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Saturday, 15 December 2007
09:00:03 AM (GMT)
Dear Father (Se)Xmas.

This year, I'd like some motivation. Kthx

Omg hai.

My Xmas list is well long. :[.

I'll give Hannah a plane ticket to teh UK <3 

Omg rite.

I got an A* for my English Course work :D It's about torture. MY English teacher said
... "Kirsty! This is horrific! It made me physically sick" I was like... Lolk

I'll paste some.

"The wall was falling to pieces. It was light grey and one of the most uncomfortable
things to lean against.  Bits of stone poked out, into her back, jagged pieces cut
through her flesh"


The man on her legs began to taunt her supple skin with a scalpel , chuckling to
himself, until, the blade went deeper and broke the surface of her skin in a single
stroke. She yelled in agony, eyes filling with pain and fear.  They both cackled
together, once again, in tune with each other. 

Oh, yeah.

"Another, my dear?” he winked and slid the scalpel against her knee. His hand began
to rise, she looked up, jaw opening, gulping. The man looked at her knee, then looked
back up at the scalpel . 
“Hold her still!” he bellowed. He jammed the scalpel into the kneecap with
tremendous force. She yelled more, desperately trying to release her hands from the
death grip of the chains. Her wrists were as sore as her fingers, every movement felt
like she was being struck with lightening.  "

"He walked towards her, smiling. He crouched down beside her face, placed the
scissors  neatly next to her head.  Grabbing one of her eyelids, and the scissors, he
cut it off. One clean snip. He ordered the other man to get something out of his case
and winked. "


“Done yet, love?” The man holding the shampoo smiled.
Not taking any notice of the abuse she shouted, out at them, but making no sense at
all. He tore the lid off the bottle and poured it over her eyes and mouth. She began
to choke, slowly. One of the men held her nose. Her legs kicked the floor with
pounding thuds. She tried to talk, but gargled the shampoo. Her hands belted the
chains against the stone. Her broken fingers dropped off, her head fell lifelessly to
the side, the shampoo trickled out slowly and her remaining eyelid flickered shut."


Discuss <3

‹HANNER› says:   15 December 2007   564472  
Awesome. I loved it. You are such a good writer. Never knew that. 

(And I would LOVE a plane ticket)
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   15 December 2007   733448  
Why thanks :]

You better!

Coz like.. I am well poor now.
‹HANNER› says :   23 December 2007   683274  
Aww... yea I'm pretty much broke as well.. I spent like 260 dollars
for Christmas presents, and I only had 300 dollars to begin with.


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