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:(, my life is in ruins.Category: (general)
Thursday, 4 October 2007
09:03:54 PM (GMT)
Okay, well. I worked so hard to get candycane all year long. then at the nutcracker
auditions, i'm pretty sure i aced it. i mean, i kicked higher than everybody, and i
was like, the only person that nailed the double pirouette. then, they told me that i
got to be an angel and a war mouse. i mean, i was disapointed at first, but then i
figured that it was alright, i mean, i probubly got better then anyone else. WRONG.
elizabeth , the suckiest ballet dancer EVER, got angel and mouse. SHE CAN'T EVEN TELL
A PLIE FROM A SHENE!!!! and then this other sucky girl got to be kissy doll and
arabian. NOT FAIR! i ran out of the ballet school crying. 
life just isn't fair. i mean, my crush is someone who will probubly never talk to me,
i'm not pretty enough to be a supermodel, and even though i'm one of the best ballet
dancers in my class, i got the worst parts in the nutcracker!!!!!! if you think your
depressed, try talking to me. my bf's(at least i hope they are) made me feel better
at lunch time, but i wanted to cry all over again as soon as i went to ballet that
day. i feel rejected, and stupid. and i KNOW that i'm not cut for harvard. i mean,
even though my dad has some connections, the rest is up to me, and i don't think i
can handle it. 
i'm depressed. i am brutally obsessed with my crush, and my heart always skips a beat
when i thiinhk of his name.. he is popular. i'm not.
life just doesn't make sense anymore. 
i used to have it all going on, i got a ballet scholarship, i was a straight a
student, i totally aced all the quizes, and i had total confidence. now i don't.
i'm sad, and no matter how happy i try to act, i'm suicidal on the inside. my heart
broke. not even johnny depp can fix that. 
liz, emma, mac, if u read this, which i doubt, thanx for trying to cheer me up. and
don't worry liz, i wont throw a tantrum at your party.

ZanyZeldaFan says:   4 October 2007   362161  
omgosh that is soo sad, that i dont know what to say, sorry, im not
being very helpful huh? plus the fact that my dad is about to walk up
the stairs any second does not help too. i hope it all gets better--
and trust me, eventually it will. mabybe those guys WILL break a leg
*snicker* literally i mean. well thats it. im pathetic :p
freestyle13 says:   4 October 2007   796342  
Wow... thats pretty hard but I hear where you're coming from. I've
been there and done that only without Ballet nd with more umm how
shall I put this.. suicidle tendencies. Try to pick out the good
points in your life (or maybe not that always ened up making me feel
worse...) But try to pick yourself up anf do the best you can if you
need help you can always talk to me
aerochik says :   6 October 2007   448715  
oh poor ingrid


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