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unhappy girl far away chapter 7Category: (general)
Wednesday, 17 December 2008
02:58:40 AM (GMT)
The officers ask her what happen and she said 

Cindy: Well I was at the park on the swing. This guy sat next to me and he told me
his name and I told me his and he reach out his hand to shake and i shook it and he
then grasp tighter on my arm and he took out a needle and he put it in my arm.  I
remember getting light headed and airy and then I fell over  and landed backwards on
the ground. I fell a sleep after that. The next time I woke up I was in a room and it
was so cold in there. I remember looking down and I only had underwear and a tank top
and my clothes where in the corner. I sat up feel dizzy and numb. I grab the head
board pole and tried to stand up. Once I stood up I felt sick an really weak. I look
down on the floor and there was bucket and it had a note saying puke bucket. I
remember feeling sick to my stomach. I remember getting to my hands and knees and
leaning over the bucket and puking. When I finally stopped I sat back and lean my
head on the bed and had tears coming down my face and I was so cold and scared. I
began to shake and I felt like I was just going to die. I then heard footsteps and a
very thin guy came up to me and picked me up and place me on the bed and he kiss me
and I felt so confuse of why he was doing this. He took of his pants and shirt and
then his boxers and he took of my underwear and he put on a condom and he put his
penis in side me and he took it out and in slowly and then he went hard and it hurt
so much and I was crying and he went deeper inside me. I remember seeing white stuff
and blood on the bed and he was smiling.  After a while he stopped and he put his
penis in my mouth and force me to suck on it and when this white stuff came in my
mouth I started coughing and he brought the puke bucket near me and I puke all it out
and I was holding on to my stomach because it hurt. I saw him pick me up and he took
me inside my bedroom bathroom. He put me in a tub and began to wash me and he was
smiling. After I was clean he put a cotton white nightgown on me and he took me to
the bed room and he put new sheets on them.  He laid me down and put the bucket close
to me and he put a blanket over me. He did this every night 7 years and he let me go
to school and I met friends and acted like a normal teen. 

The office wrote it all done and he said that he is going to take Cindy to the
hospital. The mom nod and Cindy got up and follow the cop to the car and they drove
to the hospital.  Once at the hospital he checked her in and the doctor took her a
room and did testes on her and they then let her go home.  That night she laid awake
thinking and afraid. When her alarm went off she hit it and she got up and took a
shower and she got dress in jeans and a pink strip shirt with a skull in the corner
and she put her hair in a ponytail and put on black eye liner, black eye shadow, and
she put on black lip stick. She grab her bag and she went down stairs and hugged her
mom bye and she kiss her dads cheek and walked to school.
When she enter the school every one stared at her. She went to the office and she
told them her name and they gave her, her classes names and room number. a locker
key, a map, and books for her classes. Cindy said thank you. She walked to her locker
and she looked at her schedule and she put the books on the floor and put math,
reading, and art in a separate pile. She pick up the other one and put it on her side
of the shelf. She took off her jacket and she put it on her hook and she took a
binder and a pencil case out of her back pack and put it on her other hook and before
she shut the locker a guy came next to her and put his hands on the lockers door and
Cindy moved her hand and he open the locker. She picked up the books and she looked
on the map for room 101. She found it and she started walking down the hall and the
guy follow her. Cindy walked a bit faster and she put her map away and then a girl
foot stuck out and tripped Cindy. Cindy fell to the ground and her stuff went flying.
The guy behind her gave the girl a evil look and he bend down and said 

Guy: Are you okay?

Cindy: Ya I’m okay?

 Guy: My name is Jacob

Cindy: I’m Cindy.

The guy helped her up and he picked her stuff up and hand it to her and he walked
next to her to math. As they  got to the room the guy open the door and walked in and
sat in the front seat. The teacher Mrs, Murphy came up to her and smile and sat her
next to Jacob. The class was boring and when the bell rang Cindy got up and took out
her map and schedule. Jacob took her schedule and took out his and he said smile and

Guy: We have all the same classes so you don’t need the map.

She nod and put away her map and Jacob and her walked to Art.  Once in art Jacob sat
down next to a girl.  Cassie waved to her and Cindy walked to her table. Before she
sat down a girl slide in the seat and pushed her out of the way.  The same girl who
trip her in the hall came up to her poured yellow pain over her head. Cindy screamed
and the girl splat pant in her eyes and all over clothes and her face. Jacob got up
and went to the sink and wet a paper towel. He walked to Cindy and he  wipe her face
and he rinse out her eyes and the teacher came in and she yelled at the girl and
Jacob grab her stuff and his stuff and he help her to the nurse.

‹xoxomuahxoxo› says:   17 December 2008   947767  
how do u come up with this stuff??
i liked it by the way
‹Emma Bear› says:   17 December 2008   923842  
Well I stare at the blank screen to my mind  slowly thing out the
scence and then i began to write
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   17 December 2008   512516  
l0lz thats what I do when I cant sleep, I stare at the ceiling and
make up this totally crazy story. btw, I really like this story! and
I'm glad u wrote such a long chapter this time.
‹Emma Bear› says:   17 December 2008   473211  
Thankyou and I wrote it long because of the day i didn't write
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   17 December 2008   971246  
loved it@! 
‹Emma Bear› says:   17 December 2008   657258  
‹Visably-Vacant› says:   6 October 2011   499733  
It sounds like you are about 9.  That or you only have a third grade
education.  I am not trying to be rude.  I like the story, but it was
a bit hard to read.
‹Emma Bear› says :   20 October 2011   696744  
Okay seriously I was 12 okay I may of not been smart then but
whatever dont judge and be a jerk

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