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My Story (Chapter One)Category: My First Story
Saturday, 15 December 2007
09:31:41 PM (GMT)
Enjoy my first story! Have fun! Comment what you think. 

Chapter One
Day One

“Hey, why isn’t Aimee sitting with us?” asked her friend, Amanda. 
	“I don’t know where she is…Oh, she over there talking to Daisy” said Lacey.

	“What are you talking about, Daisy is pop not normal!” shouted Amanda.
	“I know but maybe she wants to be pop” said Lacey.
	“Maybe” said Lainey. 
	A few moments later…
	“Hi, guys” said Aimee. Instead of saying anything her friends move to a
different table. What’s wrong with them, thought Aimee. Aimee and her best friend,
Amanda has been though a lot of problems but they all ways have been friends again.
Amanda must have been mad at her for some reason. Lacey, has been new to this school,
and when they saw each other they knew that they would be friends. The pops made fun
of her name and they still do but her friends stick with her. Lainey was the quiet
one but when she spoke you knew it was important. Lainey was a good friend but she
wasn’t her friend until last year. 
	Aimee still thinking about what had happen she didn’t realize the lunch room was
	“Oh, no, now I am going to be late for class!!!!” shouted Aimee. 
	She got up and throws her trash away. Of course Amanda knew that she would be late.

	“Boo” said Amanda. Aimee jumped that she was going to die.
	“Hey” said Aimee not very happy.
	“I know why you talk to Daisy, so bye” said Amanda.
	“No, you don’t” said Aimee.
	“Yeah, I do. You want to be pop and…well, you are out of our group” said
	“No, that’s not” but before Aimee could finish Amandy cut her off.
	“Yes it is” said Amanda.
	Amanda walked away and she was about to cry but she didn’t. 
	After School…
	When Aimee got home she went to her room and cried. After she was done crying she
went online. She typed Kupika was one of her favorite’s website. Then
Aimee typed in her user name and her password. 

Username: SuperSparkle
Password: *******

Right way she saw that she got some comments on her latest oekaki. Oekaki means “to
doodle”. She clicked on it right away. Her picture showed up. She drew a picture of
a dog and a cat playing. One comment was from her friend. This is so nice! I love
it!! She spelled love wrong but she didn’t care that’s how they spell it all the
time! On Kupika people don’t spell right that’s one of the reasons way Aimee
liked it. The other comment was by: CatNick101. She said she loved it. That’s all.
Her best friend on here was: Lucy101. She was the best, she thought. They chat a lot
so much, they could be friends in real life really easily. 
	Then, she went post a comment that said, “Thanks you guys you rock!” She went
back to her home page to see if she got any messages or letters. She had two messages
form her friend Lucy101. It said:

Hi, SuperSparkle!!! I might leave Kupika since its so boring but don’t worry you
can mail me by my e-mail. Here it is: 

Aimee couldn’t believe this. She just couldn’t. She couldn’t even talk to her
anymore. She didn’t have an e-mail. She just couldn’t mail her. Quietly she wrote
a massage saying:

I can’t. 

And that was all. Aimee logged off because she wasn’t feeling to hip to talk to her
other friends.

SuperSparkle says:   17 December 2007   614888  
WOO! Im aimee! Oh yeah!
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says :   17 December 2007   681957  
lol Yes, you are just because you wanted to.


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