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The depressed girl and her sad tales, 3Category: stories told by an 11 year old
Sunday, 7 October 2007
09:40:52 PM (GMT)
With the small amount people had thrown at me, I was able to by some wire and a few
bandages. I twisted the wire so it was connected to my stump of an arm. Then I
wrapped the bandages around it so the whole wire was covered and it looked like I had
a broken arm. I wasn't being rejected anymore! Sure, no one was looking at me, but
that was part of city life, wasn't it? Then, Something tripped me up and I fell onto
someone. I sat up and looked away. "Gomen..."
"No problem." I looked up and saw that whoever he was was standing up. I got one
glimpse of his face. He was totally beautiful. It was hard to know that he was a boy.
I couldn't help but go red. I wanted to know who he was, but he was already gone.
Years passed, and I grew older. At age seventeen, I really began to wonder about a
job. As a street singer, I had gotten enough money for a boarding school, but I
needed to get more money, fast, or I wouldn't make it into collage. I ended up with a
job in a tavern, serving beer to the drunk men in the smoking area. Then one day, as
I was serving coffee to respectable customers(as a break from serving beer to the
non)and I saw a guy who was really pretty. Like, pretty as in you can tell it's a
boy, but they look kinda like a girl. I was pouring coffee into their mugs and heard
a bit of table talk. "No way man! You still haven't found her?"
"nope. It's not like I knew her or anything."
"but dude, you've been searching for what, five years? No way would she remember some
guy she fell on."
"Well, it's true, but I haven't thought of anything but her for the past four years.
I really wish I could see her again. Just one look. She was really pretty. She had a
broken arm, too."
"you aren't gonna find her by thinking about her, dude."
"Yeah, I know. *sigh* But I remember it perfectly. I'm walking along, thinking about
the river underneath the bridge when an angel falls from the sky. She sits up and
turns away from me, and says "gomen." And then I told her it wasn't a problem, and
she looked up at me, just a bit, and then I left. I mean, she was so pretty." 
I was getting a little freaked out. I mean, think about it. Four years ago...I was 13
when I fell on that guy...this guy looked exactly like him, I hadn't thought of
anything but the guy in years, and this guy hadn't thought of anything but this girl
in years. I had forgotten all about watching the coffee carefully. In fact, I had
forgotten all about the pot of coffee altogether. I didn't think about it until I
heard "Wait, why is my arm wet? Oh my."
"g-GOMENASAI! Um, I'll go get a rag and clean this up. Be right back!" I had
overfilled the mug and the coffee had gone all over the table. I brought back a rag
and mopped up all the coffee, hiding my face behind a curtain of my hair. My face was
a ruby crimson. Fourtuenetly, the red dye had long since been washed out of my hair
by the mistress of my school, and was now a brownish color. He wouldn't recognize me
if his life depended on it. Oh well. Who the heck cares?!
Last edited: 9 October 2007

‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   7 October 2007   238243  
Hinata_Kitten says:   8 October 2007   635656  
Thanx. ^^ anything I can do to make the next one better?
holly_henderson says:   13 October 2007   343289  
make it better
its the best you can write!!!!
you should become an auther
holly_henderson says:   13 October 2007   363433  
theres no way that can get better
Hinata_Kitten says :   11 November 2007   773343  
Ya think? >w< *blush*


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