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Monday, 17 November 2008
05:12:11 AM (GMT) Well, would you look at that! ;O A second art thief. She stole a bunch of my art and claimed it as her own (even copying some of my descriptions) and talking about how hard it was to draw it. 9_9; She even named one of the characters "Ren". That way, nobody would question the big REN signature at the bottom of the drawing. -_- And she stole some other Kupikans' art too. Doop's, Nirrum's and some others... Tesa's too, I think. @_@; Urgh. If she's trying to deny the fact she stole, she's not doing it very well. Urgh, art thieves. u_u Edit: Yes, I'm angry about this -- but please don't leave her comments like "die" or "BURN" or anything like that. She's a young girl, do NOT threaten her or insult her that way, please. Just let her know that stealing is wrong. You don't have to flame or troll. ^^;
Last edited: 17 November 2008

‹Tailsie!› says:   17 November 2008   496532  
sugartastic says:   17 November 2008   729929  
u_u I hate when people take my stuff and say it's theirs. T___T;;
That's mean. And grr they got favorites and it's mine! :O I never got
on favorites when I first joined deviantART a long time ago. ;-;
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   17 November 2008   428447  
Hehe, I think it's happy_emo_cupcake. :DDD
She's on Kupika, she's friends with one of the artists she steals
from, and she has the same name and "age" as nikikiat on
Deviantart.... Also, if you look up "nikikiat", she directs you to
happy_emo_cupcake. '3'
I'm like a detective~! ^o^ I'll only accept pay in the form of cheese
Let's get 'er! D:<
Satsujin says:   17 November 2008   677865  
... EH WHUT. 

She stole... a lot of people's art from here! Aerith's,
Naive's, Angelcake's, Yuu's, ThereWillBeNERDS's, Amanda's,
hardpourcorn's... and that's just from the people I recognize.


brb metal bat
nataval says:   17 November 2008   519431  
Argh, I can't stand these people D: 

Especially if they steal from you, Christina and
Amanda i_i 

Instead of practicing to become better, they just steal from others.
‹ERASED› says:   17 November 2008   595581  
What?! o_o
‹ERASED› says:   17 November 2008   752586  
I am driving them down with my DeviantArt right now, it is
Timelord says:   17 November 2008   197546  
Pathetic person. Take it as a compliment, though, she stole your art
out of everyone elses, that's gotta mean she like it.

Is there any way to message DA Staff? Tell them this has happened?

Hope it gets sorted ;;
Timelord says:   17 November 2008   273998  
I officially fed the newfag with "Thief" comments on most of "their"
drawings. I got a bit angry and let it out on one of them. ;-;
StarDust says:   17 November 2008   172169  
Oh that biatch!
sugartastic says:   17 November 2008   866411  
Yes, I agree with you, TL. ^^ I remember what Doop told me once...
that it's nice that they like your art, of course. XD I haven't
confronted her -- my sister was like, "Why didn't you send her a
message? Why aren't you yelling at her?!". It's like... I dunno, I
can't bring myself to YELL. XD I mean, I need to tell her it's wrong
to steal and stuff... cos you don't take peoples' work and take credit
for it. :V But some people telling her to "die" are waaay out of line.

She's a human being... she's probably young, and she has feeling like
the rest of us. ;O So we should just let her know know to steal and
everything. Being ticked off is only normal. XD But hurting her more
than necessary is not... well, necessary. XD; I hope she knows not to
do this again, it's a wrong thing to do. She should practice drawing
and I'm sure she'll be great one day. 
‹Haytham Kenway› says:   17 November 2008   679749  
I honestly think she's a troll... >:
‹B r o f i s t ♥ Shanaynay!› says:   18 November 2008   817665  
That hoe stole one of my WIP covers.

‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   18 November 2008   461682  
Ughh....I hate art thieves. I remember these oekakis....I just don't
remember who the owner is.......
sugartastic says:   18 November 2008   558682  
@Aishiteru: I'm not so sure about that. XD I looked through her stuff
and conversations... she'd either have to be a REALLY, REALLY
dedicated troll or just the young girl I'm sure she is. :3

And yeah... @_@; She stole so much art from here. It's pretty easy to
tell. All the drawings have different styles. I really hate that she's
getting all these favorites on stuff I took forever on. :/ And then on
my Ritsuka drawing, she said, "And to think... this is my first
attempt at a city... ever..." Since I drew a city in the background.
nataval says:   18 November 2008   586793  
You know, we're actually just giving her popularity by giving her all
these hater comments and stuff o_o;;

How on earth she actually thought she could pass them off as her own
is beyond me. Most of the people who drew them are already ON dA.

Maybe she did it on purpose u_u;; -wondering-
‹Haytham Kenway› says:   18 November 2008   749761  
Well, at first I thought she was a young girl, but then I started
thinking, "why would a little girl A, be on a computer that gets
internet access, b, claim these pictures as her own, and c, be able to
type so well..? o3o"

But, whatever it is, it doesn't matter anymore. I just went on her
page. B&. LAWLS
sugartastic says:   18 November 2008   245326  
Ahaha. XD There's lots of little girls on computers who steal
pictures. :3 And that can type well... she's been stealing from people
here for over a month. T_T; I can't believe I didn't notice.
sugartastic says:   18 November 2008   814956  
And haha -- yeah, it might give her popularity. ;O Except on
deviantART, you gain popularity from favorites instead of comments. :3
And LOL. XD She got banned? D: Wow... it's about time! It only took a
whole month. Her entire gallery was full of stolen art and
lies! T^T
‹Haytham Kenway› says:   19 November 2008   242141  
Well, dA does get a lot of reported stuff everyday. I dunno how they
manage to keep up with it like they do. It usually takes a week or two
for them to get to one of my reports, which I find amazing because of
how many reports there are and how little mods there are and such.

I want to be like the dA mods when I grow up. n3n
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   20 November 2008   851564  
dat is so wrong, yo
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   20 November 2008   273865  
I sent her a message, saying I was going to burn her house down if
she doesn't stop stealing
Couldn't help myself
sugartastic says :   20 November 2008   662887  
ROFL, Kirsty. XDDDD You're too much. ♥ And ahaha. I think she got
b&. :O !! It's about time. =_=; I hope she learns not to steal. :I~

And LOL. XD Burn her house down? I bet she's all scared now. XDD;


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