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Captured By Fear: Part 2-Inside the HorrorCategory: My cousin wrote this, but she won't post it.
Thursday, 19 February 2009
06:01:02 PM (GMT)
Part 2: Inside the Horror

 The man with in the corner had a bunch of computers and computer equipment around
him, spread upon the table in cluttered piles. He had brown hair and cold blue eyes.
He was still sitting down, but he appeared to be fairly tall. He stared blankly at
the computer, typing mindlessly. 
 Suddenly he banged his fists on the keyboard with such a force the table jumped into
the air and also waking Trevor from his nap. He was acting so calm, I couldn't
believe it. Not many people can be roped to a chair and still be humming Brittany
Spears. He was just treating like any other normal day. 
 The man got up out of his chair and began circling us like a vulture. He'd look us
up and down, then walk to the next person in a slow walk. He turned to the man
standing by the door and said, "Leave. I want to be alone with them." 
 Jake, who was sitting right next to me, let in a small take of breath. I had the
feeling Jake knew this man, but I couldn't figure out how he knew him. Jake turned to
look at me. I thought he was on the vurge of tears. 
 As if lightbulb went off in my head, I suddenly knew how Jake knew this man. It was
his father. Jake rarely talked about his father, and when he did, he didn't say
anything nice. Well, I can see why since his father left him and his mother stranded
in the city, stole their savings, abused him and his mother, and taken our school
under hostage. I'm pretty sure those are good reasons to hate him. 
 The strange thing is, that, I don't think the man knew who Jake was. He passed him
like he passed the rest of us. Although he looked at me an extra long time. I got the
worst vibe from him while he looked at me. As though all happiness had left my soul,
and all that was left was hate. 
 I had never even met this man until today, but all those times Jake talked badly
about his father, I wanted to track him down and torture him for hurting Jake. Jake
wouldn't hurt a fly, but when someone messes with me he beats the living crap out of
them. I don't have an older brother, but Jake defends me like one. And I'm the same
way with him. 
 As this man stood here, walking around us, I realize if I had tracked him down, I
couldn't have done anything. He would just hurt me, like he had done Jake, or worse.
I'm helpless now, and I would have been helpless then. At least this time my friends
are by my side, but that might not be a good thing. 
 I can deal with him hurting me, but if he hurt Jake or the others, I don't know how
I could deal with that. I put up with bull crap all the time, but Jake had enough of
it when he was young.
 I think since Jake went through the same stuff that I go through now, that is one of
the main reasons we are such good friends. I normally don't talk about my dad because
I'm afraid I'll say something I'm not supposed to, and then have it come back and
hurt me later. I had never told any of my friends what my father does, because I know
if I did, Jake would get revenge, and I don't want him to get hurt on my behalf. It
would haunt me for the rest of my life. 
 "So," he said, "you think you're so smart, do ya?" We all stared at him with blank
looks on our faces. "Don't play dumb!" He yelled spraying spitt across our faces, "I
know it was one of you. Who did it?" We continued to look at him confused, not
knowing what the heck he was talking about. "Fine," he said, "if you won't tell me
who the "Master of Hacking" is, I'll find out for myself." 
 He turned around and walked away towards the door. As he left the room a wide smirk
appeared on his face. I stared at the door for a few minutes, but he didn't return.
For hours we just sat there in silence not daring to look at eachother. Although,
sitting was our only option since we were bound to the chairs by rope. 
 Finally the door gradually swung open and five men with guns walked in. One walked
over to Jane and untied her, one walked over to Shay and untied her, and the other
three did the same to Jake, Derek, and I. The only person who didn't get untied was
 The five men dragged us out of the room and lead us down the hallway, leaving Trevor
behind to endure the horror that was yet to come. As we left, Jake's father returned
to the room, and in his hands were a knife and a pen. He smiled at me and then shut
the door. Right as he smiled I knew what was going to happen. As Trevor sat in that
chair, he was signing his death sentence that was soon to come if he did not give the
man what he wanted, and knowing Trevor, He wouldn't give it to him. 
 Jake saw the look on my face, sorrow and regret. He tried to get closer to me, but
couldn't due to the gun attached to his head ready to blow out his brains at any
moment. I kept my head down so none of the others would find out what was going to
happen by the exprssion on my face. They would just have to wait, because if I told
Jane, she would run back to try and save him. The worst part is that, Trevor never
even knew that Jane secretly liked him...a lot. 
 The men came to a hault outside of the janitor's closet. They opened the door and
chucked us in one after the other, then shut the door in our faces. I looked at Jake,
but he didn't look back. For an hour we sat there in silence, until the man returned.

 He untaped our mouths and grabbed Shay. I didn't dare ask where Trevor was, because
I already knew the answer. Although asking would bring closure, it would also get me
in huge trouble. As he took Shay, I knew thw same thing was going to happen over and
over again, until he found the right person. 
 But if he chose me last, everyone else will die. I sat on the cold floor, wallowing
in my silent tears. I didn't dare look up. To see everyone else's facial expressions
would just make me cry more. I heard a the movement of someone moving towards me, and
suddenly Jake was by my side, whispering, "It's ok. I'll get us out of this..." he
paused, "I promise." 
 I looked up and gave a small smile, but as far as Jake was concerned, it ment
nothing. The smile was worthless, until we were out of here. With Jake by my side, I
felt safe, and I slowly drifted off to a nightmare free sleep. 
 I had slept for a while until the opening of the closet's door woke me up. I looked
around, and saw only Jane left. Derek had already been taken as I slept, and put
through the same thing Shay and Trevor had gone through, which still remained
 He grabbed Jane and dragged her out. Relief and guilt overwhelmed me. I was glad it
wasn't me, but also sad that it was her. Only Jake and I were left, and if the
pattern continued, Jake would be next. I began to cry silently to myself again, but
then I heard a ripping sound. I looked up and saw Jake with his hands free and a
knife in his hands. 
 He gave me a smile that said hope was still here. He cut the rope, freeing my hands
and legs, and helped me off the ground to my feet. He looked at me and said, "I told
you I'd get us out of here." He gave me a hug, and as his arms wrapped around me, I
suddenly realized we weren't out of this yet

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