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The Necropolis!!!!!!!Part 1Category: My Adventures in Naruto
Wednesday, 16 April 2008
08:12:44 AM (GMT)
Disclaimer:This story can be played in a Japanese Naruto PSP Game.
Disclaimer2:I only made up a few parts.This is not about me,just about the time we
explored an ancient,magic Necropolis........
Disclaimer3:This is not exact.As mentioned,this was in Japanese so I am only guessing
what they said.

Event:End of training

Shikamaru:Sheesh.....that was so tiring....
Sakura:You got that right.
Naruto:Heh.....I'm tired too.
*the ground shakes and the sky turns black and purple*
Akane:What was that?!
Sakura:Shikamaru,what was that?
Shikamaru:I don't know.But I know it doesn't look good.
Naruto:Let's go ask a certain someone.....

Location:Hokage's Room
Event:Shizune and Tsunade discussing about what happened

Shizune:This is odd.....the necropolis-or whatever it is-just suddenly came up!
Tsunade:You're right.It's impossible......unless Orochimaru did this.Huh?NARUTO!
*we come up the stairs*
Shikamru:Tsunade!Shizune-niichan!There's a-
Tsunade:Yes yes....we know.I'm sending you guys to check this out.
Akane:Looks like we're on a mission.....

Event:The Ninjas go inside

Naruto:I can hear someone.
*Hinata comes*
Hinata:Be careful....
Akane:We will,Hinata.Guess we'll see you....

Location:2nd room,first floor
Event:Meeting a Voice

Naruto:Why don't you go ahead,Akane-chan.I'll catch up to ya later.
Akane:*nods**runs out*
Naruto:This room is pretty strange.
*purple smoke fills the room*
Voice:Who dares trespass this Necropolis.....
Naruto:Yaaah!Where's that voice coming from?!Show yourself.....I'm not afraid of
*smoke disappears*
Naruto:Well,that was creepy......

Location:Third Room,first floor

Naruto:Uh?*turns around*
*Sakura suddenly appears*
Naruto:Sakura-chan!It's just you!!(why is she glowing white?)
*flash of white light*
Sakura:*charges at Naruto and attacks him*
Naruto:Aaaah!*dodges**hand seals*Kage Bunshin Technique!!!!Uzumaki Barrage!
*Naruto and Clones go all out in a combo on Sakura*
Sakura:*punches Naruto twice*
Naruto:Take this!!!!(oohhh forgive me Sakura!!!)Sexy Jutsu!!!!!!*turns into a sexy
Naruto:That was weird!What?!
*Sakura dissolves into bits of air*
Naruto:I gotta get to the next floor!!!*runs up the stairs*

To be continued.....

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