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survey thingy (i was bored)Category: (general)
Monday, 24 December 2007
12:48:07 AM (GMT)

1. Which of your friend's birthday celebrations did you go to last?: courtneys

2. Which of your friend's birthdays is coming up next?: idkk

3. What was the best birthday party you've ever had?: idkk, i dont really have bday

4. What did you do for your birthday last year?: nothing just opened gifts

5. Do you know anyone famous with the same birthday?: nope

6. Anything special ever happen on your birthday?: no i just get presents :D

7. What are you hoping to receive for your birthday this year?: its already passed,

8. What was the best birthday party you've ever went to?: courtneys

9. Did you hate having to invite the entire class to your party if you handed out
invitations in school way back when?:never had to

10. Did your mom or whoever ever embarass you by bringing in cupcakes or the like for
your class as a "suprise" for
your birthday?: no, i asked her to :D

winter holidays.
1. What holiday do you celebrate in the winter?: christmas, new years, and valentines

2. Do you enjoy giving or getting gifts better?: well giving makes me feel good but
getting also makes me feel good

3. Worst thing that happened during the holiday season: nothing, really

4. Do you like lights or garland on your Christmas tree (if you celebrate
Christmas)?: lights, duh!

5. Have you ever actually had the patience to string popcorn?: who strings

6. Favorite holiday movie of all time?: the grinch 

7. Do you leave up your Christmas lights all year round (again, if you celebrate
Christmas)?: no

8. Have you ever drove around with your family for the sole purpose of looking at
Christmas lights?: haha yes

9. If you celebrate Christmas, do you open your presents on Christmas Eve, Christmas
Day or January seventh?: depends sometimes on christmas eve and sometimes on
christmas day.

10. Do you know anyone with a birthday on Christmas or Christmas Eve?: a kid in my

spring holidays.
1. Do you celebrate May Day?: ???

2. Did you ever wonder how the Easter bunny is related to Jesus rising from the
dead?: no

3. Did you ever refer to Easter as "Zombie Jesus Day"?: no

4. Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead or that he's coming sometime in the
future? Or maybe something
different?: yes i believe that

5. What's the best April Fool's prank you played on someone?: idkk

6. What's the stupidest joke you've been fooled with?: idkk?

7. Do you think people who celebrate Hitler's birthday (April 20th) to be sick
people?: yes very

8. Do you do things to help the environment on Earth Day?: yes sir...or ma'am

9. Do you celebrate Passover?: no

10. Don't you hate it when it snows on spring holidays?: nope snow is good anyday

1. When is your parents anniversaries?: idkk my parents are divorced

2. If you're dating someone, do you celebrate anniversaries by month?: considering i
would ever have a boyfriend

3. If you're married/When you get married, do you plan to renew your wedding vows on
one of your anniversaries?: depends

4. Has your significant other ever forgotten your anniversary?: not dating anyone 

5. What's the best anniversary present you've ever gotten?: never gotten one 

6. Don't you hate it when people celebrate anniversaries by week?: ive never heard of
anyone who does that

7. What do your parents normally do on their anniversary?: ...

8. What's the weirdest anniversary present you've ever bought someone?: i haven't
bought anyone an anniversary present

9. In your opinion, where's the most romantic place to go for an anniversary?: i
don't care

10. Do you call the 9/11 anniversary day "Patriot's Day"?: no 

other important days.
1. When does school let out for you this year?: idkk

2. Do you believe in wearing only white after Labor Day (or however that goes)?: no,
who does, and what is the significance?

3. Do you actually do something to celebrate your half birthday?: no, why would i??

4. What event are you looking forward to?: tomorrow(dec 24) and the day after that!
(dec 25)

do you celebrate...
[x] Christmas
[] Kwanza
[] Yuletide
[] Hannukah
[] Passover
[] Yom Kippur
[x] Easter
[] Wiccan Sabbats
[] Your half-birthday
[] Labor Day
[] Earth Day
[] 100th Day of School
[x] April Fool's Day
[x] Halloween
[x] Thanksgiving
[x] Valentine's Day
[x] Fourth of July

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