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Sunday, 24 June 2007
11:09:07 PM (GMT)
This is a story I posted on fanfiction that I wanted to add up here ya if u want~

Sakura's lip trembled when she thought of him. She had never physically hurt
him,but she was pretty sure that she had caused him emotional pain. It was
tearing her up inside. She decieded that she had to go see him. So sakura
left from her home and ran all the way to the home of Naruto Uzamaki.
When she reached his door all she could think of was seeing him and 
letting him know the truth. Sakura knocked sofly on the door and stood 
waiting in the rain. She waited for five minutes and just as she was about to 
leave Naruto opened the door. When he saw Sakura out in the rain on his 
front porch he immediatly went into his overprotective mode." Sakura get in 
here you could get a cold." Sakura said not a word as she followed him in.
As the door closed behind them Naruto grabbed a blanket of off his couch 
and draped it over her small form. He looked at her sternly and said,"now tell
me whats wrong." Sakura stared into space for just a second then she pulled 
Naruto down beside her and said" Gomen Naruto-kun." 
    Naruto looked up in shock at her words and asked" for what?" 
Sakura looked up with regret shining in her eyes. but she quickly looked down
again deeming herself unworthy of even looking at him. But Naruto was to 
quick for her and he saw the emotion. He pulled her into his lap and nuzzled
her neck. Sakura shivered as he did so and a jolt of joy surged through her.
   Then she got up her courage to say" Naruto I'm sorry for rejecting you 
and being cruel to you,but I was afraid to tell you the truth...afraid to tell 
you that I love you with all my heart."  " Naruto Uzamaki I don't deserve you"
Naruto's eyes widened at this and as quick as he could he wrapped his arms 
around her. "No Sakura you didn't really reject me...when the true trials came
you stuck by me,and that's what make's me love you." " Sakura if you feal as
though you did wrong unto me I say to you now that I forgive you,and if any
ones unworthy it's me." Sakura's heart and emotions spilled over at the sound 
of his voice and all her worries melted when he spoke those words. Naruto saw
the change in her and he smiled. Sakura looked up at him and smiled also.
  Before she could utter another word Naruto kissed her. His lips seemed to 
mold perfectly to hers. Naruto pulled away from the kiss and lightly touched his
lips to her collar bone. Sakura shivered at this action and her heart leaped for
joy. Sakura and Naruto both found their love that night and learned one thing...
kisses and rain don't go might just catch a cold.

Astaris says:   26 August 2007   725194  
ash u have the end and beginning anyway....but i
liked it....
maidenofstillwaters says:   9 October 2007   734111  
LOL not my fault my brain is fluffy....
‹Mikandycane› says:   9 October 2007   768315  
omg! i love it!!!!
maidenofstillwaters says :   1 December 2007   857493  
^ ^ thanks!


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