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do u trust me parts 1-3Category: storie
Saturday, 28 April 2007
09:57:14 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1: The story line 
	This is a story of not knowing. Ignorance. It’s not just a story. This is life.
One day everything is great, you can make a correct bet on everything that happens
everyday. Then one day everything is different. Nothing goes how it normally does.
But like I said, its life. Life is love. Love is in trust. Without trust, no love,
without love no life. But till that moment, I never thought about things that way. I
was like you. I thought I knew exactly where my life was going. I knew what was going
to happen when I went outside. That’s exactly when things changed me. Not just me,
my surroundings, my point of view on things, everything I thought of. Now that
you’ve read this far, you can’t stop. You’re now a part of my story, our story
now. But now this is the question that seriously freaked me out…..Do you trust me?
Keep reading. You’ll find out.

The victims

     Shana Caraway-16 years young, a tutor, shy, quite, sensitive, vegetarian, smart,
best friends with Patrick
   Sydney Caraway- main character’s sister, 13 years old, loud, energetic, flirty,
hyper 24/7, likes to pretend she’s cupid and get people together, best friends with
Bryan and Conner
  Bryan Breeding- Patrick’s younger brother, 13 years old, very energetic, always
doing something, nosy, best friends with Sydney and Conner
   Carnell Breeding- Also Patrick’s younger brother, 15 years old, very unsure of
himself, shy, gets tutored by Shana, stays to himself except when with his best
friends Saint
  Patrick Breeding- Middle child of the breeding family, 16 ½ years, loud, bold,
encouraging, energetic, Shana’s best friend, Clover Peterson’s boyfriend
    Kelly Breeding- second oldest breeding boy, 18 years old, mysterious, stays to
himself, doesn’t talk much, incredibly smart but no one knows it, misunderstood
    Dustin Breeding- eldest breeding boy, 19 years old, ladies man, high school drop
out, dreams of being rich and famous with a big family

   R.J Peterson- eldest Peterson child, 17 years old, your average cute, funny, boy
across the street
  Clover Peterson- youngest Peterson child, 15 years old, bad, mean, fake, too
serious for her own good, spoiled, most popular girl in school, and is Patrick’s
girlfriend(but I’m not saying he’s her one and only)
     Conner Goodwin- youngest Goodwin child, 13 years old, smart, funny, Bryan and
Sydney’s best friend
     Nicole Goodwin- oldest Goodwin child, 17 years old, second most popular girl in
school, Shana’s cousin, very emotional, loves acting, doesn’t play when it comes
to her brother
   Saint – lives with older brother, 15 years old, tough, strong, shy, quite, best
friend is Carnell 
    Clover Jones- Sydney’s babysitter…sometimes Bryan’s and Conner’s too, 18
years old, in the wrong place at the wrong time, likes to get into danger or
trouble…whichever comes first, lives by herself with her little brother in an
    Todwin Jones- 3 months, curious, never cries except when scared, Clover’s
little brother

Chapter 2: the explanation 
	Those are the story’s “victims” or witnesses if you well. The scene begins 6
months before the crime. No one saw it coming. Especially Shana Caraway, the crime
revolves around her. Yet she does nothing to influence that she is the criminal. She
normally is by herself or with Clover. Clover is your average example of why
teenagers shouldn’t go anywhere by them selves. She’s 18 with a son. Both parents
shot and killed in a drive by. No other family members found, so she lives alone in
an apartment, there meeting the rest of our “victims” Sydney, Conner, Saint,
Bryan, Carnell, Patrick, Kelly, Dustin, R.J, and Clover Peterson. It seemed Clover
Peterson didn’t get along with the others. She seemed to be an “outcast” if you
thought about it. Bryan, Carnell, Patrick, Kelly, and Dustin are all brothers, they
are the Breeding boys. The all live with their mother, though she isn’t important
in this investigation. This is all we know. We know that they know more. If only we
could dig deep in there minds and uncover the story. They won’t talk. Or even
better, we could rewind time and see what happened, with our very own eyes. 
Chapter 3: The scare
6 months ago….

Shana’s P.o.V

it’s 5:45 on Monday
	Man I’m tired. I don’t really have to go to school. It’s not like anyone
notices me. The teacher’s don’t even know my name. And it’s all most the end of
the year!! I hate being ignored. Which is why I hate being shy. This is why I hate my
life. The only thing close to being half way good about my life is this guy named
Patrick. The other half is he has a girlfriend. Who by the way gets on my last
nerves. She’s so mean to me and all the other girls who are friends with Patrick.
The worst part is Patrick’s to busy in his own little lala land to notice. Well,
sitting here complaining isn’t going to get anything done. I best get dressed. 

at school…..

I’m in class doing my class work. Not like I can do anything else sitting next to
the biggest snitch in class. Then some kid gives me a note and says it’s from
Patrick and I opened it.
	Hey Baby(by here I knew the note wasn’t for me, but hey I was curious)
I hate being in here. Later after school I was wondering weather or not you wanted to
hang at the movies or something. I had a question. Remember yesterday when you told
me about how much you loved me. Well there are a lot of different types of love. Like
for instance, I love ice-cream. I love monopoly. But do you have a romantic love for
me. I hope you don’t get mad about me asking. I just wanted to be sure. We really
need to talk about this, Clover, it’s important. Call me later okay?
						Love your #1 man,
I probably should have given the note to Clover. That would have been the good thing
to do. But I don’t care about that lil’ girl. I hope Patrick’s leaves her when
she doesn’t call. Last year, she went out with like 23 guys and she loved them too.
I hope Patrick sees this coming because the last time she did something wrong, he
cried, and cried, and cried. Then after he cried and didn’t want to cry anymore, he
still cried. Kind of wimpish, but a cute, sensitive wimp. Wow…. I am seriously
losing my mind!! Great another note.


Hey boo, (apparently from Patrick and meant for Clover)
why didn’t you write back. I really didn’t mean to hurt you or anything please
write back to me. I’m sorry I promise I’ll never question your love again. (once
again my cute, sensitive wimp) Please don’t leave me. I love you I really, really,
and truly do. I’ll do everything you ask. Just don’t leave.

					from one who wants to stay your man,
	This time I didn’t feel so satisified. I didn’t mean for Pat to get hurt. Maybe
I should write back for her. No that would be wrong. But I don’t want to hurt
	Hey baby, (kinda awkward)
I’m not mad. I could never get mad at a boy with such soft brown eyes as you. (hey,
as long as I get the chance better sweet talk him) I can’t wait till after school.
Then I can be all alone with you and no one else. I love it when we touch. Even the
simplest thing of you holding my hand turns me on. I wish there was a way for us to
be together forever. No interruptions. (okay now to stop being so sweet I don’t
want him to keep her, just didn’t want to hurt him) But you hurt me so I don’t
know any more. I love you. That much I know is true. I don’t think you feel me
anymore. I don’t ever, ever, ever want to discuss this note. So don’t mention it.
Unless you want me to break up with you faster than you can say Bye.
I gave the note to Josh telling him to return it to Patrick. I carefully watched
Patrick read the note. His facial appearance went from happy and full of joy, to sad
and filled with hurt. I felt some what bad. And then I felt like the most smartest
person every. It was an opportunity, I took it. I just hope I took the opportunity
too get Patrick, and not the one to ruin his life. Then it all hit me. He started to
cry. He got up from his desk ignoring the teacher telling him to be seated. He walked
past my desk and I felt my soul leave with him. I never knew revenge could end up
hurting me. Or Patrick. Now Clover is looking at me. I looked back. She smiled and
then wrote a note to Thomas. She’s been hanging with him more and more, and Patrick
less and less. Patrick is to slow to understand that she’s cheating on him. I asked
Mrs. Smith if I could go to the girls bathroom. As soon as I left the room, I started
listening for Patrick crying. He was in the ganitor closet. I slowly opened the
closet and walked in. 
Me: Patrick are you ok?
Patrick: Shana?
Me: yea, who’d you think
Patrick: a janitor
Me: that’s not nice
Patrick: neither is my life
Me: what happened (dumb question)
Patrick: Clover happened, I think, she thinks I don’t love her
Me: do you?
Patrick: yea, I mean, I think, love is just a strong word
Me: so you think it’s more complicated that she’s making it seem (man, I’m a
great actress)
Patrick: exactly
Me: so what are you going to do
Patrick: I wish I could just erase her from my mind forever
Me: why don’t you?
Patrick: -looks at me, differently- how
Me: just don’t think about her
Patrick: I got a better idea – leaves the closet-

The next day at school…..

	Word spreads so fast. That was shocking. It was scary. People thought it was
Patrick. It wasn’t. He was with me. Now he could be in big trouble. All thanks to
gossip. I’m so scared. Especially for Patrick, he doesn’t do well under pressure.
He gets really nerves. The lie detector test would say he’s lying when he’s just
scared. What would have happened if we didn’t get detention? So many thoughts
racing through my mind. If we never would have started arguing then neither of us
ever would have gotten detention. Then no one would have gotten hurt. I barely know
what happened my self. I was with Patrick the whole time. I asked if I could go to
the restroom. He asked if he could go get something out of his locker. We met in the
halls and got to talking we were talking for a while. Then we started talking about
more serious things. Like relationships and love. After a few minutes, I don’t know
why it happened or why, but I don’t care. We were against the lockers. Me and him.
Just us. But now it all Is just to scary I don’t know how to react. I can see them
escort Patrick out side of the school. Police. They said they would take Clover and I
down town later. That isn’t going to work. I have to watch my little sister and her
friends today with Clover Jones. 

	when I finally got back from the station, at my house…….
Sydney: what took you so long!!
me: I had to go to the police station
Bryan: for what! You’re a total goody, goody
Conner: seriously what’d you get charged for?
Bryan: being to good
Sydney: ya’ll shut up and leave my sister alone she’s probably tired
me: thank you Sydney, wait where’s Clover
B/S/C: she had to take Todwin to the hospital for a check-up
Me: thanks, now I’m going to sleep peace!!

Sydney’s P.O.V

Me: I hope she’ll be okay
Conner: don’t worry about it –changes tv channel-
Bryan: yea don’t worry about it, she’s strong she’ll fight through it
Me: I hope so
Conner: we can get Judge Joe Brown to be her lawyer
Me: you retard, a judge can’t be a lawyer!!
Conner: oOoOoO
Me: gosh….
Bryan: Syd, you seem stressed
Me: duh… my sister is in trouble with the law, I’m failing reading, and I don’t
know where my parents are
Bryan: OoOoOoO-upset sounding-
Me: don’t worry about it Bryan, I’ll be fine
Conner: yea, whatever ya’ll shut up I can’t here the fresh prince
Bryan: w/e, come on Sydney-takes my hand and takes me to the kitchen-
Me: what is it
Bryan: I’m going to cheer you up –cheerful sounding-

the90sKiDD says :   25 June 2008   682585  
I fucking LOVE B5 [:
Carnell is mine though..


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