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Sunday, 21 October 2007
03:49:46 AM (GMT)
This is the proglugue to my book that I am creating, by the way, I have a cover that
I drew on Ms.Paint too. Hope you like. =3

“Open the gate, sensei.” Said a woman, carrying and infant. Her braided locks
blew into the wind, covering her saddened face and purple eyes.
“But with her?” The man spoke back, with concern. His eyes stood into hers, and
gazed into the child. He saw the innocent gaze and sighed in despair, remembering his
own child.
“I know what I’m doing!” She snapped. She was shaking a bit, not wanting to
face the old man, quickly turning her face out of guilt. Looking into the forgiving
sky in a hope of escape. “I’ve been here before, their nothing but a bunch of
cowards. Or at least compared to me, thanks to your teachings.” She said in a calm
The Old man sighed. “But they are not the same, not since you were last here.” He
felt anger well up inside him, he didn’t understand the point of this. “You maybe
strong, but what about her?” He shifted his attention back to the child. What could
she possibly thinking, taking her here, has she gone mad?
	“What about her?!?!” She glared at the child. She could barely stand it, looking
at the child disgusted her. Her little black curls and innocence made her guilty, and
shameful. She wished it would just die. But it refuses; instead it just stares
blankly at her, cooing. 
	“Look sensei, I know since what happen to your own daughter, you don’t want that
to happen to her. But you have to understand, she should of never been born here from
the start. Do you not remember who I am? She already has the fate written in her
palm, she is destined to a life of hatred and solitude. I am only trying to free her
of the life she doesn’t deserve.” She paused; she took a deep breath, refusing to
look at the child any longer. She was getting mad, she felt the evil inside her start
to take over, the curse was making its path towards her. She knew what would happen,
but the old man did not see it.
	“But that’s so indecent, you would just kill her?” He could not believe what
he was hearing, is she for real? Is this the child he taught so long ago? “I taught
you of the art’s of a ninja, to protect. And for you to even think about killing
innocent lives--” His words were dispersed with another laugh, it sounded more
cruel then he has ever heard her.
	“Cruel?! Ha! I don’t think a ninja should be talking of such nonsense!” She
laughed at his words, how pathetic he sounded.“ I know we protect. But to protect
we also have to kill, and us ninja’s need not have emotions. You should know that
you old wind-ba--”

The Old man thrusts his fist into her torso. Who was this woman, what happened to her
for her to become this way? He did not know, but whatever it was, he was not happy. 
She fell back a bit. She was shocked, but snickered.
	“Bold move, old man. Such a shame I have to kill you. But not yet, I will wait for
the right time, till then--” She took a breath and jumped in the air, keeping her
hand near her gut.         “ Hmph, your not even worth my time old man. Here, take
it! But she is up to you now.” She threw the baby with force towards the old man.
“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, nor do I care.” She took a
last glance and started to get a little sadder. But quickly washed off the feeling,
and without another word, disappeared in a time warp. 

Did you like it? Thumbs me up or comment then. ^-^ I hope it brings you back for
more. =3
Last edited: 21 October 2007

Lyncheh says:   21 October 2007   425245  
That's really cool. =)
o_parts_hunter666 says:   21 October 2007   198382  
long story, but good prolouge
‹I <3 kitties XD› says:   21 October 2007   335525  
That was so kewl!
‹♥ Simply Susan ♥› says:   21 October 2007   786775  
wow...that was really good *claps* can't wait to read more of it...
Jamgirl0808 says :   21 October 2007   867969  
Oh. Thankies. =3


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