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Saturday, 9 June 2007
03:13:10 PM (GMT)
Suddenly Melissa(the other cheerleader) had started to go on the back of me. She
started rubbing my ass so hard and fast. Suddenly her hands started going to my
pussy. Brittany had started kissing using her tongue to go through my whole mouth.
She started going down with her tongue and landed on my tits.She started licking
them faster ans faster and I realized that Melissa had started licking my pussy. It
felt great. She started kssing my pussy and started rubbling it against mine. It
felt so good that I let out a moan of pleasure. Brittany started to kiss me more
with both hands on my tits. I started rubbing her tits against mine and I started
pressing hards. I started sucking her nipples making them all red.I also at the same
time started to kiss Meilssa with my wet tongue going through her whole mouth and
started rubbing her pussy fast and hard. It felt amazing and I started going under
her and started licking her pussy fast. SHe let out a moan and had orgasm. Brittany
started licking my boobs and grabbing my ass whihch intensified my pleasure. She
started kidding my neck and started kissing everywhere. Brittany strapped the dildo
and she started going on from behind. She kept and pushing and Melissa again started
licking my pussy.  Then Brittany started licking Melissaz pussy and started fucking
mine. She did that for a good 10 minutes. After that Brittany stood up and I got her
against the wall. We started kissing both of us with our lips wet and our tongues
over. I started sicking everywthing and Melissa started to lick her pussy. We got to
the floor and Melissa and I both put on dildos. Melissa went through the back and
started pushing the dildo against her ass. I started going in throuigh the front and
we both kept fucking her for 20 minutes and she started to moan like crazy. OH YEAH
KEEP DOING IT KEEP DOING, UH UHU UH UH.  Then Melissa and Brittany started doing it
to me the same way except Brittany was in the back and she kept rubbing my tits
while she kept doing it. After 15 minutes of that I took the didlo and layed Melissa
on the bed. First I started licking her all over her body and started kssing her
everywhere. We started kissing with both of our tongues and and started sucking
started going from the front and I strarted going from the back and we did that for
a while. Theen for fun I took me dildo off and started rubbing it through my pussy.
I put it back on and started putting it through Melissas mouth.We did that for 2
mintues and I started to take this to the shower.

x_Kute_Kau_x says:   9 June 2007   516129  
ur new ones aren't as good as ur old ones. Sorry....:'(
xhott_chickx says:   9 June 2007   545391  
yea but they are still awsome ! 
Sex_story_author says:   10 June 2007   482371  
Jdogg4 says:   10 June 2007   739146  
how du u make this stuff up
u should get money 4 this
Sex_story_author says:   10 June 2007   129169  
HAHAHHAH thanks xxxx
austin says:   14 June 2007   344899  

Sex_story_author says:   15 June 2007   399827  
Hheheheheehehehehe xxxxxxxxx
Lonely_anime_girl says:   27 June 2007   125173  
make one on me plzz im naru
baby_boi sings:   15 July 2007   349773  
o_0 amazed
pussy_luver says:   28 October 2007   916852  
that makes me horny
lil_drama2000 says:   28 October 2007   823844  
im feel so horney
sexomatic says:   1 November 2007   563962  
it was volleyball practice no one knows im lesbian.........oh man
that grace girl is so hot...........she would never like me. oh well.
i walk out of the school. grace runs up and asks if i want to go to
her birthday party on friday. its wendsday. hell yeah! i said she
smiled ,handed me a slip of paper and grabed my ass and ran. i was so
happy! i walked to my car. so happy i could barley drive. when i get
home i look at the slip of paper. it has an adress on it. the next two
days have never been longer. finaly its friday night. i arive at
grace's party. sh opens the door and squeals with glee! ''come in hot
bunny''! she says. i walk in. no guys to be seen! sweet! i want to get
down with her so bad! i feel sick i say ovbiously not sick. caN i lay
on your bed? sure she says. so i walk down a long hallway to a huge
bed.i lay down and get in onlt my furry thong.. my pussy is so
wet........if you wanna hear the rest go to my profile and request it
gog says:   3 November 2007   929236  
can you please write one about me with a boy and my name will be 
........................ Gemma please!!!
Ferret384 says:   1 December 2007   566378  
Dang she should get payed for this stuff
‹Just Another Nameless Whore› says :   12 August 2011   399364  
i must admit, this got me very wet.

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