg.

Weird idea I know, I can be very messed up in the head but I'm a fangirl, a YAOI
fangirl!!! But what would u expect from a fangirl.
I have 4 skits in the notebook in the following order:

1) Title: "Is that a YAOI paddle?!"
    Characters: Sora, Riku, and a random librarian.

2) Title: "A Day at The Usual Spot<3"
    Characters: Pence, Siefer, & Hayner

3) Title: "9 FREAKIN' MONTHS!!!"
    Characters: Axel & Roxas

4) Title: " the UKE-SEME battle"
     Characters: Sora, Riku, Zexion, & Kairi.

5) ...... It's going to be one about Sora stealing kairi's dress putting it onnand
singing the song maria sings in grease at her emergency staircase thing then kairi
coming out in a bathrobe a towel on her head and the green face mask stuff scaring
the hell out of Sora and Riku.

6) I want to do something more normal, funny but normal. So I know people have cool
orginal ideas they could share to help me out with this.... Mind helping out???

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