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The Dip-Sticks vs. The Lollies (read my story its great)Category: (general)
Monday, 30 April 2007
06:23:41 PM (GMT)
The Dip-Sticks vs. The Lollies

	What can people say about the “Dip-Sticks”, well if you go and ask the other
people around them they will tell you some fascinating stories about them and their
group. The Dip-Sticks include two fascinating dips and two unordinary sticks. The two
fascinating dips names are Cheese Dip and Chili Cheese Dip. And the two unordinary
sticks names are Pudding Stick and Fudge Stick. Pudding and Fudge sticks are the
trouble makers of the group. Cheese and Chili Cheese dip are the ones who are on the
Honor Roll, but they sometimes get in trouble, but not always. They don’t get in
trouble during the day at school. They usually mess around during the night with
Pudding and Fudge. During the whole entire night, they spent tee-peeing their
neighbours house’s. Everybody knew that it was them, because they didn’t use
regular toilet paper they used gold toilet paper that was spray painted. That had
their signatures on it with a gold pen.
When that happened the boys got away with it. But their parents knew about it so they
were grounded each for a week. But their neighbours would complain to the
children’s parents because they were young kids, they would always say “What do
you expect from 11 year olds that are boys.” Of course there going to tee-pee
people’s houses! So the boys got away with it again. But the boys didn’t know
that they had something in store for them. Something the boys wouldn’t ever think
of doing!
	The next day was a nice October day. The boys meet at Chili Cheese’s house, before
they began there wild and extraordinary day at school. They had ten minutes before
they had to leave so they wore discussing and planning what they’d do after school.
After their ten minutes was up,
Chili Cheese’s mom, exclaimed, “Time to go!”
 So the boys did what they wore told and marched down the stairs with their walking
partners, it always had to be  Pudding and Fudge Stick by each other, and Cheese and
Chili Cheese Dip by each other. On the way to school the boys didn’t go directly to
school they stopped at a few pit stops, like the store, the video store, and the
arcade. By the time the boys got to school while the bell was about to ring in two
minutes. Pudding Stick and Cheese Dip went to class, while Fudge Stick and Chili
Cheese Dip went the other direction to their class. The boy’s classes each lasted
about 35 minutes each. During their switch Fudge and Pudding Stick, got together to
talk about there brilliant plan to embarrass their teachers, while walking down the
hallway. While Cheese and Chili Cheese Dip got together to discuss their homework
assignments. During that 10 minutes switch the boys discussed everything. Finally
their last class ended, the boys went out to their meeting place to wait for each
other. All the boys were there except Fudge. So they went looking for Fudge sure
enough they found Fudge tied up to a pole with duck tape around his mouth. They asked
who did this to you? They couldn’t understand what he was saying because there was
duck tape still around his mouth, so they took the tape off. It left a huge red mark
on Fudge Sticks face. Finally he said who done it, it was the “Lollies”. 
The Lollies were girls who were super mean to the Dip-Sticks. The Dip-Sticks were the
Lollies number one target! The Lollies group was made up of three girls, their
nicknames were Lolly, Lilly, and Lizzy. Fudge was there greatest target because they
knew he was weak when they attacked him. After they found out who had done it they
said, “We have to get them back. Why don’t we do it tonight. All the girls will
be over at Lilly’s house for the night.” So the boys went to Fudge’s house.
They grabbed a snack real quick and ran up stairs to Fudge’s room. Right when the
got up there they started planning there revenge on the girls. They came up with a
brilliant plan. 
“So what time are we leaving?”
 Asked Cheese Dip? 7:30p.m. Will meet at Lilly’s house at that time. “Answered
Pudding Stick.” 
 One more thing does everybody know where Lilly lives? questioned Cheese Dip. 
“They all answered yeah!”
	It was finally 7:30 when everybody met there. The boys brought there paint guns.
Chili Cheese Dip said, “Everybody already?” They all replied yep! Let’s do it.
Chili Cheese and Cheese Dip sneaked quietly to Lilly’s backyard, while  Fudge and
Pudding Stick went on the sides of the house. Fudge took the flashlight out of his
pocket and flashed three lights that meant to start shooting the paint balls. So
everybody started shooting their paintballs. After a couple shots of paintballs Fudge
pulled out his flashlight again to tell his friends to stop shooting, so they stopped
and they waited for the girls to come out screaming. But they didn’t, so Fudge
flashed his flashlight again to start shooting. Right when they got the signal they
started shooting. Until Fudge flashed the light again, but when Fudge Flashed his
light he notice there was a shadow right behind him. It was the girls with their
paint ball guns. Lolly tapped her foot three times which was there signal to start
shooting so they did. After the girls stopped shooting Fudge was all covered in
paintballs. Right after that the other boys came around and sneaked up on the girls
and started shooting them with the paintballs, then the girls started shooting them.
It turned into a huge disaster. It disturbed the neighbours so they came to check
what was going on, they saw, and told Lilly’s parents right away. When they heard
something was going on in their back yard they rushed outside to see what the racket
was about. When they saw the girls covered in paintballs Lilly’s mom went crazy,
she was acting very drama like. She was telling the girls to go in side and take a
clean shower then go soak in the hot tub. For the Dip-Sticks they were in a whole lot
of trouble, Lilly’s dad called all the Dip-Sticks parents. The boys got in so much
trouble that day that the boys got grounded for four months, for the Lollies however
their punishments were not to ever bother the Dip-Sticks and never pick on them and
don’t even say a word to them.
	After that happened there’s been a lot of changes in the Dip-Sticks and the
	But that however is another story!

spooky_chip says:   21 May 2007   167969  
cool stry alexis
jumproper75 says:   22 May 2007   523971  
Thanks except u didn't say that when we were reading them in
spooky_chip says:   28 June 2007   697119  
lol i knows
zoebug101 says:   18 March 2008   434246  
Nice Alexis, I remeber reading that and helping you with it at school
zoebug101 says :   18 March 2008   115194  
Wich was a REALLY long time ago


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