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Tuesday, 3 April 2007
11:12:17 AM (GMT)
The master dropped his stick in fright. I looked up. There was a really handsome
boy, dressed in a long silky robe. I breathed out. He had a sword in his hand. He
slashed off the master's head. The creatures closed in on him. I rolled over to the
side where I wouldn't get hurt by the battle. The boy fought and fought until he had
killed all the beasts. I coughed and he ran over to me.
"Are you ok?" he asked, kneeling down.
"I think so," I spluttered. Then I threw up on the grass beside me.
"No you're not," said the boy, lifting me up. "Let's get you to the hospital. And my
name's Robbie, by the way."
He smoothed his blonde hair and walked back into the town. When people saw a boy
dressed in a silky robe carrying a burnt girl who was scarred for life, they cleared
the path. We carried on and on, people making a parting. Everyone forgot where I
lived. Some people cheered for Robbie, for saving me. As he walked into the hospital,
still carrying me in his big muscly arms, I felt like a princess. I imagined I was in
a long white gown, unconcious, awaiting the kiss from the handsome prince, who was,
of course, Robbie.
But Robbie did not kiss me. He handed me over to the hospital nurse like I was a
parcel. I thought he'd come back for me. But he didn't. I waited all night in the
hospital. Mum came to see me in the morning. She wasn't dead! I waited all day for
Robbie, until at dinnertime, I gave up. He never asked what had even happened to me.
I lay and lay all that night, expecting to see his face looking over me. I wanted to
see him reflected in the mirror next to me, luminous by the moon. I could see his
face in my imagination, but not in real life.He never came. I started to live my
everyday life from then on. I had to stay in hospital for seven weeks, because of my
serious burns. One morning, as I lay sat upright, propped by pillows in the hospital,
I asked the ward nurse, who was tying up the curtains, "Have I ever had another
"Another? What do you mean, honey?" The nurse came to sit on the end of my bed.
"A boy? The boy that brought me here that terrible night."
"Oh. No, we haven't seen him, love," she replied. "I'm sorry," she added in a
The nurse got up off my bed and I sighed. Mum didn't visit me everyday like she used
to. I looked up at the window. I watched the clouds go past. Time had gone past so
quickly, and I hadn't even noticed it. I sighed and swept my hair back from my face,
looking up at the huge windows all around the window. I thought about Robbie, about
Mum, about the creatures. Robbie had saved me and he didn't even want to see me
I felt myself crying, tears dripping down my pale powdered cheeks. I was now 14. The
sun made me remember my dangerous past. I didn't want to go back to Number 12. I
didn't want to stay here, in this hospital. I didn't want to go back to Wales. I
didn't want to be anywhere in the world but with Robbie.
"Are you OK, love?" asked the nurse, at dinner time. "We have a new matron coming in
this evening. She will be looking after you."
The new matron wasn't anything different. As the moon reappeared above me in the huge
window, I didn't notice the hospital doors open. I didn't notice the tapping of the
shoes across the long ward. I didn't notice the nurses and the new matron gasp. I
didn't notice the huge shadow that was behind me. That was, until I turned around.
A tall, dark figure stood there. As he came into the moonlight, I saw who it was. It
was who I wanted. It was Robbie.
His handsome face was made clear by the pale light and he came closer.
"I decided to visit you," he whispered.
"Why...why didn't you come, Robbie?" I asked, my eyes watering.
"I was too busy," he replied, calmly.
"Too busy for me? Yeah, that sums it up," I said, sighing.
"Well, we could always..."
"Always what?" My ears pricked up.
"Oh, it doesn't matter anymore." Robbie's voice echoed in the quiet ward. It echoed
in my head, in my mind, in my soul.
I closed my eyes and took another sigh. Robbie was still in the same position when I
reopened them.
He bent over and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled at him, but it was a sad smile.
There was no life in it, no happiness.
Then he put his arms round my neck and started to snog me. We sat there, cuddling in
the moonlight, on my hospital bed, locked in a close embrace.
When we finally broke apart, Ronnie smiled at me. "Well, I must dash. You better get
your sleep."
And with that, he opened the ward doors and left me staring into the dark dark
"Goodbye," I heard him say, even though he was out there already...
Last edited: 4 May 2007

Dragonfly01 says:   27 April 2007   472868  
that was ....
i dont no how to say it
but i just really liked the story
Belsboys4eva56 says:   12 May 2007   927492  
that's great it's a fairytale she should have ebeen wearing a bodice
and a long skirt  lol 
Zelda3443 says :   4 April 2009   381246  
I loved this story! It was great! Let's say... 10/5 stars? XD


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