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My Idea Of A Perfect GuyCategory: Quiz
Sunday, 21 October 2007
07:50:26 PM (GMT)
The very detailed Perfect guy survey
NOTE: To Ixceka and Popsciclexdino: This is not based on L! This is based on MY idea
of a great, real guy.

His Look
Name: My favorite name is Ienzo, but Kyoya is my second.
Hair Color: An unusual color, like purple or silver.
Hair Style (long, short, bowl cut, cornrows, etc): Really long, maybe past the
Eye color: Pitch black...
Age: I always see him as 16...
Height: 5'6"
Size: Sort of wiry, a little short, thin..
Body build: Thin.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Glasses? No thanks.
Piercings? Ears maybe.
Chest hair? Eww... no way.

His mind
in school?: He's a genius.
what does he want be/do when he grows up?: Preferably a dictator. Or a lawyer.
Can he speak another language, if yes what? Japanese.
Can he read music?  He plays the keyboards, like me.
Can he read guitar tabs? A little.
Can he play guitar? REALLY BAD.
Piano?  He's a master!
The drums? Nope.
Some other instrument? No.
Can he write music?  Definetly.
will he write songs about you?  Sure! I write them about him now... 
will he write poems about you?  He loves poetry, so maybe.
will he be artistic in some way?  He always it.
will he "blind you with science?"  Hah. Probably. He's a bookworm at heart.
His Style 
Party hopper or stay at home? He doesn't go to parties as much, but he'd go to mine!
Straight A student of Drop out? Straight A+'s
Does he have a best friend? Sorta...
Is it you?  Yep!
Religious? What type? Catholic.
Should he be able to bake or cook? I would like it if he knew how to make Ramen...
Is it okay for him to have a lot of gal pals? He only is friends with one girl...
Out-going or shy?:  Not entirely SHY, just unsocial.
Should he watch chick-flicks?: I wouldn't mind.
Would he be a smoker?: NO WAY.
drinking?:  NO WAY.
cursing? Well, an occasional "dang" doesn't bother me, but anything severe and I'll
kick his you know into tomorrow!
Does he play football(US)?  No.
Soccer?  No.
Baseball?  No
Basketball?  No
Rugby?  No
Golf?  NO
Does he drag race? NO SPORTS!!!
Does he have a "pimped up" ride? No... his skateboard is his only method of
transportation ^.^
Can he surf? That I would like...
Skateboard?  YES. Definetly.
Snowboard? Maybe.
Would he have an accent?  Slightly Japanese...

You and Him *last part!* 
does he kiss on the first date?: No. 
Where does he take you? A poetry club.
Does he pay? Yes.
Would he lay under the stars with you and spout random philosophies? YES! YOU READ MY
Would he use endearments? Not really.
Would you hold hands? Yeah..
Would you ever stay the night at his place? No thanks. 
Would he give you flowers/candy or a big expensive gift? Flowers aren't his thing. He
would probably write something for me.
Would he walk you to your door at the end o the night? Yes.
How would he propose? He would call together everyone we knew and do it in front of
Lastly, after you meet, get hitched, etc. What do you name your kids?  Two twins,
Ienzo and Anamaria.

This is for those who have not yet made their perfect guy list. Tell me if you liked

popsciclexdino says:   21 October 2007   564475  
popsciclexdino says :   2 March 2008   761252  
Answers Self: 

YesYes Very Sad Very Sad


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