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Monday, 2 February 2009
01:18:05 AM (GMT)
your dream pet is:
A)some form of cute rodent
B)a puppy that could be enter'd into dog shows to win you money
C)a ferocious wolf to devior all who oppose you
D)an adorible kitten, with slighty sharp claws

Simple eh? That's question one. All other questions are like this, or follow the
same pattern.

Your favorite music is:
A)new age(pop, hip hop, rap, techno, ect...)
B)Jazz, Rock, Or Funk
C)peoples screams of pain and terror

Your Favoret book type is:

B)sci fi
C)Does burning books count?

For fun you:

A)do something electronic(T.V, Computer, Game boy...)
B)Place small childrens toys under the wheels of parked cars
C)plot your eventual world domination
D)hang out with you friends

For money you:

A) babysit
B)break open your younger sister/brothers piggy bank
c)mug/murder people and take their wallet
D)an official job

You like to eat:

A) I'm a vegetarian 
C)Human (Hmm, its tempting, xP Just my vampirism.... kidding. )

A=0 points
B=1 points
C=2 points
D=.5 points

10 points, EEK! Run awaaaaaaaay! their evail!evail, evail, evail!
9 points...eek run awaaay! their evil evil evil!...!...!
8 points, at this point evil-ness is not a personality trait, it's a problem...seek
a mental institution(jk)
7 points, cruelty is a specilty, not an obsession. seek a theripist(jk)
6 points, eh your not dangerous. Try to only take things that are yours, and avoid
5 points, your evil-tude is abouve average(barly)
4 points be nicer. you'll get more friends
3 points, average.
2 points,good(could be better)
1 point ,Nicey Mic Kinderton
.5 ponts,goody two shoes.
0 points, you used to have angel wings and a halo before you donated them to
chariety right?

any thing more then 10, and you evilness is frightening to the point where its
suprising people dont die when you look
at them...

Sorry about mis spellings and stuff. and if you got under three you will not be
cruel to animals!
If not...shove yourself into small spaces without food water or sunlight instead why

I had another page with pictures that show'd animal cruelty in action...it didn't
save. grrrr. sorry guys.

If I didnt calculate wrong, which i hope, im 15! you evilness is frightening to the
point where its
suprising people dont die when you look
at them...

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