Ugh, a preview of my story. NOT FOR KIDDIES! But you'll look anyways,
won't you?
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Ugh, a preview of my story. NOT FOR KIDDIES! But you'll look anyways,
won't you?
Category: Also, other things!
Monday, 24 December 2007
02:01:40 PM (GMT)
On a side note, for some ungodly reason, I have NO kp. Christ, I hate this site.

PREVIEW. (This is from a later chapter, fun fun)

You know you’re in hell when the only think you can smell is blood and the only
think you can hear is dark laughter and cursing and the sound of metal clashing
against metal or guns going off. That’s hell to somebody who is a normal, correctly
programmed member of society, though. To me, hell is being in the same situation, a
constant, never-ending replay of all my mistakes playing out before my very eyes, a
constant loop I can never get out of. Funny, I think I’m in hell.

	The underground fighting rink, though, is in fact not hell to me. To some people,
yeah, but this place is the only place I can make money aside from the crime bosses.
As I descended down the final step, all eyes snapped on me. Most people would shit
themselves at all the gang members ripping them apart and disemboweling them with
their eyes. I was used to it at this point. Most of the people in the fights are
black, or Asian. Occasionally Hispanic. A white guy like me doesn’t really fit in
much around here.

	I don’t come here to make friends though. I come to fight. Generally, nobody uses
guns unless it’s down to the nitty-gritty and the person is utterly and totally
desperate. I prefer to use guns so I can get my money quick with little damage. This
makes people afraid to fight me, but I’m used to that too. You’re probably
wondering if anybody has ever tried to just shoot everybody and leave. That happened
once. The guy got shot in every orifice. Since then, nobody has ever tried to pull

	I don’t really fight the yakuza members in fear of getting on Boss Kyo’s list of
people to castrate. I swear, he’s a living replica of Ichi the Killer. I once
walked in on him ‘interrogating’ a man who had been at the scene of one of Boss
Kyo’s hits, and Christ, it reminded me of something from Saw. Boss Kyo has a
massive obsession with the Spanish Inquisition. It shouldn’t surprise me, the stuff
he comes up with in order to get information out of somebody. I was once subject to
this, when he thought I hadn’t done a mission right. I was strapped to a chair and
had all the fingernails on my left hand drawn out. They haven’t grown back

	Surprisingly enough, as I surveyed the room, waiting for the fights to start, I
noticed Boss Ricky. I walked over to him, confused. “Hey.” I said, lifting a hand
to greet him. Boss Ricky turned to face me, and grinned. “Hello, sheep.” Boss
Ricky once explained that in this world, there were two kinds of people; sheep’s
and sharks. I got classified as a sheep. It only made sense. I guess. I’ve never
really been Boss Ricky’s favorite person. I never seem to get the hits right.

	Boss Ricky looks like he’s straight out of the Godfather. He’s tall, my height
or taller, and has a thick Italian accident. I’m not kidding, he says ‘Monday’
like ‘Maunday.’ His hair is black, and slicked back and his eyes are onyx. His
skin is peach like, and he has a small black moustache and wouldn’t be caught dead
without a suit on. “Aren’t you supposed to be out recruiting new members for the
mafia? That’s what Boss Kyo told me.” My hands were shoved in my pockets,
gripping and un-gripping the contents. “I am. And where better to find somebody to
join in the gang than here? People fight to the death; I need to see how far
they’re willing to go.” He raised a good point. But anybody who came down here
was either leaving in a body bag or leaving in bandages. Except me, because I made
this short and sweet.

	Isn’t it cute how when you think of lonely, the first thing that comes to mind is
a person standing alone in a large room filled with people happily chatting amongst
themselves? Well, ironically, that was me right now. Boss Ricky had decided to leave
me for more entertaining people, and the people who conducted the fights, just to
feel less like a useless part because there weren’t any rules to our genre of
fight, were dragging their asses. I groaned, and couldn’t help but let my mind
wander back to Lilith. I wonder if anybody has claimed her yet, or if she had gone
home for the day. Christ, that was dedication right there; selling your body, the
last thing you have left for yourself, just to support your family. I had loved my
family, I really had, it was just, I wouldn’t go so far to keep us from falling in
debt as to sell myself. 

Whee-ha. More follows, I just don't feel like posting the rest.

On a side note, anime fucking pwns ALL. Mostly Eyeshield 21, Blood Plus, Samurai
Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing, Air Gear, and Innocent Venus.

Shion says:   24 December 2007   612921  
Gaooohhhh! That is SO good! oT_To
MoonMix says:   24 December 2007   853516  
... Thank you...? :/
hellawaits says :   24 December 2007   475259  
good stuff,babe!

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