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wut charecter on jtmd r u most like?Category: (general)
Friday, 22 June 2007
02:11:41 PM (GMT)
answer these questions 2 find out wut jtmd charecter ur most like! 

1. if a new girl came up and sat with u at lunch, would u... 
a)just look at her then continue wut i was doing 
b)leave the table 
c)start a friendly conversation 
d)spend the rest of period discussing different clubs 2 join 

2. wut would u most likely buy at a restaurant? 
a)side salad, dressing on the side 
b)i dont order food for myself! wut r talking about? thats soooo not my job! 
c)wutever is cheapest 
d)soup and salad bar...for choices 

3. wut is the best way for u 2 get around town? 
a)wutever my current bf drives me in... duh! 
b)stretch limo complete w/ hot tob and all the other fancy stuff
c)walk, its good 2 get exercise 
d)sum sort of small convertible 

4. how do u spend a saturday? 
a)at my bf's house 
b)the mall, using my daddys money of course 
c)doing charity work 

5. when a bf dumps u, u... 
a)find a new 1 the next day 
b)slap him as hard as u can 
c)r fine w/ it. ur still friends 
d)tell him off 

if u got 3 or more a)'s-ur beth 
3 or more b)'s-ur heather 
3 or more c)'s-ur kate 
3 or more d)'s-ur carrie 
post who ur like in the comments section! 

emogirl1234567890 says:   22 June 2007   556839  
3 A's and 2 B's im Beth
DUDETMARIAH says:   16 July 2007   969155  
3 C's, I am Kate!
John_Tucker_Must_Die_Fan_Club says:   16 July 2007   133385  
thabx fr the comments!!!!!!!!
rebel11 says:   16 July 2007   546642  
im kate all cs basically
peaches7645 says:   29 July 2007   977665  
Im Kate. Yay!! :]
minx92 says:   20 August 2007   767111  
i got 3a's n 2c's so im beth
ThatKindaGirl says:   16 September 2007   659851  

I'm Kate 
John_Tucker_Must_Die_Fan_Club says:   16 September 2007   732887  
kittykat1 says:   16 September 2007   675434  
i am kate!!
misty says:   16 September 2007   787128  
ccaad oooooh im nobody....T.T
John_Tucker_Must_Die_Fan_Club says :   16 September 2007   783518  
ur a beth/kate... lol


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