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Have I done this before? I don't think so. -plugs in ipod- PINK FLOYD!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
06:41:44 PM (GMT)
[x] I listen to Dashboard Confessional
[x] I have cried myself to sleep
[x] I have woken up crying
[] I have cried over an ex
[x] I have cried in a corner
[x]I have cried next to a window
[] I own a billion sweatshirts
[] I own an argyle sweater
[x] almost NONE of them fit properly

[x] i wear chick pants (I am a chick...)
[x] I wear eyeliner
[x] my eyeliner is black...and ONLY black
[] My friend gave me eyeliner for Christmas
[] I cried out of joy when I got that eyeliner
[x] I have all a lot of pictures of me
[x] most of them are of my head in weird lighting, are black and white or are of me
in weird hats/fancy clothes
[x] i.type.like.this.sometimes
[x] I've written songs about a breakup(poems)
[x] I still cry when I read the lyrics

[] I play guitar 
[] It's almost ALWAYS acoustic
[x] I keep a journal
[x] I have at least one stuffed animal on my bed at all times
[] I change my default pic often
[] I would NEVER step foot into Hot Topic
[] I paid for my cell phone ringer
[] I cry every time I hear it, bc its one of my favorite songs
[x] sometimes i think no one cares 
[x] Nobody understands the real me

[x] I have dyed my hair black, blue or deep red
[x] I am a straightedge (no drugs, no alcohol)
[] I don't hang out with non-edges
[] I have friends who have never seen my haircolor
[] Real punks tend to beat me up alot 
[x] I am a camera whore (well, I delete most after them after I take them.)
[] I love to have girls do my hair and make-up
[] There is a phrase such as "music is my boyfriend" on my myspace
[x] i love to give and recieve hugs

[x] i hate germs
[] I have been to a therapist
[x] It was because my mom didn't understand me 
[x] I am self-concious all the time
[] I like the way I look when Im crying ( I used to..When I was little I watched
myself do it in the mirror...)
[x] I dont do sports.
[x] I just stand around during Punk/Ska concerts
[x] I cant skate
[x] I have borrowed clothing from a member of the opposite sex before ( For
[x] I know that Emo stands for emotional

[] I usually spend over an hour to get ready to leave my house
[] I only have like 5 billion hair products
[] I am Gay or Bisexual
[] My best feature is my hair
[] My special talent is to be able to "emo flip" my hair
[x] One of my pictures is of me making a kissy face
[x] I almost never spend more than two dollars on a shirt
[x] I reapply my eyeliner up to 200 times a day (almost)
[x] I have wished I was never born
[x] "caring is creepy" means something to me
[] I know who that song is by
[] I just started listening to their cd
[] And now I'm crying

[x] I know that Sunny Day Real Estate is not a real estate agency
[] I have their cd
[] Guys with mohawks are hot
[x] I dislike animals which are bigger than me
[x] This includes large dogs (Only really big ones...)
[] I have never gotten a detention
[] Mostly because I cried my way out of it
[x] My screen Name has X's in it (I want to rename it)

[x] My Screen Name has the words bleed, tears, dream in it
[] My screen name has a combination of those words in it
[x] I write my own poetry and songs
[x] I never get around to putting a melody or chords to it though
[x] I have stayed home from school because I was depressed
[x] Valentines day makes me think of how awful my life really is
[x] Black band t's
[] Saucony Shoes
[x] or Converse?
[] in a color other than black?
[] In a bright color?

[x] messenger bag?
[]adorned with pins?
[] patches?
[] kept on the bag with safety pins?
[x] I'm all about being vegetarian (vegan, actually...)
[] I am friends with "peta2" on myspace
[] i check my myspace everyday
[x] I can take words and quote a song with that word in it

[x] I say goodbye on the internet with one of these <3
[] I have sung "screaming infedelities"
[] I change my myspace constantly
[] I am welling up with tears

This is retarded. The got some scene in there, too. 
Multiply by four.
I got 196%
My multiplication must be wrong. 0.0 
Myabe you're not supposed to multiply by 4..
But I'm not emo..

MissDori says :   10 October 2007   275226  
Lol. xD;;

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