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The love between a Demon and A miko chapter 1 The reality of it.Category: Inuyasha story Sesshomaru and Kagome pairing
Wednesday, 4 July 2007
02:55:48 PM (GMT)
One hot summer morning Kagome was singing to her favorite song while swaying her
hips from side to side. the breeze made her soft smooth porcelain skin cover in
goosebumps from where the breeze hit her. A little whiles way a demon with the
goldest eyes and most silky hair you would ever feel watched the Miko with a curious
look in his eyes. ' what a beautiful looking miko wait a minute WHAT!?!!?!?!?!
what did I just say!?!!?!? that was really......Bizarre yet I must admit that I do
love her,Yes i love her and I shall get her no matter what it takes to get her I will
haul her off like a sack of potatoes if I have to'. After realizing what he just
said Sesshomaru stood and thought of a plan to have her as his mate.  He thought of
many things that would lure her but his mind came to one conclusion..... Be blunt and
to the point when he will go meet Kagome and her companions including his Stupid half
brother Inuyasha he shall go towards Kagome and kiss her, then he shall her like a
sack of potatoes. 

Kagome was frantically looking for any signs of Inuyasha she just couldn't find him
but she did think she felt his youki around here in the bushes beyond the trees. As
Kagome was looking for Inuyasha she heard some very gruff moans and muffled groans.
She looked to see what it was she thought it was some animal rutting ith another. Boy
was she wrong. It was non other than Inuyasha rutting with the dead clay pot woman
Kikyo. She was shocked really but all that Inuyasha could do was look at her this
glazed look in his eyes, He knew that glaze, that glaze was Lust. Pure blunt lust
that was it but it also had another glimmer in his soft amber eyes, it was sorrow and
betrayal. In silent communication he said that he was truly and utterly sorry he said
he loved her but more as a little sister or family than a lover, He taught her how to
love and trust others but he couldn't love one who taught her somethings that others
couldn't. Kagome understood the fact and she realized it wasn't that she loved him it
was just blind lust that disguised itself as love. She finally understood that and
accepted the fact, she really didn't hate Kikyo she was just burning with betrayal
and sorrow whenever he looked at her the way he did when he and herself were by
themselves in the heat of the moment. She decided she would still stick with him even
though they defeated Naraku and had very few enemies. Since the Shikon No Tama was
completed and back into her protection she made one final wish and that wish was for
Kikyo to come alive and that everybody find happiness that she had come across. The
jewel enveloped into a bright Pink pure light the jewel was finally gone from this
world she was happy for everyone but not herself. It didn't matter though she was
content if her friends and family were so it didn't matter. She silently returned the
approval to Inuyasha and he whispered to her  'Thank you'   . She didn't care
she really didn't care but all she knew was that she could love another but that
wouldn't matter because her new lust would never lust for her like she did. Her new
lust was non other than the Taiyoukai Sesshomaru with his long silvery silk locks and
his beautiful Gold eyes they not amber they were a pure gold that only he could
surpass with the same grace and appearance of a golden locket. He was just like the
locket something enclosed between the two latches was something very delicate and
fragile and in Sesshomaru that delicate and fragile item was his emotions.

Please read and Review or comment I accept flames and this is only the first chapter
the next chapter will be under the same name and it'll be called The love between a
demon and a miko chapter 2 His love is lust right?

YoukaiYumeFan says :   4 July 2007   451959  
Hey please comment on my story this is my very first Fanfiction on
here so please read and comment on my writing


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