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Hero [A Genesis FFVI CC]Category: Genesis FTW
Friday, 26 December 2008
07:28:13 AM (GMT)
Disclaimer: Anything related to Genesis Rhapsodos or Final Fantasy VII in this fan
fiction belongs to Square Enix!

68/100. “Hero”.

Tucking a pencil behind one ear, Genesis sighed as he tightly held the SOLDIER
application form. A gentle breeze billowed through his bedroom window, blowing his
hair into his eyes. The redhead growled with annoyance, hastily getting up from his
desk chair and abruptly slamming the window down. Thankfully for him, his parents
were out on ‘company business’ as they had briefly told him, leaving him free to
make as much noise as he pleased. Sitting back down on the black, leather chair,
Genesis took hold of the form and studied the question carefully. I have to get this
right…SOLDIER is everything to me…

“So, Genesis Rhapsodos, why do you want to join SOLDIER?” The redhead said aloud,
half mocking himself as he tried to think of an intelligent answer. His silky,
chestnut bangs slid back into their normal position as Genesis took hold of his
pencil, readying his hand to start writing. Just as he was about to write the first
letter, he paused, tapping his pencil on his wooden desk. “Oh man…how do I word

Mumbling in frustration, he reached his hand up to the top shelf of his desk, pulling
down a worn looking blue book. I wrote something here…

Flicking through the pages, the redhead came across a journal entry he’d made about
two years ago. A smile tugged at his lips as he remembered the day he had excitedly
pulled out his beloved journal and written about that contest. His eyes scanned his
messy hand writing, barely making out his own marks of pen on the lined pages.
Turning the page, Genesis saw part of a newspaper article was stuck in, with a
picture of both himself and Angeal proudly holding cans of Banora White apple juice.

First Prize: Banora White Juice
Processed Foods Category, National Agriculture Awards
The idea to make this juice came from a Banora youth named Genesis.
Genesis’s comments: “I am very honoured. Banora White juice tastes great, but the
fruit itself is quite tasty as well. My dream is for my parents and me to serve the
hero Sephiroth our apples one day. Since we are close in age, I would like to show
him what I’ve accomplished in my life.”

“Heh. I still remember when that photo was taken…” Genesis mumbled, closing the
journal and resting it beside the SOLDIER application form. Pondering for a moment,
the redhead suddenly came to a realisation. “I could probably at least mention that
contest…I’ll include my comments too.” Grinning, Genesis grabbed his pencil and
quickly began writing, trying hard not to make it messy like he usually was. Getting
out of school for once and for all was a relief for him, especially after the
complaints of teachers being unable to read what he had written half the time.
Laughing out loud at the thought, Genesis continued writing, leaning over his desk in
concentration. His chestnut hair flopped over his face as he moved his pencil over
the paper, his sparkling aqua blue eyes squinting as he focused on his writing.

“Hmm. There we go.” Genesis quickly reread what he had just written, satisfied
that he had ended the question with his main objective for SOLDIER. One day, I will
meet Sephiroth. I’m determined to. 

“Yeah, onto the next question…” Sighing, the redhead studied the next question
on the neatly computer generated form. “What is your dream to achieve in SOLDIER?
Far out…what is with all these deep and meaningful questions?” Genesis grumbled
in frustration, running a hand through his hair. Thankfully, that was the last
question on the form, being a relief to Genesis even though he was still unable to
think of a decent answer. Well…I’ve always wanted…to become a hero. But
that’s probably too cliché…

“…I bet Angeal didn’t have this much trouble, especially with his beliefs on
honour. With that kind of attitude, ShinRa would accept him without an application
form.” The redhead muttered, staring blankly at the empty lines below the question.
After a few minutes, Genesis was about to give up for the day and continue it
tomorrow, but he stopped himself. I might as well give them a straight, honest

“My dream is everything SOLDIER is about. I want to fulfil the duty of a SOLDIER
with pride. Most of all, I want to become…a hero.” After dictating to himself, he
nodded, a smile flicking across his face as he wrote down exactly what he said.
Bringing his bright eyes to the top of the sheet of paper, Genesis reread the details
on the form, making sure that he’d filled them out correctly.

“Hmm…name, Genesis Rhapsodos…age, 16...date of birth…yup! It’s all correct.
Time to finish this up, I suppose.” Gently folding the application form up, Genesis
slipped the piece of paper into a stainless, white envelope, with the address written
neatly to the ShinRa head office. Lucky my parents work for them, or I’d never get
such nice stationary.

Raising the envelope to his face, Genesis ran his tongue along the edge of the flap,
gagging at the taste of paper. Pushing the envelope flap down, the redhead sealed the
form inside the envelope and let out a satisfied sigh.

“Finally…” he muttered, getting up from his chair and letting his body stretch
the stiffness out of his muscles. Strolling over to his window, he pushed it open
again, seeing a golden sunset casting the last remaining rays of sunlight over the
small village of Banora. In the distance, he could see the ocean’s horizon,
glimmering shades of silver and turquoise. Leaning his arms over the tiny window
ledge, Genesis gently sighed, breathing in the slightly scented breeze which blew the
strands of auburn hair off his forehead. Letting his eyes close, Genesis smiled,
enjoying the afternoon’s sunset.

One day…I’ll become a hero.

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