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Chpater one: Enter- The 7 Key SquadCategory: The 7 Key Squad and Their Many Adventures
Monday, 31 December 2007
03:40:36 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1: 
        Enter: The 7 Key Squad

   It was early Saturday morning when the last of the Captains awoke and headed down
to the meeting hall. 
"AAAHHHHHGGGGGAA" Azula yawned. Im so tired, why do we have to meet so early Barex? I
mean come on, I need my beauty sleep or I look like this! Everyone turns to see Azula
looking exactly as she always does except that she looks pretty damn tired. They all
sighed and turned back to their leader who had called them to the meeting only 20
minutes ago.
"Yeah Barex come on! Its 4:00 in the morning! Do we really have to meet so early! I
dont sense any danger!" Yami complained rather loudly. It wasnt like her to complain
so openly but she was most deffinitly not a morning person being the Captain of the
darkness squad and all. 
"I dont sense any danger, there are no heartless at the gates, we are safe, so i dont
get why if we have to suffer and wake up so early couldnt we have at least woken up
all the leautenants and everyone else too and make them suffer?!?!" Ky-Kie said to
her boyfriend. "Barex..." She made a sweet smile at him hoping it would convince him
to let her at least go torture the other lower class members of the 7 Key Squad by
preferably dumping water on them while they slept. 
Barex sighed and used every last bit of his manliness to turn away from the beautiful
girl who was smiling at him. It was very difficult for him to ignore her but he did
it none the less. This was important and he had to get everyone's attention!
"ALRIGHT! LISTEN UP EVERYONE!" Barex said just loudly enough for the squad captains
closest to him to hear him and nudge the people who didnt to shut up. "I have called
you all here..." he paused and sighed "this early in the morning to announce that it
has been a whole year since we have been together as a team." He paused once more to
wait for another outburst and sure enough, one came.
"Wait, so thats why we woke up this early? Couldnt this have waited?" A sleepy voice
came from amongst the captains. The captains parted to show a very tired Katilix
still holding her teddy bear and blanket, standing amongst the group of people who
were suposed to only consist of the 7 squad captains. She yawned and stared up at
Barex waiting for an answer as though nothing were wrong.
Everyone sighed and Yami slapped her forehead. Of course it had to be her first
leautenant who would come to an ALL CAPTAINS meeting. 
Barex stood up a little straighter and addressed Yami. "Yami, may i ask why a member
of your squad who is so obviously not the captain is standing in an all captains
meeting?" He said this ever so calmly, trying not to be annoyed at the interruption
he knew was going to happen. 
"I dont know Barex but im gonna have to kick her ass for doing it!" Yami yelled with
such fury that Katilix jolted awake and ran as fast as she possibly could up the
stairs at the end of the hall and didnt stop until she was safe under her blankets
again. Yami just took a deep breath and simply turned back to Barex and gestured for
him to continue. 
" was I?" Ky-Kie used her thoughts to remind Barex what he had just
said and he cleared his throat and began to speak but not before shooting Ky-Kie a
very kind thank you look. "So, we are here this morning to vote. We are going to vote
on-" He stopped as another voice cut across him and began to speak rather quickly."
"But-But Barex! Waht coudl we possibly be voting for? We have all our captains and
leautenants, for peopel who have leautenants anyway, but why woudl we be-" Jeri, the
young Twilight squad captain was interupted by Barex who continued with saying:
"Yes, we have all our captains: I, the Earth Squad Captain and leader, You Jeri the
Twilight squad captain, Rikku the Water captain, Rei the Wind captain, Isuzu the
Light squad captain, Azula the fire squad captain, and Yami the darkness squad
Captain. But, We are not voting on captains. We are voting who should be second in
command if something happens to me."
"Wouldnt Ky-kie? I mean thats why she is the only leautenant at the meeting right?
She is the logical I guess, she is the first leautenant of you, our Earth squad
captain and leader. She makes perfect sense." Yami said, trying to sound as logical
as she could at 4:00 in the morning. 
"Well yes, she is the logical person to be second in command. I just wanted to vote
to make sure thats what everyone wanted." He yawned and then continued "Whoever
wishes this to be, please raise your hand." Everyone raised their hands, it was too
early to argue and Barex knew it, thats why he chose 4:00 in the morning as the time
to have the meeting. He knew if he asked them to vote on this later in the day once
everyone had a chance to wake up, they would surely fight over which one of them
should be second in command because they would never allow a leautenant to be second
in command when there were 6 other captains to chose from!
"Well then its settled" Barex turned to Ky-Kie "you are now second in command. If
anything should happen to me like if some cut my head off, or trapped me in a bubble,
or locked me away till i rotted into -" He stopped talking when he noticed the
horrible glare he was getting from Ky-Kie signaling it was time for him to shut up
and let everyone go back to bed. "Alright, if you wish you can go back to sleep now"
He trotted off towards the stairs leaving only Isuzu to stand aone in the middle of
the hall. She was the Light squad captain after all and she always woke up this
She sighed and walked outside to watch the sunrise. She jumped onto the roof where so
many of the people at Headquarters go when they want peace and quiet. "Well, happy
aniversery everyone" She said quietly as the sun lite up the grounds. 
This was going to be an interesting year.

‹Pain; The Bunnie o(≧▽≦)o› says:   31 December 2007   167976  
‹Musician_Of_God› says:   31 December 2007   153846  
awesome!!! you need to post something in the club so everyone can
read this
‹Musician_Of_God› says:   31 December 2007   793838  
ok all you need to do to find the original members is look at when
they joined the club in the members section of the club
‹YourPersonalNightmare› says:   31 December 2007   888518  
this is really good i love it!
hhallh13 says:   31 December 2007   341392  
lol thanks guys!
yami says :   8 November 2009   693965  
i'm a girl!!! xD lolz 
cool story :]

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