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Are You Mum And Dad's Little Angel?Category: Quiz
Sunday, 23 March 2008
04:24:01 PM (GMT)
Your Mum and Dad tell you you're grounded. What do you do?
a) Say OK, I deserve it Mummy/Daddy.
b) Say whatever and then go up to your room and sulk for a little bit, but don't let
them know.
c) Scream at them and say you'll hold your breath until they lift the punishment

You want to get your ears pierced again, but your Mum and Dad say no. Do
a) Say "OK." Then think about it and think that it was a bad idea anyway.
b) Have a little moan at first, but realise why they're saying it.
c) Throw a tantrum and go and have your ears (and any other body part) pierced just
to wind them up.

Your crush asks you on a date with all his mates quite late at night, but just as
you're getting ready, your Mum comes in and says, "You're not going." Do you..?
a) Respect their decision and stay at home.
b) Moan at first, and spend your whole evening on the phone to your crush.
c) Scream at them and sneak out anyway. They're not going to ruin your social

You're walking through the hallway with a brand new top on when your Dad bumps
into you and spills a drink on it. Do you..?
a) Accept his apologies and say you didn't really like it anyway.
b) Tell him it's OK, but he owes you a new top.
c) Shout at him that he's ruined your best top and it will seriously damage your
reputation and demand the cash on the spot.

You get a bad grade on an assignment and your Mum and Dad say you've got to study
harder, starting now. Do you...?
a) Say "OK, Mum/Dad. I didn't try my best anyway. Studying will definitely help."
and get started right away.
b) Moan and say you need to go out just this once, and will study later.
c) Tell them to get stuffed, school's for wimps and if they want you to study then
they can do it themselves, then stay out really late to avoid them.

Oops! You tried decorating their room for a surprise but it's gone wrong! They
come in and yell at you. Do you..?
a) Apologize a hundred times and give yourself a punishment, and plus put the room
back the way it was.
b) Say sorry once and put the room back, but sulk in your room afterwards - it was
meant to be a big surprise!
c) Say, "I'm not cleaning that up! It's an improvement over Dad's stupid/rubbish/crap
paint job! I did you a favour!" and storm out of the room.

Mostly As = You're such a perfect little angel I'm sure you came off the top of a
Christmas tree! You're your parents dream child and always do as they say (and more)
but all work and no play can make a boring person, so try to do something a little
daring once in a while!

Mostly Bs = You're sort of half and half really. You can be good sometimes but like
to have a good sulk in your room once in a while. You do as your told but hate being
bossed around and sometimes fight back. You should try and be good a little more
often - it's quite rewarding!

Mostly Cs = You're a child from hell! You always have tantrums if you don't get your
own way, and when your parents don't let you do something you do something a little
more daring to wind them up. Try to be good once in a while, otherwise your parents
will be exhausted!

‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   23 March 2008   819378  
kattany3 says:   23 March 2008   821771  
lol it a Tie between B and A =P
cornelia_101 says:   24 March 2008   358467  
oh i got b! yaay
Ashleighxx says:   11 May 2008   991681  
I'm Mainly B..
Ashleighxx says :   15 May 2008   146997  
Which is probably right..


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