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Tuesday, 5 June 2007
02:05:46 AM (GMT)
I can't stop thinking about Cole.. it's a little getting a little pathetic.. I'm
like obsessed with him. I keep going over moments we had with each other. Though..
the first time we met wasn't so pretty...

Here's how it started...

"I feel like something bad is going to happen today"  I said laughing as I left 2nd
period going to 3rd.
That day in Home Economics we were making oatmeal cookies. We had to mix everything
that day. I unsuspectingly roamed the room preparing to mix the ingredients. My
friend Veronica joked that the Mix looked like "poo" Lol. Then she started saying
grosser things. 

I didn't hear any snickers, laughter, or whispering, but I did hear my name...
"Rina!" I quickly responded to my name. For a long time there was an odd silence.
Getting easily ticked I said "What..?" then some girl said "Cole wanna to tell you
somethin'" she said sighing. Cole walked over and I dunno I wasn't myself and I
was rude and I just walked away. Then he came towards me and I just walked away. He
came towards me and  I just listened to what he had to say. Then some girl blurted
out that he called me ugly. I shot a snobby look at him and called him shallow. He
was just quiet, until his friend came over and started defending him. He said that
the girl was actually the one. I just got made and walked away so I could cool off.
Then they blurted out "She said you got a big butt" by this moment all I could think
was "W.t.f?!" then  I got angry and I didn't say anything. Somehow my friends heard
and got into it. They yelled at Cole and the other kids. I just couldn't take it
anymore.. I wasn't being myself trying to be tough.

I broke down.

Cole's friend saw my tears and looked concerned he said "Don't cry" I couldn't help
it. I cried anyway. Pretty soon the teacher got into it. She told me to go to the
bathroom to wash my face with my friend. My friend comforted me saying I wasn't ugly
I just needed work, Lol and said my butt was normal sized >_< didn't care about my
butt...  once we came back to class the teacher convinced me I truely was gorgeous..
Pfft she had to say that, but it really did help.  That whole day felt like total
crap. In Science my teacher was picking on me because she knew I wasn't paying
attention. In Math I was feeling a little better, only a little though. Still felt
like crap. My crush was talking to me but I couldn't face him so that sucked too. I
sobbed small cries each period of the day.

The next day was our last day in Home Economics and one I'll never forget. Some
random girl offered me a hug, because she saw me crying. And Cole's friend apologized
for what happened. I could tell he kinda cared. I really felt better.
Cole never said anything about it. I think I offended him by the way I acted. I don't
blame him.

Maybe I really am ugly, but at least I don't depend on items and looks to make me
happy. My friends are all I truly need. Maybe you can learn a lesson from my home
economic tears 

True Story >_<
Last edited: 6 June 2007

Bwunny says:   5 June 2007   817473  
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww i feel sorry for you *huggles*
Pumkinliner says :   5 June 2007   514775  
Thanks, it took time to get over it. The girl in the story also
bugged my friend, and she accused her old friend (Vicky) of
her by scratching herself. Just because someone she liked, liked
instead. Now Vicky's my friend.

I still feel sad about it sometimes. And you know what the worst part
is? The day before we had an assembly on teasing and name calling. A
really long one..


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