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94 Truths (I'll Try My Best :-p)Category: just had to!
Thursday, 22 January 2009
09:18:55 PM (GMT)
1. real name – None of your business.
2. like it – What, my name, or none-pf-your-business?  I like my name... 
3. single or taken - Single
4. zodiac sign - Taurus
5. male or female - Female
10. hair color - Light brown
11. eye color – Hazel
12. hair length – Just above my shoudlers
13. current worry – Why I feel so weird...
14. race - Irish, English, Welsh, and, of course, Canadian!!!!
15. are you a health freak – Kinda...
16. height – 5' 6"
17. do you have a crush on someone - Eh... no?  (Don't ask)
18. do you like yourself – Yeah, most of the time.
19. piercings - Just my ears.
20. tattoos - None... yet!  Dondondon...
21. righty or lefty - Righty, but I can use my left as well.

22. first surgery - I've never had one
23. first piercings - My ears.
24. first best friend – Kendra.
25. first award- Honour Roll...
26. first sport – Soccer
27. first pet – A cat named Lucky.
28. first vacation – Windsor, Ontario ... (suckish, I know...)
29. first teacher – Mrs. Lahoud!!! (The best!)
30. first crush – Steven... wasn't everybody's?  Elohel...

31. orange or apple juice - Neither.
32. rock or rap - Rock!  (Crazy crazy on you...)
33. country or screamo - Country, believe it or not...
34. nsync or backsteet boys - Hahahahaha.... NO.
35. britney spears or christina aguliera - Christina Aguliera!
36. night or day - Depends on my mood.
37. sun or moon - Moon.
38. tv or internet – Depends on my mood.
39. playstation or xbox – Xbox.
40. kiss or hug – Hugzzezz!
41. iguana or turtle – Turtles.
42. spider or bee - Bees.
43. fall or spring - Fall.
44. Limewire or iTunes – Limewire... hello, free?  Although, sometimes it sucks,
and it is kinda illegal... 
46. soccer or baseball – Baseball.

50. drinking – Water.
51. im about to – Evanescence songs...
53. singing – Sorta...
54. typing – This thing, duh!

55. want kids - Yes
56. when – A little before thirty...
57. want to get married- Yeah.
58. when – Between twenty-five and thirty.
59. where do you want to live - Ireland and Canada.
60. how many kids do you want – Five.
61. any name on the mind – Caitlin MacKenzie, Connor Deacon, Aiden James, Breagh
Rose, Shannon Madeleine, Aiden James
62. what did you want to be when you were little - A baker and a truck driver...
63. what did you think you'll be doing - Being really rich and owning many houses but
never spending time in them because I'm busy building schools in third- Wild,
dude!!!!!!! Totally...
66. something you would never try - Nothing, really...
67. when do you wanna die – After I've made a real difference in the world and had
at least one grandchild, preferably way more.

68. lips or eyes - Eyes... (Wait, doesn't it depend on the person?... Elohel!)
70. shorter or taller - Taller, cause I'm tall... but I don't really care.
71. tan skinned or light – Lighter... but again, doesn't really matter.
72. romantic or spontaneous - Both at the same time!!!! 
73. dark or light hair – I think dark, but doesn't it really depend on whether
their a nice person?  Gosh, I hate these questions!
74. muscular or normal - Normal, thanks.  Maybe a teensy bit muscular, but not...
75. hook-up or relationship - Relationship... I'm not Miley Cyrus, thanks.
76. similar to you or different - Kinda both.

78. kissed a stranger - No...
79. drank bubbles - No...
80. broken a bone – Yes.
81. climbed up a tree - Yes.
82. broken someones heart – I sure hope not...
83. turned someone down – Sorta (don't even go there...)
84. had your heart broken – Not really... I mean, not in that way.
85. liked a friend as more than a friend – Sorta...

86. yourself - Most of the time, like 95% of the time...
87. miracles - YEAH!
88. love at first sight - Yes.
89. santa clause – In ways.
90. kiss on first date - Depends on the person, how it ends... you can't know until
you get there.
91. angels - Duh!

92. is there one or more people you want to be with right now - Define 'want to be
with...' in ways, yes.
93. Who is it - Oh, I get it!!! Spencer (he's sick, and I don't wanna get
sick, too), Sammi, Jessica... mostly Jessica, cause she'd help me feel the best right
about now...
94. like someone - Sorta... I can't really tell and it's difficult to explain... but
for purposes of a yes or no answer.... Dude, I can't even tell you!  It's
SOOOOOO confusing, honestly...

Voila!  100% truthful... Not even joking.

Kirti says:   24 January 2009   959355  
five kids?! population control, please!

I am very sorry, but there are more then nine billion humans, five
babies are born each second and only three people die each second. If
you have more then two children then you're raising the population and
the n umber of children being sent to adoption centers is going up
cherri147 says:   24 January 2009   731698  
I'ma do this ,too. >:]
tiggerlemon101 says :   27 January 2009   894836  
@Kirti: I think I knew this... unfortunately.  Iknow it's wrong and
selfish, especially since it's a waste of resources and all, but I
want five kids... anyway, we'll see.  It'll probably all change when I
grow up anyway.  Besides, you can't really control how many kdis you
have.  I don't believe in birth control or arbortion, so yeah.

@cherri17:  Cool.  You do that. 


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