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Monday, 17 September 2007
04:09:22 PM (GMT)

1. last beverage: im drinking a Pibb now.
2. last phone call: emily, this morning
3. last cd played: on my iPod, i last listened to Underoath.
4. last time you cried: it's been a while.
5. last text message to: probably Zac, thats all who i ever text.


1. dated someone twice? once
2. been cheated on? unfortunetly.
3. not kissed someone & regretted it? yes
4. lost someone special: yeah
5. been depressed: somewhat
6. been drunk and threw up: a few times


1. Grey
2. Black
3. blue
4. red
5. orange, or as emily would say errrnge


1. Made a new friend? a few

2. Laughed until you cried?
kind of

4. Met someone who changed your life?
not this month, but i have.

5. Found out who is your true friend?
i suppose

6. Is there something you want to tell someone?
theres a few things.

7. How many kids do you want to have?
none. zip, 0. ent eh.

9. Do you wanna change your name?
sometimes i have that urge.

10. What did you do yesterday?
emily, oops, i mean TALKED to emily. =] 

11. Last time You had pizza?
 today actually.

12. What time did you wake up today?

13. What were you doing at 10:20 p.m?
i was in math. =s shiiiit.

14. Name something you CANNOT wait 4?
tommorrow morning, i get to see emily =]

15. Last time you saw your father?
like last week. =s

16. What is one thing you couldn't live without?
emily, man i dont know what i would do with out her.

17. What are you listening to right now?
some scotty vannity song.erm, i suppose it's called i like your hair? hahhha.

18. What do yo uplan on doing tommorrow?
school, home, emily, =] hahaha.jking.

19. Who's getting on your nerves right now?
Jamison, Jesse, chris, and ashley and mo.

20. Most visited webpage?
facebook, or myspace.

21. Coke or Pepsi?
coke, deffo.

22. Have you seen anyone naked?
errgh, a few. 

23. Ever kissed someone?
once,twice, a few times.

24. IM'ing with anyone?
not at this second

25. Whats on your mind right now?
her, social studies homework, her.

26.What do you plan on doing after you finish this?
probably email emily, and go to Jons

27. What do you look for in the oppisite sex?
personality, maturity, looks, and eyes got to have pretty eyes.

28.Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
no, not at this moment. but im deeply in love.

29. List 5 of your best friends
1. Emily
2. Zac
3. Regan Bear
4. Jesse

30. Out of those would you consider having a relationship with?
one of them, but it would probably ruin our friendship.

whoa_morgasmic cries:   2 November 2007   148865  
fine, whatever i guess im not one of yerrr besties then.
thats soo pethetic.
we just live with each other, and you think nothing of me! 
such a great step brother, huh?
i love you zacky!
whoa_morgasmic cries :   2 November 2007   543424  
haha, i was getting on your nerves.

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