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The Fallen Darkess, Part 1Category: An original series of stories
Friday, 1 June 2007
12:25:56 AM (GMT)
Charaters so far:
Renni (Ren-e): Is the main girl charater
Kaman (Kah-man): Is the main guy character 

If I continue to write this story I will have Kaman be the main character in some
chapters and Renni be the main character in some chapters.

I stood looking blankly at the little yellow piece of paper what could this possibly
mean? I thought to myself. "AH will you read it already Renni before we both die of
old age!" yelled Kaman. I looked up quickly as if I had been in a daze for hours and
had finally been snapped out of it. "Yea....yea sorry I was just thinking." I
replied. I coughed slightly and began to read. "All citizens are to report to the
council chamber for an emergency meeting, anyone who does not attend will be
sentenced to 3 weeks in the Antum Dungeon." Now the Antum Dungeon doesn’t sound so
scary right? Wrong it’s the most horrid place you could be sent; some people say
they've seen some of the scariest things in their life in that dungeon. 
  "Oh my an emergency what are we all gonna do." Kaman said sarcastically. I looked
up and glared at him. "Come on Kaman who knows what could be going on, quit being so
mellow." I said in defense. Kaman has always been so sarcastic and calm about
everything in his life maybe it’s just his personality or maybe it’s just a way
to hide his true feelings either way it gets on my nerves sometimes. He stood there
with his hands in his pockets probably thinking of a way to get out of the
meeting.” Really Renni I say we just skip the meeting, its not like they're gonna
notice a seventeen year old girl and a eighteen year old boy missing, we are to young
for them to care" Kaman remarked in his oh-so-calm attitude. "No Kaman I want to know
what’s going on, and besides what if they do know where missing we'll have to spend
3 weeks in the Antum Dungeon!" I shouted. "Fine have it your way we'll go to the
stupid meeting." 
  "Good it’s going to start in 5 minutes we got to hurry!" I yelled behind me while
running up the dark ally into the light of the village. Our village truly was
beautiful I think it's the way the sun light lays perfectly on the roof tops making
the whole place just seem like its glowing. "Wi....will you slo..slow down Renni!"
Kaman said gasping for air behind me. I laughed and continued running until I came
upon a large black brick building with quite a few people hovering around it. "Halt
state you business here!" a deep voice shouted ahead of me. 
  "We are part of the village where here to attend the meeting." I replied in a lower
tone than usual. These guards always bring the worst out of me; it’s the way they
talk and act that bothers me they think they own the place. "Show me your pendant of
trust and you both may pass." he replied. I pulled out a shiny gray-ish gold diamond
shaped pendant with a picture of an angel on one side and a picture of a demon on the
other. They say that the pendants require the feather of an angel and the blood of a
demon to create. It’s the two things together that give the gold a gray-ish color.

 "Alright you two may pass but I personally will be keeping an eye on you" he said in
a rude cocky tone. I glared at him as Kaman and I walked passed him. We entered a
room full of talking people everything seemed to be havoc. "Everybody hush!" screamed
an old looking man with a long silvery-white beard. Kaman and the rest of the room
quickly took attention to him. "Now you're all probably wondering why we called this
meeting so Im just going to get straight to the point. The Demons and the Angels are
having a sort of battle and sadly our world is caught up in this non-sense." he
looked down and sighed. "Im afraid theres nothing we can do about it either. The
Angels are wanting us to join their side and so are the demons so not only are we
caught up in the war we may also have to paticipate in it also. For I fear if we dont
our world may be destroyed in the process." Everyone in the room was silent the place
was like an empty house.................................

To be continued

Let me know if you guys would like me to continue the story.

If you did like my work please dont steal it and claim it as your own. You would feel
more proud of yourself if you created your own story instead of taking someone else's
and getting praise for it. Be creative ^^
Last edited: 1 June 2007

buddyworkman says:   1 June 2007   454511  
why so long i didnt even read it !!!!
Sukira says :   1 June 2007   125176  
because its a story.......................


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