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Dissidia is Love <3Category: Games
Monday, 2 March 2009
11:35:34 PM (GMT)
CuteBunni knows how much I <3 Dissidia. I constantly rant about it on Yahoo
Messenger. It's funny though because I have yet to actually complete all of it. So I
shall ramble about it here on Kupika, too. Heh heh heh... 

I love:
        -Final Fantasy
        -Mambo de Chocobo
        -Versus games
        -Seiyuu (mostly Morimori and Muraken) XD I <3 their nicknames as well.
        -Sparkly things
        -Strange and ironic plotlines
        -The death of certain characters *coughTidusKujaCloudcough* Technically they
don't die...K.O. Close enough. *shrugs*

What's great, Dissidia has all of these! ^o^ I think the game comes out in America in
March! Then I can play against my friends~! *cheers*

And no. I didn't import it JUST because Sephiroth's alternate costume is sexy. (Maybe
I should say 'lack thereof' -_-') Square finally appealed to the female fans (and
possibly some guys too).  

*cough* Okay...maybe that had a part in me wanting to import...other than being able
to fight as the One Winged Angel himself...or Gabranth. 

The only thing I don't like about this game is that it's only two player. If it was
tag team battles, it would be even greater! But we can't get everything. 

Also, I liked/disliked the ending. *SPOILER ALERT* Skip this if you don't wanna know
the outcome. 

Okay, so the main plot was about a war between Chaos and Cosmos. The planet the
Heroes and Villains are fighting is near its breaking point. The object is to gather
all the Heroes' crystals so the power can save the world. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. The
Villains already knew the outcome of the fight. Chaos was going to win no matter what
we (the player) did. It made me want to throw the PSP at someone. On the other hand,
the Villains won. Hooray!!! Finally, a game where the Heroes don't get everything.
Lol. Yes, I'm bias that way. 

*End of SPOILER*

Oh yes. There are so many items to get in the game. Like seriously...ranging from all
the FF's. I only wish Cloud could have put on the tiara. But nooooo. He can't wear
that. >_< I think it was the sexy cologne they allowed him to wear as an accessory.
0_o It's nostalgic. 

ShinRa Corporation ID.

Box of Tissues. 

White Choker. (WTF Sephiroth can wear this...) 

Moon Stone.

Each character has their own super weapon in respect to their game. (Lvl 100) Or you
could just make an Ultima Weapon and give it to anyone. But that takes the fun outta
hunting for items.  

W00t! Then there's the Museum where you can watch the cutscenes you've collected to
your heart's content. They're numbered for your convenience AND when you see a
cutscene, it's automatically in the theatre! YAY! You can also listen to voice
samples of all the combatants and bg music (buy them). There's a list of summons
you've collected, character profiles, records, and icons for your friend card. 

Did I mention you can save any fight and watch/edit it? That's cool! (Though I
haven't done it yet. Too lazy.)

Warrior of Light                                                    
Onion Knight                                               
Cecil Harvey                                                    
Butz Clauser                                                     
Tina Branford                                               
Cloud Strife                                                     
Squall Leonhart                                                  
Zidane Tribal                                                       

Garland (No, not the stuff you hang on Christmas trees)
Cloud of Darkness
Kefka Palazzo

There's also two hidden characters you can unlock. Judge Magister Gabranth from XII
and Shantotto from XI. 

As you can see, the Villains are severely lacking in the last names department. (Just
throwing that out there.)

Well, for whoever is insane enough to have read all of my rant and survived, I give
you a congratulatory handshake. Kudos to you!

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