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Mom and Eighteen chapter 1Category: (general)
Saturday, 30 June 2007
02:00:17 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1

 “Lea come on now or I’m gonna be late to school!!!!!” Ashley cried while
pulling her two year old daughter out the house to try and get to the bus on time.
Ashley had to drop off Lea and get to second period before the late bell rang. It is
hard being a teenage mother and trying to go to school and take care of a daughter at
the same time.  Ashley is eighteen and had Lea at sixteen. Lea was a mistake and when
Ashley first found out she was pregnant she was so sad that she cried for days.
Ashley thought of abortion but quickly put it out her mind thinking it wasn’t right
to kill babies. So she had Lea and her mother Katharine has been very supportive and
helped Ashley out a lot along the way. 

   When Ashley got pregnant she was at a party with her boyfriend James and had
gotten totally wasted. They hadn’t been thinking and slept together without
protection. When Ashley told James she was pregnant he refused the child denying it
was his. They broke up the day she told him because James said that she was a tramp
and that she got pregnant by someone else. Ashley cried hard that night because of
those hurtful words. When Ashley went into Labor on June 15 she went into labor alone
only with her mom no James. It has been almost a year and James never once came by to
see Lea so as far as Ashley was concerned Lea didn’t have a dad she just had a
grandma and a mom. Lea’s hair is blonde just like Ashley and she and she had
beautiful blue eyes just like James and she had Ashley’s nose and James’s sense
of humor.
  Ashley and Lea ran off the bus a block away from Lea’s daycare. When they arrived
at the door Ashley bent down to Lea’s level and took in her beautiful baby girl
giving her a huge hug and a kiss on the forehead then pushing her daughter through
the doors saying “by baby I Love you have a good day” then when she saw Lea start
to play with the blocks she left and ran the few blocks to her school. Ashley made it
to second period five minutes before the late bell rang and slid into the seat next
to her best friend since like kindergarten Kayla. “Hey Kay made it just in time
huh?” Ashley said out of breath. “Yeah girl just in time” Kayla said laughing.
“I did better than yesterday because I ran after I dropped off Lea instead of
walking like yesterday.” Ashley told Lea happily. “Hey how is the little munchkin
anyways?” Kayla said cheery. “She’s fine and Beautiful as ever” Ashley said
before being cut off by the teacher walking in noisily.  Ashley passed Lea a note
saying “I missed first period what I miss?”  Kayla wrote “nothing but do you
want the notes on the lecture and the video?” Ashley wrote back “Yessssss U are a
life saver!!!! I love you!!!” she passed the note to Kayla and when she read the
note she smiled to herself and gave her the papers. 

  After school Kayla offered Ashley a ride to Lea’s daycare saying “Hey Lea wanna
ride to the daycare and then home?” Ashley really didn’t feel like walking so she
accepted the offer and hopped into the red jeep. They arrived at the daycare and
Kayla waited in the car while Ashley walked in to go get her. Ashley came back
holding Lea’s hand and walking her to the car then Ashley strapped Lea in and they
took off towards the house. After about ten minutes they arrived at the house and
since Lea had fallen asleep on the way Lea and Kayla started talking. “Hey we never
get to hang out anymore what do you say we go do something on Friday?”  Ashley said
excitedly. “Sure that would be awesome maybe we could go to the mall or the movies
or something” Kayla said now getting happy. “Great so it’s a date!!!” Ashley
said satisfied. “Yep sure is, see you in class” Kayla said. With that Ashley got
out the car and carried Lea into the house putting her on the bed and changing her
into her pj’s then she put her into the covers and kissed her good-night. Ashley
couldn’t wait till Friday until then she was going to be kept busy by the little
one in the room.

‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   30 June 2007   114886  
This is so cool plz write more
‹My_husband_Rupert_grint› says:   30 June 2007   845177  
thanks I haev chapter 2 ill post it as soon as possible. thanks for
the support though
manduhh says:   30 June 2007   251544  
aww thats sad. goin 2 read nxt chapter
‹My_husband_Rupert_grint› says :   30 June 2007   773355  
thanks guys it was an idea I hade and I ran with it i am glad u guys


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