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Saturday, 31 May 2008
04:14:29 AM (GMT)
1. Do you like your name?
not really, I'd love to change it, but none of ya know what it is! haha!

2. Have you ever wished to be your opposite sex?
not really...

3. If you were to have children, what would you name them?
Girls: Lilou, Isabella, Guinevere, Lavania....  Guys: Edward, Robert, Elroy, Eowen,
David, Leon..... and others, but of course I'm not going to have that many kids.

4. Do you even like kids?
Yes! there so cute and adorable, and they're just so sweet.

5. What time do you usually go to sleep on a weekday? On a weekend?
Weekday~7:00(though I sometimes sleep in  ~9am-12pm) Weekends~7:00
when my dad wakes me up, when I get to sleep in~12pm or later

6. What's your favorite word?

7. Have you ever tYpED lYk dIs at some point in your life?
yah, who hasn't???

8. What's your dream career?
Actress or a writer.

9. If you could be any other race, what would you be?
Well I like being who I am...I guess oriental, 'cause I haven't seen one that wasn't

10. What are you listening to right now?
Spring Awakening.

11. Grab any book by you, turn to page 69 and type out the last full sentence here:
'"You . .  don't . . . want me?" I tried out the words, confused by the way they
sounded, placed in that order.' ~New Moon

12. Do you like country music? Rap?
countries alright some time.  NO! I HATE RAP!!!!

13. How would you like to die?
With my love, holding me tiet as I slip away slowly to another place, into the abyse
with a glimmer of light shinning in the distance.  His tears dropping on my face, as
if we were in the rain.  I cry silently as he wispers in my ear "Please don't die on
me, my love. . . I love you . . . I love you."

14. Do you like taking pictures (not necessarily of yourself)?
yah, it's fun!

15. Do you use ":]" a lot?
No . . . not really.

16. Are your neighbors annoying?
They're really wierd and mean.

18. What was the last thing you drank?
I don't remember... orange juice??

19. The last time you left your house? Where did you go?
Today, to go walking up a mountain.

20. Are you loving life?
no, I'm alone in my dungon, awaiting for my prince charming to save me.

21. Do you like the way you write?
I guess, it could be better.

22. What's your favorite animal?
Tuatara or Snow Leopard.

23. How many times have you used the restroom today?
idk! I don't count!

24. Are you hungry right now?
no, not really

25. Turn on your TV (unless it's already on). What's playing?
Idk, I don't have a tv in my room.

26. Do you like video games?
I guess.

27. What's your favorite Pokemon?
Idk, mew probably.

28. What was the last thing you watched on YouTube?
A wierd anime dance thingy...I have it stuck in my head.

 29. Are you cool with bugs?

30. Do you like Halloween?

31. What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?
I want Edward Cullen...lol! I want...Idk, I'm not sure.

32. Have you ever fasted?

33. What's going on tomorrow?
Idk, hopefully a sleep over.

34. Are you doing well in school?
yah, acin' every thing (A+  student)

35. Do you have online friends?
Yah, well used to.  I'm gona go fine them.

36. Do you think you're popular?

38. When was the last time you laughed really hard?
I don't remember.

39. What's on the cover of your science binder?
Umm, Inuyasha.

40. Do you believe there's such thing as an non-racist person?
yah! ME!

41. Do you pass on chain letters?
sometimes, I think there fun.

42. What do you do for fun at home?

43. Can you wiggle your ears?

44. Why did the chicken cross the road?
because he was bein' a freaken idiot!!!!!!!!!

45. Do you like your voice?
nope, it's to low, and I forget to use my more "girlish" voise.

46. Are you good at receiving/giving compliments?

47. Have you ever won a contest?

48. What are you using for your messenger avatar/icon?
This one black and white picture of me.

49. Can you imitate something/someone well?
yah, many...mostly voices... one of my niknames is Wally (WALL E, the robot)

50. What's your favorite amusement park?
Disneyland...LUCKY THE DINOSAUR!!!

51. Do you have any REAL autographs (not the cheap ones on posters!) of famous
yah, somewhere.

52. Do you cry easily?
depends...mostly on my mood.

53. What's something you do at home that you don't do in public?
don't wear a bra.

54. What do you think about boyfriends/girlfriends?
I don't have one and never had one.

55. What's something you regret doing as a child?
Ummm, nothing really....though I am still a child.

57. Where do you think wind comes from?
God being mean to all us poor people down here with no super powers!!!!!!!!!

58. Do you like sour cream?

59. What color are your fingernails?
nothing now, becuase I don't have black nail polish!!!! :'-C  But they will be white
with black tips or somthing like that.

60. Do you like animal crackers?

61. Can you do a split?

nk62. What do you smell like?

63. Have you ever done anything stupid at a drive-thru?

64. Do you like to use song lyrics that relate to you?
not usually, but some times.

65. Do you have a problem with odd numbers?
not really, no, why???

66. What's something you're proud of?
My voice.

67. Do you think you'd be a cool teacher?
yah, though I'm not plaining to be a teacher.

68. What are your pet peeves?
Idk...mean bitches.

69. Do you know what the number 69 represents?
Yes, and it's very very very very unbearably gross!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

70. How do you pronounce "caramel"?
car-mel or car-a-mel.

71. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you like to be?
Something in the water, a very pritty fish, or a dalphin, or a koi, a very very
pritty koi.

72. Are you the jealous type?
no. . . What would I be jealous of???

73. Do you keep a journal/diary?

74. Have you ever used Xanga?
ummm...no...what is it???

75. Do you have a made-up language/alphabet?
use to, though I gave-up on the book.

76. What fingers do you use to type?
most of my right hand, on the left~middle, ring and thumb.

77. Is there something you need to have/to do to be able to sleep?
yes, to finish the thing that's bugging my mind.

78. What day is it tomorrow?

79. What time is it now?

80. Do you believe humans evolved from monkeys?
no, we evolved from a desendent of the monkeys and apes, their like our cousins. XP

81. What's your favorite board game?
Idk, I'm not that interested in board games... inless D&D is a board game, then I'm
inlove with that one!!!!

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