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My Final First!!!Category: Announcements
Saturday, 16 August 2008
07:51:20 PM (GMT)
Okay, so as you can see from my profile (or maybe not... I forget if I wrote it or
not, elohel!), I do Irish dance, right?  Besides the two championship levels, there's
four levels; Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Novice and Open.  There's also six dances;
reel, jig, slip jig, treble jig, traditional set and hornpipe.  Oh, and set for Open.
 When you get a first in one level, you can move up in that dance.  So say you get a
first in Advance Beginner slip jig; then you'd compete in Advanced Beginner for your
reel, jig, treble jig, hornpipe and traditional set, and Novice for your slip jig. 
Except here's the thing... I got all my Novice firsts last year besides treble jig. 
I have been so excited to get it I got my first one (hornpipe) last July.  I tried in
Mississauga in February, London in May, Unionville and Detroit in June, and Etobicoke
and St. Catharine's in July, but to no avail.
Today there was a feis in my home town.  I knew I was feeling lucky because my dad
and brother actually came this time, as well as my aunt/godmother.  All of my friends
and parents were rooting for me, because this stupid treble jig was really getting on
my nerves!  In fact, it was actually really pissing me off!  I did my Open set, reel
and slip jig (you don't do jig in Open), then it was time for my treble jig.  My aunt
gave me this lucky shell that she got from some old dude in Italy.
When I got up to dance, I had a feeling right away that I was going to win. 
Everybody else sucked (no offense) besides my friend Lauren, and I thought I did a
better job than her.  I don't check my results until I'm all done, and I still had my
Open hornpipe to do.  When I was done, I quickly ran up to check my treble jig, but
that results weren't posted yet.  I was really anxious, so Lauren's mom (who was
doing awards, since our school hosts this feis) asked me if I was waiting for my
treble jig.  I said that yes, I was, and she just said "I already saw it.  Guess
what?"  Then she just held up one finger.
Oh my God, I was so freakin happy!  I didn't really know what I was supposed to say
to her, so I just hugged her.  Then I hugged my aunt and my dad and my brother (my
mom was down stairs managing one of the stages).  I wanted so bad to just get my
medal, but since the results weren't posted yet, it was kind of a secret, so I had to
waited for them to get posted.
I went to go check my Open competitions, and to my pleasant surprise, I got a third
in my set dance, and today was the first time I'd done it.  I also got a first in my
4-hand with my friends Lauren, Ashley and Sidney, and a 2nd in my 2-hand with my
friend Sammy.  So today was a good day.  Lauren also got a second in our treble jig,
so that was good, too.
Sidney was checking her results with me, and when she found out that I won, we
started hugging and jumping up and down.  She was really happy, too, because now
we're in all the same competitions again.  On the way downstairs, I met up with
Ashley, Sammy, Lindsay and Becky, who also hugged me when they found out I'd won my
treble jig.  Everybody was really happy for me, because they know that I've been
working really hard for this the whole year.  Literally the only time I've been
happier as far as dancing goes is when our team won the regionals in November.  I'm
so still so thrilled!
My mom was so freakin happy, although a bit of it was probably because she didn't
have to film me at least twice a week to see how much I was improving as the days
went by.  
Okay, so a collective list of people I hugged today; Pam McAuslan (Lauren's mom),
Lauren, Sidney, Sammy, Ashley, Lindsay, Becky, Debbie Paling (Ashley and Lindsay's
mom), Mary Cunningham (Sammy's mom), my dad, my mom, my brother, Marie, Collete
Benetteau (Sidney's mom), Grandma Flo (Breanna's grandmother, but she's everybody's
grandma at the dance school!), Mary-Kate and Casey.  I really wanted to text my
teacher Barb my results, but, once again, nobody remembered her phone number! 
Elohel!  I'll tell her on Saturday.
Also, I am so thankful to Olivia Fraser, for finally explaining to me what the jdges
two-word comments actually mean as far as my steps go.  I might not have won if she
hadn't helped me!  Go Olivia! 
Also, our class did pretty well today.  Ashley got two seconds, two thirds and a
fourth (plus the first from out 4-hand), Sidney got a first, a third anf a fourth
(plus our 4-hand), Lindsay got a second, a third and a fourth, Lauren got a first in
her Novice reel again, as well as two seconds (plus our 4-hand, elohel!)  And I got a
first and second in teams (4- and 2-hand), a third in set and a very special first in
my treble jig! 
So now we've got to help Lauren get her slip jig, jig and treble jig and our 4-hand
will be all up in Open!
Hmm... now I've still got two more feises, so if I can win that treble jig in Open
(as well as slip jig!), I might do solos at the regionals! But let's not get ahead of
ourselves, now... 

Oh my God, I'm so happy!    

‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   17 August 2008   189478  
Yay emsee! Congratualtions! I'm very proud of you... and i don't
really know what you're talking about!!!! Elohel!
tiggerlemon101 says :   17 August 2008   391517  
Nobody ever does... sad, sad.  Elohel!


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