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Strange and What Happen?Category: me
Monday, 19 May 2008
06:55:44 PM (GMT)
Do you know the feeling when every thing gose dark and every thing gose silent? When
you try to scream out help but nothing come out. Or when everyone is yelling at you,
"Are you ok?" but, you can't get out the answer. When you sence things going on
around you but your not sure that their really going on?
	Well today at school every thing was fine, till, track-n-field day. We-my group[me,
Christian, Evan, Sammy, Logan, and Austin]-left around 11:30 to go to our school's
complex. Well we were up in the stands down by the football field where all the
events would be happening and of corse were that group of kids that are causing the
most trouble. So we were sitting up in the stands at the top and Sammy, Logan, and
Austin already finish their events amd me, Christian, and Evan are waiting for the
finaly race-the 2 mile dash. We had just finish the 8 mile run and all 6 of us were a
little tired. Well I was sitting backwards looking up at Evan, Logan, Sammy, and
Austin. Christian was sitting next to me. And I started feeling a little light
headed. Then I felt sick my stometh I was thinging there was something in the water
and I'll be ok once I start running. But it kept getting worse and worse. First the
light headed, sickness, then my my sight was getting blury. I kept inoring it the
more and more it got worse. Then they called for all 8 mile runners to report to the
finish/starting line. **Now if you didn't know I do have asma[sp] but I don't let
that stop me.** So I walk with Christian and Evan to the finish/starting line. Well
after 5 min we began running I get ahead of Christian and Evan**WOW! Their pretty
fast and I got past them?** for about 8 min then Christian and Evan took back
their place as first and second then switching if one got ahead. But my "illness"
they weren't getting better just worst and worst. We turn the corner to be on the 5th
mile all of us tired. Now the other people in the race were still like a mile behide.
Well I get so that I'm tied with Evan and out of the blue I fall at first everyone
thought it was because of my clumsyness. But I didn't get back up. **From now on it's
from what fellow students had been saying and telling me** Only when I didn't get up
did Christian and Evan start to run back. Soon Sammy, Logan, Austin and a couple
other people were at my side. I can hear people yelling my name and yelling are you
ok but I can't answer. I can't get up. I can't see, I can bearly breath. I had to be
taken to the hospitile. And once school was over Christian, Evan, and Logan were
there at the hositpitle. Once I ok again I found out what truely had happen. But
what's strange was what they told me as what truely happen was that they had no clue.
Strange..... Some say I had a heat stroke, fainted, asma attack....something.

‹Jessicaxoxo› says:   19 May 2008   868398  
Its good to know your ohk now baby ♥♥♥♥
‹Jessicaxoxo› says:   19 May 2008   434398  
lilj fuck youh ohk that was a serious case he could of fucking died
have sympathy jeez would yu like that to happen to you and then one of
your best friends not care woah grow up a lil
vampire_JP says:   20 May 2008   677357  
thanks sweetie
‹Jessicaxoxo› says:   20 May 2008   586588  
No problem anything for youh babii ♥♥♥ ily
vampire_JP says :   23 May 2008   141132  
:] your the best


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