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First time KupikaCategory: My online business
Sunday, 1 June 2008
06:51:25 AM (GMT)
Helloo!! Wauw.. I can't believe I haven't found this site till now! It can't wait to get friends here! I still have to find my way around here... because for example; I just found out how to do the CSS here XD Anyhow; I thought of doing a quiz here... you know with those random questions.. but I think I will just post 64 random things about myself. Even though I know almost nobody wil read it! :3 1. I am a Christian 2. I think Coca Cola is the best drink ever! 3. I was addited to Coca Cola 4. I haven't had any Coca Cola for 4 months now 5. I am very proud of myself, for not drinking Coca Cola for 4 months. 6. The reason I started drawing was because I thought it was an easy way to fame! 7. Now I draw because I like it! 8. I have an ABJD 9. I called her Raine because I love the Rain 10. I collect drawing books 11. My imagination is weird 12. I just started with my supermarket job 13. I used to think people behind the pay-desk had an easy job. 14. I now know that people behind a pay-desk have a though job! #_# 15. I used to dye my hair pink 16. I can't anymore because of my new job 17. I have a nose piercing 18. My favourite color is Pink 19. Acording to my friend; I have the same face as I had when I was a baby 20. I once put my bed on fire when I watched the first 15 minutes of House of Wax 21. I am scared of the dark 22. But I love the night 23. I hate waking up 24. I love sleeping 25. I am bad at languages 26. I also suck at Math 27. I want to fold 1000 stars so I can make a wish 28. Sometimes I talk to myself 29. I am from the Netherlands 30. I am 16 years old at the moment 31. I would love to dye my hair black, but it makes me fugly 32. I have this new word: Fugly 33. I sleep with a teddybear 34. If I ever win a Nobel-Price, I will thank my teddybear because of all the good night sleeps I had with him! 35. 99% of the time I have a cold 36. I am running out of ideas for these facts! 37. I want to post a picture of Raine now, but first I have to finish this 38. I have a Black Nintendo DS 39. I love Phoenix Wright 40. I am so glad I can yell OBJECTION! and HOLD IT! 41. I prefer Jeans 42. But lately I want to wear some dresses! 43. I wear contact lenses 44. I am listening to Group 1 Crew - Forgive Me at the moment! 45. I really have to polish my nails again 46. My deviantart is Salthy 47. I just realised I had to do 64 and not 46 48. Math never a thing for me 49. I am more the... creative type 50. But then again, I ain't really good at drawing either 51. I am really thinking about what my talent is, but I can't figure it out 52. I hate crybaby's 53. Last time I cried was 4 years ago 54. I can't remember why I cried though... 55. I wanted to post something here like: 'say banana if you read this' but I wonder if anyone will ever read this all this crap! XD 56. I love confusing people 57. My favourite victim is Angelo 58. Altough he is getting boring to confuse, it's so easy! 59. I want to study psychology... at least I think 60. I wish I could fly, like really! 61. or that I had 7 million, that's my second wish 62. I should be doing homework now... 63. Instead I do this 64. But now I am finished! Thanks and mail me! I can't wait to get some friends here! x3 ~ Lea

Phont says:   1 June 2008   657286  
Hello. :P

Welcome to Kupika!~ I'm Alex.
Lyncheh says:   1 June 2008   521836  
^ is me.

Hi. xD
Mooshi says:   1 June 2008   548936  
Hellow! XD thanks for the welcome!
Souriyamath says:   1 June 2008   749382  
did anyone help u
Mooshi says :   1 June 2008   713927  
not really XD but it isn't that hard to figure out how everything
works no?


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