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Saturday, 18 October 2008
01:42:49 AM (GMT)
Dear Diary, I've posted the thirteenth chapter to my Pixies and Vampires story, Greetings & Confessions. Yes, it's true. After my long, agonizing wait while I was on my lazy streak, I've finally regained my love for writing and haven't stopped since I got it back! :]] And I'm not the only one that's happy about it, my readers are surely rejoicing for the joyous occasion. I also took my first trip to Town Center Mall on Saturday with my dearest friend, Colleen, and my mother, Mary. I didn't get much though, I mainly bought a lot of things for Colleen. Not that it matters. It was a nice experience and I hope to go again soon. It's nothing like that mall from which I live three miles away. Lets learn about the people I know, shall we? :]]] Mary. My Mother. Met her on the sixth of April in 1995. Rather nerdy, she is. Turns Forty-nine on the first of October next year. Libra. Light brown hair(turning gray). Blue eyes. Milky white skin. 5'5" Plays piano, clarinet, guitar, and sings amazingly. Loves classical music. Beethoven and Mozart to be exact. Nags me about everything I do. (And I wouldn't change a thing about her) David. My father. Met him right after my mother. Is the coolest man I've ever met. Turns forty-eight on the seventeenth of November this year. Scorpio. Gray hair. Light brown eyes. Tanned skin. Loves motorcycles. 5'10"(guessing) Plays the bass. Most stubborn man I've ever met. Hates dogs. Loves cats. Fights with me everyday. (And we're more like each other than we'd ever thought) Steven. My Brother. Met him after I met my father. Has Cerebral palsy. Laughs about everything. Turns seventeen on the sixth of February next year. Aquarius. Dark brown hair. Hazel eyes. Tanned skin. Likes video games. Loves to help around the house. 5'7" Wants to play the bass. Loves people. Hates mean people. Nicest guy I've ever met. Acts like a child occasionally. (And I couldn't love him anymore.) Colleen. My best friend. I met her on the eighteenth of June this year. Turns sixteen on the fourth of April next year. Aries. Amazing how quickly we clicked, isn't it? Dark brown(looks black) hair with blond and red highlights. Reaches right above her shoulders. Rather tan skin (but it looks more natural than my milky white skin.) Brown eyes(How dull). 5'3" Plays the clarinet. Has a little brother, a mother, and a step-father. Lives down the street from me. Loves Jonney Depp. Bridgette. My best friend. Met her on the twenty-seventh of March last year. Turns fourteen on the of April next year. Aries. Dark brown hair. Reaches to the middle of her back. Has blond highlights. Not tan but not pale. Brown eyes. 5'5" Want to play the guitar. Loves guitar hero. Has two older brothers and lives with her mother. Lives in Maryland. Loves Ryon Ross. Seraphia. Me. Meet her differently every day. Turns fourteen on the sixth of April next year. Aries. Bright red hair with black lowlights. Reaches right below her shoulders. Pale. Plays the bass, keyboard, and guitar. Hates guitar hero. Loves cats. Wants a Honda Shadow Earo for her sixteenth birthday.(It's a motorcycle) 5'4" Has an older brother, a mother, and a father. I love all of my friends and family and will take a bullet for any of them. The mushy-gushy family lover, Sera [♥]

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