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New Moon 2 Part 2 of the Phases of the Moon seriesCategory: Fanfictions
Monday, 28 May 2007
08:56:43 PM (GMT)
It was at that moment Sakura and Ino entered the room. "Oh great.... They're arguing
/again/...."  Mizu thought sighing. She began to think deeply when she heard "Sasuke
do you mind if I sit here?" Her eyes snapped open and saw the source of those vile
words, Sakura Haruno. Those fatal words caused an uproar. Finally when Mizu could
stand it no longer she screamed "SHUT UP!" The room fell dead silent and the girls
who were arguing looked terrified. "Why anyone would like that stuck up, selfish,
idiotic excuse for a shinobi is beyond me!" She said pointing to Sasuke, "I won't
waste /my/ valuable time on trying to change your /stupid/ opinions but please for my
brain cells' sake will you shut up?!!!!" Mizu yelled.  The awesome kunoichi turned to
glare at Sasuke, but saw that he was already glaring at Naruto Uzumaki, then the
unspeakable happened.... Naruto kissed, yes kissed, Sasuke. " OH MY GOD MY EYES!"
Mizu yelled. " THEY'RE BURNNNNNING!" She screamed loudly rubbing her eyes.  Our
beloved heroine could only watch as Naruto got mauled by the numerous Sasuke obsessed
Then it was time to be assigned teammates. " Please not Sasuke, please not Sasuke,
please not Sasuke. " Mizu prayed. "Team 16, Mizu Tsuki, Shuurai Raitaro, Kaen Ryu."
"YES!" Mizu shrieked triumphantly. Everyone turned to stare at Mizu. "Uhmmm......
LEMON TEA!" She yelled. "Riiiggghhhtttt. Team 14 Miki Midori, Akari Oki, Kasai Yari.
Team 15 Mitsu Aiko, Hoshiko Kozumikku, and Yami Kuroda. " "Team 13....." 

"It's awesome that we all got to be together!" Mizu said happily. " Agreed." Kaen
replied. "Quite..." Shuurai said. "I wonder who our sensei is going to be. What do
you think Shuurai?" Kaen asked speaking for Mizu as our heroine sipped her beloved
lemon tea. " I don't know..."Shuurai said. " Alright enough talking..." A female
voice declared. The voice belonged to a beautiful woman. She had wavy shoulder length
sapphire blue hair and purple eyes. The woman wore the usual jounin outfit and had
her hitai-ate over her forehead.  She appeared to be 27 years old. " My name is Mika
Kozumikku and I'm going to be your sensei from now on." She said.

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