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Wednesday, 8 August 2007
01:10:25 AM (GMT)
Rated PG 13

It was Tuesday Night and Deidara and Riveranna was out for dinner at a Resterant But
Deidara Was acting Extremely Weird and was nervus as can be. 

(Riveranna's POV)

"Are you ok" i asked Looking into Deidara's Worryed Eyes "I..I..Ummmm....I'm just
fine" Deidara said I Smiled Acting like i beileved him----I knew he was hiding
something.. Soon the waiter came with our food I was extremely Happy because the
Seilence Was very akward The food was placed on the table. I looked at my meal I was
haveing Sushi And some Miso Soup Deidara was haveing the same. I Gulped down my sushi
and Glanced back at Deidara 'He hasn't ate a thing' I thought i closed my eyes and
felt a Hand press agenst my own hand. I quicky Opened my eyes and saw deidara
extremely close to me. I Blushed alittle and backed my head away 'What was he Going
to Do what was he Going to do' I Thought

(Deidara's POV)

I Moved closer to Riveranna ANd kissed her on her lips for a small amount of time i
looked at her face it was smiling 'I think I should ask her now' i Bent down on one
knee and Looked up at her Confused Face "Riveranna-ai Will..Um will you marrie me un"
I kept looking at her face it changed from confused to Shocked Before i knew it
riveranna had fallin to her knees and huged me tight "Y..Yes" She whispered in my ear
I was the happiest man in teh world I wraped my arms around her and felt her smile in
my akatsuki coat. i felt her lips press once agian on my lips and this time it was
not one of those 'Hi cutie' Kisses it was a extremely tender and Pasinete kiss this
went on for hours

(Riveranna's Pov--AGIAN!)

'We've been kissing for minutes...Whats gonna happen next' I Thought i felt him press
closer to me and knock me on the floor i was blushing Like a crazy lady Deidara
started kissing my jaw bone. I closed my Eyes and Felt his warm Skin press agenst
mine i could Even hear his breatheing his kisses went up to my ear and he started to
nibble on my earlobe I Giggled But i felt like i was forgeting somesomething
like.........I Paused From shock "D..Deidara-Ai" I Asked "Hmmmmm?" He said still
nibbleing on my ear "I..If you want to Do this maybe we might want to move over to
teh akatsuki hideout" I said ALittle nervous from the Poeple looking at me and him
"Oh...Uhhh Lets go" He said draging me to akatsuki hideout. He draged me into my room
and sat me on the floor he sat across from me and started kissing my neck agian at
that momment i noticed he locked the door i was nervous as can be "Hey Riveranna-Ai"
Deidara Said still kissing my neck "Y..yes" He layed me down on the floor and he laid
on top of me still kissing me "Trust me" He said Soon after the lights went off

sand_ninja says :   8 August 2007   712731  
omfg! Meh so happeh 4 you guys! TT^TT


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