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Killer On The Road - Chapter TwelveCategory: Story
Saturday, 19 May 2007
08:28:47 AM (GMT)
"Here's the story...
When I first moved to America three years ago, I was a useless stupid geek. No one
liked me and I got teased at school. I left school and went to just get jobs
everywhere. Then, this last week my brother died and I felt I had to take over from
him. My brother was a robber, and everyone knew it. I felt that I was the new him. I
started putting on black clothes and a mask, to get into character. It didn't seem
real. It felt like a dream. I felt so good and not geekish. But then I got carried
away. I got the urge to kill. I had to kill, or something would go mad. Then, I met
you. I loved you and I didn't want to hurt you. But my instincts took over. I started
chasing you and the way I went off when we set this trap, I couldn't take it anymore.
I was going to run off. I didn't want to kill you, or Ella or Gwen."
"Oh Matt..." I was touched by his story. Suddenly, he started struggling. I heard him
groan and his eyes flashed. I looked up at him and he was now thrashing about. "Let
me out!" he screamed.
"No, you're bad, and you know that. Even though I love you, I can't let you go." I
picked up the phone and dialled 911. Waiting for an answer, I watched Matt struggle
and groan.
The police came ten minutes later. They asked Matt a few questions, and then slowly
lowered the net down.
"How could you, Matt?" was all I could whisper as he was put into the police car and
slowly driven away. Tears pricked my eyes as the car disappeared. Gwen put her arm
round me and I sniffed, like a great big baby.
"He was the love of my life," I whispered.
"No, he wasn't. He wanted to kill you," said Ella.
"Can we please stop talking about it? Can't you see it's upsetting Nikki?" said
It didn't really matter. I was thinking about him all the time.
When we arrived back at the hotel, my phone was ringing. I wiped my eyes and then
picked it up.
"Hello?" I asked, trying to stop my voice from shaking.
"Congratulations!" came a bouncy man's voice.
"Huh?" I was really confused.
"Congratulations!" repeated the voice.
"Um, who is this?"
"You have won our monthly prize."
"Really? What is it?"
"Ah, you have to answer a question first. What is the capital of France?"
"Paris..." I answered, wondering if it was a trick question because it was so easy.
"CORRECT!" boomed the voice. "You have won $1000!"
"Whoo!" I screamed. "Will they send a cheque?"
"No, you have to come and pick it up. Come to the studios of New York and you'll be
on TV."
"Ok, thank you so much. Bye." I put the phone down.
"What's happened?" Gwen asked, laying on the bed.
"We won $1000 and we're going on TV!"
"Omigosh!" screamed Ella. "Are we dreaming?"
"No," I said. "At least, I don't think so."

Dragonfly01 says:   19 May 2007   271298  
OMG! cooly!
i thogh you were goingto end the story and i was  like
but hten you made a new part to it!!!!

is that $1000 going to be a trap.....?
because like they are having like bad luck in america so i was jst
Dragonfly01 says:   19 May 2007   434962  
yay first to comment!!!!!
that was random 
Heavenly_Angle09 says :   19 May 2007   435642  
omgg really nice story!!


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