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Everything's Going To Be AlrightCategory: Just a Short Story...
Wednesday, 17 January 2007
08:00:51 PM (GMT)
Everything's Going To Be Alright

      Some people may say that I was a loner or a geek because of how I was. I
wouldn't talk so much in class and I wouldn't really go anywhere afterschool. I was
always either reading or just watching people go on with their lives.I would be at
home on friday nights while other girls my age would be out on dates or having girl's
night outs.But what can I tell you? I just wasn't in the scene.How was I supposed to?
I was an outcast all my life in highschool,plus no one would take the time to do
stuff wtih me.I didn't really have girl-friends that would do stuff with me, I just
knew people.I never had a boyfriend because they would never take the time to get to
know me,boys weren't really into smarts , just how hott you were.I didn't take it
personally, I just wished I was noticed for once. I thought I would be like this for
the rest of my life, that was until I met Kira.
          Before I knew Kira, I always had the skill of staying unnoticed and
steering clear of any trouble or DRAMA.I was doing a good job at it,until she came
into my life.The first time I net her was when I was at lunch.i wasn't sitting at a
table with friends, I was outside sitting on the grass reading "Great and Terrible
Beauty" by Libba Ray while popping bubbles with my bubble gum.I didn't notice her sit
next to me,but I was shocked to see someone like her actually "hanging out " with
me."Kira was a small petite girl with long black hair that came down to her lower
back.It was braided into a long braid and it layed against her ebony skin.She was
wearing a pair of tore up faded jeans with rips in the right places( not in the
"butt" area, like SOME people) and a dark purple, fitted T-shirt.She had all these
black and purple bracelets on each of her wrists and had a pair of dirty, written-on,
black / white converse."Umm, do I know you?"I asked her sounding a bit nervous.With
much surprise, she turned to me with a huge grin on her face."No, you don't, but you
do now.I am Kira Montebello and you are?" she said with excitment.I wasn't sure why
this girl was talking to me,but I wanted to find out."Umm....I'm Kristina Guiterrez,
but I go by Kris." "Cool, our first names start with a 'K', isn't that neat?" I
noticed her eyes were a bit unique. Unlike the regulay colors like blue, green,
brown, and hazel, hers were a deep grey.
            Not knowing exactly what to say to her, I just come out saying,"Why are
you talking to me?" sounding a bit curious.She looked to the ground and pulled out a
blade of grass."I don't know, you seemed interesting, so I wanted to see if you
wanted to be a friend, and besides, I am new here."She thought I was interesting?Me,
of all the strange people in this school,she thought I was interesting.I wasn't
interesting, a turtle with two heads was interesting,but me?I was just normal, a
plain-jane, what was so interesting about me?To her, I was a mid-tall, slim, latina
girl who always wore a pair of denim jeans and a blue hoodie with my hair in a simple
pony-tail.I didn't wear make-up or I didn't wear dresses or skirts, I was just
me."How am I interesting?" I said, closing my book as well."Something about you is
just interesting.It's like you have this aura that tells me you don't give a sh-t
about what others think.And that you have your own personality and style,just like
me."she said,noticing my book."Nice choice, I've read that one already,what part are
you at?"she asks.Suddenly, I feel as if a huge brick wall had been knocked down
inside of me."oh, um...When Gemma and the others are in the realm for the first
time.I can't believe you like the same book as i do."I explained,showing a little bit
of excitement."oh, that part is my face,but wait until you get to when Gemma meets
Phillon. I know, that is weird." "Seriously? Who is phillon?" "I can't tell you, it
would kill the suspense in the book."We were quiet for a moment but she broke the
silence first."So what bands do you like?" "Umm...Fall Out
Boy,Korn,Flyleaf,Rehab,Motion City Sountrack,Panic! At the Disco, and some other
ones."She screamed all of a sudden."Okay? Why scream?"I ask,suddenly afraid of this
strange girl."I love all of those bands,except Rehab,I haven't heard of them before."
She screamed again,but this time I did too.After the scream,we noticed that people
were just staring at us.We then busted out laughing.For the first time in my life,I
actually had a friend that liked everything that I did.I knew this was going to be an
awesome year and a beginning of an awesome friendship.

Originally By Elizabeth ( Me!!)

Belsboys4eva56 says:   18 January 2007   627441  
this is fantastic.
loserXcitygurl57 says:   19 January 2007   155225  
Awesome story!
Did I mention it was awesome!
aiden says:   26 January 2007   721731  
Dude this is fantastic....Im completely like you, plain jane except
for the fact that I m not lucky enough to find such a friend
Pinkwink9 says :   2 February 2007   732169  
dats great!!!!!!! write another chapter!!!


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