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Life On Lunar Street; Chapter 3: The TestCategory: (general)
Friday, 26 January 2007
06:07:14 PM (GMT)
"Good morning my little bugger." Kaylee shot up from sleep the momnent she heard
that voice. "Daddy?" she said outloud. She was still half asleep, unaware that it was
her mother calling her. When she looked at her alarm clock, it was 7:00 am. It was
her first day at Fayzon High. Kaylee let out a long moan, and put her pillow over her
head. "Kaylee, come on. It's your first day and I will not have you being late for
school." Her mother pulled the pillow of of Kaylee's head, and took the covers away.
Kaylee shivered a bit and kept whining. "Alright, Alright already. Geez!" She
stumbled out of bead and headed downstairs for breakfast. Right as she was about to
eat she remembered last night. How am I supposed to face school? Everyone is sure
to remember. When Kaylee was out of thought she looked down and saw that she
almost overflowed her bowl with cereal. She quickly raised the box and closed the
top. As she was walking into the living room with her bowl, she heard the doorbell
ring. She moaned. "Mom, can you get that? I'm in my pajamas." She waited for a reply,
but she only heard the shower running. Kaylee sighed and put her bowl down on the
table in the kitchen. She suddenly didn't care about being in her pajamas so she just
opened the door. It was Tara. "Hey, Kaylee!" She had a bright smile on her face.
"Nice pajamas." She chuckled a bit. Kaylee blushed and said "Hi Tara, what are you
doing here so early?" She jestured Tara in and closed the door. As they headed to the
living room, Tara started to tell Kaylee why she was here. But first, Kaylee asked
where Ash and Mya were. "Well, there outside in the car. We're driving you to school
today." They both sat down on the couch. "Oh my gosh, that's so nice of you guys!"
Kaylee wasn't expecting this at all. "It's no problem, school's farther than the mall
so we drive in Ash's car everyday." Tara explained cheerfully. "Well, I still have to
get ready so you guys don't really have to wait." Kaylee started to head toward the
stairs. "Oh wait up! I have something for you." Kaylee turned around in an instant at
those words. "You do?" Her face started to light up. "Yep, we all pitched in and got
you this." She held up a colorfull bag with the words TO: KAYLEE FROM: TARA, MYA, AND
ASH on it. Kaylee immediatly took the bag and looked inside. "Oh my gosh, it's so
cute! Thankyou so much!" Inside the bag there was a black and red shirt, a ripped
jean skirt, leggings, a belt and new shoes. Kaylee rushed over and hugged Tara. "
You're so welcome girl." There was a pause until Kaylee said "Well, I'll wear this
today. Let's go up to my room so I can get ready." Tara nodded and followed Kaylee
upstairs to her room. As soon as Kaylee opened the door, Tara gasped. "Wow." She
marvled at how big the room was. "Okay, I'm going to get ready now, just make
yourself comfirtable." Kaylee said with a smile. She ran into her walk-in closet and
closed the door. Tara sat down on her bed. She looked over to Kaylee's nightstand.
Something on there caught her eye. She got up and went to look. It was Kaylee's
necklace. Her father had given it to her the day he died. Kaylee never went anywhere
without it. Tara remembered Kaylee wearing it at the mall the night before. There it
was a white moon. But it was black now. Suddenly Tara heard Kaylee's voice. "Ok, tell
me what you think." She opened the door and made a pose. "It looks great on you!"
They both giggled, then Kaylee headed for her nightstand. She picked up the black
moon necklace and put it around her neck. Then she brushed her teeth and hair quickly
and came back in the room. Kaylee looked down at her clock. "Oh crap, Tara! It's
8:00! We have 10 minutes to get to school!" Tara's eyes widened and her jaw dropped,
they both bolted down the stairs. "Where are those two?" Ash asked in an annoyed
tone. Mya looked over and said "There they are!" She and Ash saw Kaylee and Tara
running across the street to the car as fast as they could. The scary part was, they
came at the car too fast and couldn't stop. "Guys stop!" Ash called out. Before they
knew it, the two girls we head first in the car. "Um, are you guys ok?" Mya asked
curiously. They both moaned and put their thumbs up. Ash and Mya chuckled a bit and
the car was starting. Kaylee and Tara quickly got into the right positions and
fastened their seatbelts. The car was now drifting down the street, top down, and all
of them were giggling and laughing. Even Kaylee was having a good time until she
remembered that school was going to be a nightmare. She started to get massive
butterflies. They were practically at school when Mya asked Kaylee what was wrong.
Kaylee just said that she was a little nervous. "Look Kaylee, we're here." Tara said
with a smile. Kaylee gulped and followed everyone out of the car. She was relieved
that no one was in the front of the school. "Hey, where is everyone." She had to know
where they where so that she could keep her distance as long as she could. "They're
probably in the back. We got here sooner than we thought." Ash explained. "Well,
while there's no one inside yet, let's give Kaylee the tour!" Mya said cheerfully.
"Great, let's do it." Tara added in. Kaylee agreed and they all headed inside with
their arms linked. As they walked into the door, one of the teachers greeted them.
"Hello everyone. Welcome back!" Everyone smiled. "Hey, Mr. Miles." Ash said. Tara and
Mya echoed him and looked over at Kaylee. "Well, who do we have here?" Mr. Miles
asked curiously with a smile. "Im-" Kaylee started, but Tara interupted her in
excitment. "That's Kaylee. She's new here." Kaylee smiled and blushed, she was a
little embaressed being the new girl. "Yes, I'm Kaylee Carason." She smiled again and
waited for the teacher to say something. "Well, Kaylee Carason, welcome to Fayzon
High. I'm sure you'll find this school to be very enjoyable." Mr. Miles said whith a
grin. "Thankyou, I'm sure I will." Kaylee new she just made a big lie. This school
is just going to be one big problem for me. "Well come on Kaylee we still need to
give you the-" Tara was interupted by the sound of the bell. Kaylee sighed and
followed her friends down the hallway that was now filling with teenagers. Here we
go... She stuck close to her friends and tried to make herself invisible. It
didn't work too well. As she walked past, everyone turned around and started
whispering to one another. Kaylee's face was turning red, and her smile quickly
turned into a frown. She was relieved when they finally reached their classroom. She
stuck behind Tara and sat next to her. When Tara looked over at Kaylee she immediatly
said something to try and make her feel more relaxed. "Hey, Kaylee, don't worry,
everything'd gonna be fine." She gave Kaylee a smile and put her hand on her
shoulder. Kaylee forced a smile back, and turned her attention to the kids coming in
the class. Right then, she saw Seth walk into the room. Her face got red again and
she turned to Tara. "Hey, is this the class that we stick with the whole day?" Tara
looked at her and said "Yah, why?" Kaylee's eyes widened and said "No reason." She
looked around the room frantically, looking for where Seth was sitting. She was kind
of relieved not to see him anywhere. But, it turned out that she was only looking far
away. As soon as she looked to her side one more time, she saw Seth sitting right
next to her. Kaylee tried to hold on her scream. Her face was getting really red.
Tara was just sitting there watching her every move. She decided to mess with Kaylee
a bit and call to Seth's attention. "Hey Seth!" She said with a giggle. He looked
over and said "Hey, Tara." When he looked over at Kaylee he didn't sem nervous at
all. He said "Hi." in a friendly voice. Kaylee tried really hard to force a smile and
say "Hi." She succeeded. She quickly turned her head to Tara and started to get mad.
She whipspered "Why did you do that?!" Tara laughed a bit and said "Calm down Kaylee,
he's a really nice guy. You two needed to say something to eachother. I mean
he's sitting right next to you." Kaylee calmed down a bit. "But, these aren't our
permanent seats, are they?" She tried to make her whisper as low as possible. "Um,
yah these are our permanent seats." As soon as she said that, Kaylee just wanted to
die right there. Suddenly, the teacher came into the room. "Alright class, welcome
back!" The class immediatly sat down and said "Hello Mrs. Willington." Tara whispered
"She is one of the best teachers in this school." Kaylee started to calm down at
that. Plus, it didn't seem like anyone in the class really cared anymore about last
night. Mrs. Willington started to speak again. "I'm so glad to see all of your faces
again." She paused for a second and turned her attention to Kaylee. Oh crap...
"Well, we seem to have a new face here at Fayzon High." The whole class stopped what
they were doing, and looked at Kaylee. She started to sink in her seat. "Would you
mind coming up here and introducing yourself? And don't be nervous, in this
classroom, we're all family." She gave Kaylee a warm smile and jestured to the front
of the room. Kaylee gulped, slowly got out of her seat, and headed toward the front
of the room. "So what's your name, dear?" Kaylee rubbed her arm and staggered out the
words "Um, I'm-I'm Kaylee Carason." No one in the class seemed to be talking about
her, in fact, they were all smiling at her. "Well, Kaylee, your very lucky. You've
been put into the nicest junior class in the school." Kaylee looked over at Tara, and
she gave Kaylee a thumbs up. Mrs. Willington smiled again and said "Ok class, be sure
to help Kaylee out. Make her feel comfortable, we all know that being new isn't that
fun." She placed her hands of Kaylee's shoulders and told her she can take her seat.
Kaylee could tell that she and Mrs. Willington would get along just fine. Maybe
this isn't going to be that bad after all. Kaylee finally gave a real smile, and
continued paying attention to the teacher. It didn't seem too long until it was time
for lunch. The four periods seemed to go by like a snap. During those four periods,
Kaylee had only talked to Seth once or twice. The first time she had dropped her
pencil, and he had picked it up for her. The second time, Kaylee had tripped and
almost fell right on him. She got so embarresed. When the Kaylee and her friends got
into the lunch room, there was a table full of kids from there class waving to them.
"I guess that's our table guys." Ash said. They all went and sat down. There were so
many friendly faces, Kaylee felt right at home. One of the kids, Marcy, started to
talk. "So Kaylee, where are you from?" Kaylee paused for a moment and said "I'm from
New York." Everyone's eyes widened and said "Wow, that's far." Kaylee said "Yah." and
laughed a bit. She turned around to look at the cafeteria. It was really big. All the
tables were round with colorful seats surrounding them. When she turned back around,
she saw a tray of spaggetti in front of her. She saw everyone else eating the same
thing. "Whoa, how did this food get here?" Kaylee was really confused at this point.
The rest of the teens exchanged glances with eachother and pointed up. There were
holes in the ceiling that opened and closed. Soon enough, bottles of soda came down
from them. Kaylee pondered this way of eating, then decided she'd just go along with
it. She started to dig into the spaggetti. She savered the tast, it was really good.
After about 20 minutes, everyone at the table was done with their food. At that
moment, they all pushed some kind of button under the part of the table where they
were sitting. The food was immediatly sucked back into the hole. Kaylee felt for the
button under her part of the table. She found it, then pushed it. He empty tray and
bottle was sucked up into the hole. A couple minutes later they were in the back for
the 20 minutes of recess they get. Tara, Mya, and Ash looked at eachother and led
Kaylee to the bench. They needed to ask her something. "What is it guys?" There was
an akward pause. "We've been wanting to know this, we kept thinking you'd eventually
tell us on your own." Mya explained. "What? What did you want to know?" Kaylee was
getting a bit suspicious. "Well, we want to know what your power is." Tara said.
Kaylee looked at them oddly. "My what?" The other three thought she was joking. "Your
power, duh. What is it?" Ash teased. "My power? I power." Kaylee was really
getting creeped out. "Of course you have a power, Kaylee. Everyone who lives in
Fayzon has a power. Especially on Lunar Street." Tara explained. "Guys, I don't have
any powers, and neither do you!" Kaylee said loudly. "Yes we do..." Mya said. Kaylee
looked at them oddly. "Well tell me what they are, and prove it. Then I'll believe
you." The other three smiled at eachother and told and showed Kaylee their powers one
by one. "I have the power of super strength." Ash said. He lifted the bench that
Kaylee was sitting on, with Kaylee still on it. She got a little scared at that. "I
have the power to control all plants." Mya said. She then made a tree branch grow
over to Kaylee. It let down an apple on Kaylee's lap. She gasped at that. "And I have
the power to posses things." Tara said. Her eyes and hair suddenly turned white, and
she had possesed a basket ball that was sitting next to them. She made it bounce up
and down infront of Kaylee. She was now officially creeped out. "So, you
belive us now?" Tara asked. Kaylee just sat there with her jaw hanging, and then she
said "Oh, my, god. You guys really do have powers." She was completely stunned. "So,
now you uinderstand that everyone in Fayzon has powers. You have to too." Ash
explained. "But, you have to understand, I don't have powers!" There was a
pause. "Then we're just going to have to find out the hard way." Ash started. "Hard
way? What are you talking about?" Kaylee was getting scared. "The test." Tara and Mya
said in unison. They took Kaylee by the arm and led her to the courtyard. "What are
you guys doing?" Kaylee was getting a little frantic. Ash placed her in the
center of the court. Kaylee tried to move but Mya had held her there with vines.
"Guys-" Suddenly, Kaylee looked up and saw something coming down from the sky. It was
a boulder. "Oh my..." She looked over at the other three in a way that meant "what do
you think your doing?!" "Kaylee, if you use your powers, you can desrtoy the rock!
Just use them!" Ash called out. Kaylee decided that they weren't going to help now.
She tried to break loose of the vines, but the were too tight around her ankles. The
boulder was getting closer. Kaylee was now too stunned to move. She just looked up at
the giant rock in terror. I die here Tears started coming out of her eyes.
Right when the rock was in full sight, she let out a big scream. Just as the boulder
was about to destroy Kaylee, she felt a jerk of her body. The vines had let go. She
wasn't in the same spot anymore. Someone had pulled her away from the vines. She was
going so fast. Kaylee looked down and saw an arm around her, her feet weren't
touching the ground. Right then she hit the ground, hard. She closed her eyes tight.
When she felt she wasn't moving anymore, she looked up to see someone looming over
her. It was Seth. He had saved her life. "Are you alright, Kaylee?" She was layed on
the ground next to him. He was kneeling over her. "I-I'm fine, now." He smiled at
her. It was such a warm, caring smile. "Look, I'm really sorry about this. You could
have been hurt-" Kaylee interupted him. "What are you talking about? You saved my
life, thankyou." She gave him the same smile. Seth caught his breath and helped her
up. He walked her over to the bench. He then turned to Tara, Mya, and Ash. They were
completely surprised. "What did you guys think you were doing?!" Seth started to get
really mad. "Look, Seth, if you wouldn't of butted in then-" Ash started, Seth
interupted him. "Butting in? I saved Kaylee's life! Were you guys trying to kill
her?" His face was getting red. "We were giving her the test." Tara said calmly.
"Well, appariently, she wasn't ready." He looked at them in shame and turned
back to Kaylee. Kaylee looked back at them with a terrifyed look. Her face was tear
streaked. When they saw her look, they all felt terrible. Before they got to say
something, Kaylee had walked away. Walked away with Seth. "Well, looks like we bumped
into eachother again. This is the weirdest situation today." Seth teased. He and
Kaylee laughed a bit. It was after school now, and Kaylee and Seth had talked and
become really good friends. Seth had even walked her home. Kaylee couldn't stand
being in a car with her so called "friends." "Seth, I want to thank you again for my
life." She gave him a loving smile. "It was no problem, I couldn't let that happen to
you." He smiled at her. Right then, Kaylee hugged Seth, she new she wanted to. Seth
seemed a little surprised, but he hugged he too. "Well bye, I'll see you tomarrow,
Kaylee. Would you like to walk to school together?" He smiled again. "Sure, I would
love to. We can meet outside my house." Kaylee said cheerfully. Seth laughed.
"Alright then, I'll see you tomarrow." "Alright." Just before he left, Seth gave
Kaylee one last hug. Only this one was different. It had much meaning to it. "Bye,
Kaylee." He smiled, and began walking down the street. "Bye, Seth."
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_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   27 January 2007   536172  
ok ppl, um dont mind that the hole half of it is italic....i dont
know what the heck i did o_o just know that its NOT supposed to be
italic, i think you can guess the parts where she thinks ^^;
Belsboys4eva56 says:   28 January 2007   588589  
lol thats was a bit boring though, can we have somthign kinda fun
like i dunno, when she finds ehr power if she has one that she can't
use it well and that it hits an older person and they have a duel or
what ever but make it fun!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says :   28 January 2007   589293  
im saving that for the end of the story, you'll see what happens, the
next chapter is where it all begins ^^


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